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When Can You Give SAT Exam In 2022?

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Students are always in a dilemma when it comes to when to give SAT. The SAT exam is a common entrance exam required for universities to judge a student's skills in certain subjects. But when it comes to undertaking this test, students are always confused or doubtful about ‘when can I give SAT exam?’.

So if you too are one of them, this blog can help you with this decision. This blog has covered everything you need to know about when to give SAT, top tips to ace the SAT exam, and more to help you get started. 

  Table Of Contents:

  1. When To Give SAT Exam?
  2. Frequently Asked Questions About When Can I Give SAT Exam?

When To Give SAT Exam?

SAT exams are undertaken by students who are applying for undergraduate admissions to top universities. The exam helps students to showcase their skills in Maths and English. So when to give SAT exam?

There are no limitations on how many times can a student write a SAT exam. The SAT exam is conducted five times a year in the month of March, August, October and December. The SAT test centers will inform you about the SAT test dates based on your location. 

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Here is an overview of the SAT timeline to answer your question about ‘When can I give SAT exam’?

SAT Test Dates

August 28th, 2022,

October 2nd, 2022,

December 4th, 2022

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Also, to help you ace the SAT exam, we have listed a few tips as a bonus here. 

Here is an overview:

  1. Answer all questions

When you write your SAT exams, ensure that you answer all the questions. It is better to answer the questions you know first and then return to the questions you’re unsure about. Avoid eliminating your questions and instead try all of them. 

  1. Guess answers

Another strategy which also works to answer all the questions is to guess them. There will always be one correct answer to any of the questions. As stated above, analyse the questions and identify a possible answer.

  1. Manage your time

Managing your time during the exam is essential. When you consider the common question, ‘ when to appear for SAT exam?’ also consider this question, ‘how can I manage my time during the SAT exam.’ It is always better to have extra time after the exam as it gives you the liberty to recheck and submit your exams confidently. Work on your timings with a practice test. Analyse how much time you need to spend on each question. 

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  1. Choose SAT dates well

Before you commit to writing the exam, first decide which date is convenient for you. This gives you better time to plan and prepare well for your SAT exam. Visiting the SAT exam centers can help you identify the exam dates and lets you plan accordingly. It is better to choose a time where you have the opportunity to learn and practice well. 

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  1. Work on your stress

Stress is a big factor that most students face, especially when writing exams such as SAT. After understanding when to give SAT, student stress over whether the exam questions are simple or easy. The stress increases when students get stuck during the exam. This could scare you and pause your thinking. It is better to find ways to destress during the exam to help you ace the exam better. Breathing exercises, taking a pause, etc, are all great tips to follow. 

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Acing the SAT exam can help you get accepted into your dream university much faster. A good score can speak volumes about your interest in the field chosen and your effort in your academics. Now that you have the complete details related to when can you give SAT exam, it’s time to conduct the SAT registration next. 

Frequently Asked Questions About When Can I Give SAT Exam?

Ques: When is the right age to give SAT?

Ans: There isn’t any restriction on the age but mostly students between the age of 17-19 or who graduated high school appear for this exam. 

Ques: Is SAT easier than JEE?

Ans: SAT is easier than JEE. However, this answer depends on the student as well. Exams can be easy or difficult based on the study preparation conducted by the students. 

Ques: Is SAT MCQ-based?

Ans: Yes, SAT exams are MCQ-based. 

Ques: Can I give SAT after graduation?

Ans: No, the right time to give SAT is after high school. Students applying for undergraduate programs are the ones that appear for SAT exam. 

Ques: How do I study for SAT?

Ans: To ace the SAT exam, here are a few tips, practice the SAT sample papers, conduct mock tests, refer to the SAT resources available, etc.