Engineering Institute of Technology, established in 2008, is a private college in western Australia. It is accredited by Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, Registered Training Organisation. It has more than 400 students, some of which are Engineering Institute of Technology'sTechnology's international students representing various countries at the Engineering Institute of Technology campus

The Institution was founded by its sister company, IDC Technologies, which offers 300 courses that are taken by more than 500,000 engineers globally.

Top Reasons to Study in the Engineering Institute of Technology

The Engineering Institute of Technology aims to offer students around the globe demonstrable and significant increases in workplace efficiency through cutting-edge and practical engineering education. By 2023, EIT hopes to gain recognition on a global scale for its blended teaching methods in engineering and technology. It places a major emphasis on attracting students from all around the world because of its reputation for engineering programs that are strongly industry-oriented and graduate characteristics that make its students employable. More reasons to study here are:- 

  • Numerous types of Engineering Institute of Technology scholarships are available in Australia for both prospective and current students. The following are a few scholarships: In Australia, students can also apply for government scholarships or benefit from the work-study program.
  • The Doctorate Research Scholarship is an opportunity provided by the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) to national and international candidates who have demonstrated academic distinction and high success and who wish to enroll in the On-Campus Doctor of Engineering program at EIT.
  • Engineering Institute of Technology thinks that academic brilliance should be honored and rewarded. Students seeking Graduate Certificates or Undergraduate Certificates have the option to receive support through these extremely competitive awards.

Cost of Studying at Engineering Institute of Technology

Average tuition fee


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Living expenses

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Admissions at The Engineering Institute of Technology

Application Fee


How to Apply at Engineering Institute of Technology

For the Engineering Institute of Technology, admissions applicants must follow the following steps to complete their application:  

  • Apply online through the university's website 
  • Fill up all the required details for the course you want to enroll in
  • Review your application and upload the necessary documents
  • Apply and pay the application fee 

Note: The Engineering Institute of Technology application fee is AUD 100(INR 5,500). 

Documents Required to Apply to Engineering Institute of Technology

This is the list of documents required to fulfill Engineering Institute of Technology admission requirements:-

  • Filled out the application form
  • Age proof
  • Transcripts 
  • English language test scores for English proficiency
  • Personal statement and proof of financial stability
  • Passport (certified copy)

Exams Accepted By the University

The Engineering Institute of Technology admission requirements are mentioned here:-



B.E. / B.Tech(1 Course)

IELTS: 6.0 & Above; TOEFL: 75.0 & Above; PTE: 51.0 & Above

MIM(1 Course)

IELTS: 6.5 & Above; TOEFL: 79.0 & Above; PTE: 58.0 & Above

English Proficiency Requirements  

Asia Pacific International College international students are required to submit proof of their English Language Proficiency as mentioned:-


UG Score

PG Score





65, 21 in writing 18 in speaking

79, 21 in writing 18 in speaking


50, 42 in writing & speaking

58, 50 in writing & speaking

CPE (Cambridge certificate of proficiency in English)

169, 162 in writing & speaking

180, 180 in writing & speaking

CAE (Cambridge Certificate of Advance English)



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Application deadline





24 Months

Tuition fee


Application deadline





24 Months

Tuition fee


Application deadline





24 Months

Tuition fee



Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations
Western Australia

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Transportation in the city

Numerous modes of transportation are available in Perth, Western Australia, including a sizable network of commuter train lines, bus routes, and freeways. The Transperth organization oversees public transportation. TransPerth, which comprises a bus, train, and ferry connections to get you where you need to go, is the solution for Perth'sPerth's public transportation system. Public transportation costs in Perth are quite inexpensive. The two factors used to determine cash tickets are time and zone. The time and date of the time ticket's expiration will always be printed on the ticket stub. Depending on the cash ticket you purchase—and you can buy more than one—the expiration time and permitted zones will vary.

Services offered by the university

For both on-campus and online students, it provides various academic and personal support services that are intended to help you succeed throughout your degree and get the most out of your studies.

Our Student Services staff is dedicated to fostering a supportive learning environment for on-campus students suitable for their age, stage, background, and circumstances.

You can communicate with lab computers in real-time using the lab hosting platform Electromeet. Once connected, various engineering software and connected gear will be available to you, and you'll be able to utilize them for functional assessments throughout your program.

Student life

There are two main buildings on the Engineering Institute of Technology campus, one in Perth and the other in Melbourne.

Whether you are a domestic or international student studying on-campus with EIT, its encouraging blended learning methodology and small class sizes inspire you to enhance your technical expertise, stay involved in your studies, and build worldwide networks.

  • The Bentley neighborhood in Perth is lush and verdant. This region is renowned as a center for academia, innovation, business, and technology. The school is located close to convenient public transportation options, about eight kilometers from Perth'sPerth's downtown.
  • The Victorian Campus of EIT is situated right in the middle of Melbourne. Students can easily use public transportation, dining options, theatres, shops, and sporting venues nearby.
  • Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is a vibrant and culturally rich city. It offers top-notch healthcare, public transportation, and entertainment.

On campus accomodation

Housing options on campus aren't available at the Engineering Institute of Technology. By means of websites that help students rent apartments, the college authorities assist students in finding student housing/ dormitories near the college. 

 Engineering Institute of Technology'sTechnology's off-campus accommodation fee is nearly AUD 200(INR)/ week.

  • Many alternatives are available in the Engineering Institute of Technology residence halls, including co-ed, female-only, and residential learning communities.
  • Kitchens, study areas, laundry rooms, air conditioning, and internet access are considered basic amenities.
  • In Australia, students can choose from a variety of off-campus housing options, including homestays and rental apartments.
  • Homestay is a reasonable lodging choice in Australia.


University Faculty Stats

The university hosts nearly 40+ faculty members. The student-to-faculty ratio is 6:1. and The male-to-female ratio is 56:44.


Research opportunities at university

Engineering Institute of Technology concentrates on offering courses pertinent to the market's demands today. As a result, it expects the scholarly research to:

  • Contain original research that contributes to knowledge.
  • Integrate information across themes, disciplines, and/or time.
  • Be presented in a way that will enable review by others through open sharing.

Additionally, EIT'sEIT's scholarly research activities are broadened to ensure that the realities of modern life are taken into account, such as by supporting technical conferences and meetings that bring together professionals and industry experts to exchange knowledge and practical experience in an effort to advance their respective fields.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

For graduates who are interested in working in a public policy think tank, the Engineering Institute of Technology provides full-time and part-time internships. Instead of providing a general internship program, the Engineering Institute of Technology asks applicants to choose an internship place for a particular program. Applications for internships will be reviewed by each project manager, who will then select candidates for interviews.

All on-campus students at EIT will receive 240 hours of free Work Integrated Learning (WIL). It will give you a fantastic chance to work in a professional setting relating to engineering and obtain Australian experience, which will increase your employability after earning your degree.

Many professional engineering societies and accrediting organizations worldwide demand practical hands-on work. The Engineering Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering programs include it as a necessary component.

Students receive the understanding necessary to apply practical engineering knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems through hands-on exercises, simulation software, remote laboratories, and interactive teamwork.

Engineering Institute of Technology gives students safe, no-cost access to software for industrial engineering and specialized instruction.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

The institute's programs are high-quality since they are not only approved by the Australian government but also by international engineering agreements. Additionally, EIT offers 240 hours of work-integrated learning, which can be completed through either a full-time internship of six weeks or a comparable part-time job. This would enhance job possibilities for overseas students and allow students to get relevant experience in a professional setting. The average placement rate of the institute is 70%.

Many of the institute's graduates are currently working for prestigious organizations worldwide, like NASA, Rolls Royce, and BP. 69,855 AUD(INR 39,00,000) is the average pay for Engineering Institute of Technology graduates.





1031 Wellington St, West Perth WA 6005, Australia

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