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VISA Interview Preparation Tips!

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You have given your GRE, TOEFL, applied to the universities and have even got accepted to the program of your choice and that too in the University of your choice. So now what? The biggest question of all- Will I get my Visa?

Getting Visa is the biggest concern of both the students and their parents who wish to pursue their higher studies in the USA. The day of the Visa interview is enough to give the jitters to the most confident of students as it is after all the deciding factor in whether the student will be able to pursue his/her dreams of studying abroad. So let’s just talk about how to go about the Visa Interview.

Firstly and most importantly it is imperative to get your Visa interview appointment as soon as you decide on the university and get your I-20. Remember that your I-20 is required for your Visa. Also do remember that you take your appointment for the interview well in advance so that you can fly early and have enough time on your hands to settle in before the actual commencement of your program.

The Visa interview may last for 3 mins or for 15 mins. It really depends on the Visa officer. Unlike any other myth the only thing that the Visa officer looks for in a student is whether how serious the student is about pursuing his/her studies once he/she goes abroad. DO NOT LIE or exaggerate to the officer about your past or your goals for he is sure to see through the farce. Being honest and clear of your achievements and aims in life will only help you to get through your interview successfully.

Moreover make sure that you have all the required documents with you at the Interview and that they are neatly filed or arranged systematically in the folder (check how it is to be done). The Visa officer may not even see your file if he is convinced that you are a genuine and sincere student. The biggest of all- answer all the questions in fluent English. So DO NOT become so nervous as to stammer or speak in grammatically incorrect English.

Remember it is only through your confidence and your veracity that you will pass your Visa interview successfully.

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