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Established in 1828, the university has a total enrollment of 37,000 students as of 2013. The Technische Universität Dresden (usually translated from German as Dresden University of Technology and abbreviated TU Dresden or TUD) is a German elite university, the largest institute of higher education in the city of Dresden, the largest university in Saxony and one of the 10 largest universities in Germany. The university is one of the eleven German universities which succeeded in the Excellence Initiative in 2012, thus getting the title of a "University of Excellence". The TU Dresden succeeded in all three rounds of the German Universities Excellence Initiative (Future Concept, Graduate Schools and Clusters of Excellence).
German language eligibility:-
To be precise, yes all the courses at DUT are in German if not all then almost 8 out of 10 are. The university does not conduct any German language classes to help student overcome it, you have to prepare your knowledge yourself. The better part is that the classes aren’t compulsory so if you keep a private lecturer to teach you in English then that can be helpful but this is applicable only if you have load sum of money.
Exams required:-
As German is the major language in courses there should be a language course for students, but there isn’t. The professors do help you solve the communication gap but that would make your learning process slow. Nor does the university have any kind of German eligibility test for admissions; anyone can get into this university. There are few entrance tests depending on the kind of course you are getting in and those tests are to check your base knowledge for your subject and nothing else.



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The capital city of the Free State of Saxony in Germany, Dresden is situated in a valley on the River Elbe, near the border with the Czech Republic. Before and since German reunification in 1990, Dresden was and is a cultural, educational, political and economic Centre of Germany and Europe. Dresden holds a great historic importance in the history of Germany and has always been the most important city in terms of economy and development. With a pleasant location on the outskirts of the city and a mild climate on the Elbe, as well as Baroque-style architecture and numerous world-renowned museums and art collections, Dresden has been called "Elbflorenz" (Florence of the Elbe). Undoubtedly it is one of the best cities in Germany and the population is open-minded, but a little defensive towards nationalism and their manners so do not forget your discipline at any point. With a great nigh-life and uncountable bars this city has always attracted tourists since ages and this is the most loved site by historians.


The main campus is located south of the city center and is comparatively a huge campus considering the locality. The locality is amazing and a few numbers of buildings in campus are over a 100 year old. There have been reconstructions done and the heritages are not modern constructions but the university has maintained the fact that they still look equally beautiful. The campus has one of the most beautiful university libraries and you’d be amazed to see the cultural books present there which dates back to the time of oldest literature ever existed. The campus has a lot of free space even though 37,000 seems a large number. The cafeteria and canteen are always full and rarely would you find an empty counter there. The food is great and places for privacy like parks and lake side are beautifully maintained.

Residing Options

There are plenty of places for students to live in Dresden. The most famous ones are Dresden-Neustadt, Plauen, Löbtau and Südvorstadt. The university offers a big variety of student apartments around the campus single as well as sharing. Every student has his/her own room and shares a bathroom and a kitchen with 1 to 6 other students. Almost all dormitories are renovated and they are in a good condition. The price is about 200€ for a 15m² room (including everything, also Internet), the rent for single apartments is approx. 250€ which is pretty cheap considering the status of Dresden and its living costs.


Notable and renowned faculty could be seen at DUT. There are chances that you’d end up getting lectures from noble prize or national award winners. The university has kept in mind the fact that faculty is what makes a student’s future and thus they’ve kept the best in town faculty in their campus. The university has modern methods of teaching and the technology to communicate if of the highest order. Undoubtedly the university keeps in mind the highest order of education in line and they are able to achieve it till now.

Jobs and placements

To be on a clearer side the university has no mentions about specific placements after the final semester but a lot of students claim that alumni are helpful and they have helped them getting the perfect job they wish to work at. The cultural programs and parties in the university help students to get in touch with the alumni and eventually make a connection for jobs after studies.

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