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Universities in Gold Coast: Colleges in Gold Coast Australia for International Students

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Gold Coast in Queensland Australia is a leading city which attracts international students to pursue higher studies. Although there are limited universities in Gold Coast, they offer world-class education. Thanks to a significant percentage of international students attending top universities, colleges in Gold Coast Australia are highly renowned in the world. 

International students prefer seeking higher education at colleges in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, so as to get access to varied courses and a huge global exposure.  Moreover, Gold Coast is witnessing a fast economic growth, and students here are offered with better career options in fields like IT, sports, and entertainment. 

If you are someone looking to get admitted to universities in Goldcoast, check out the Gold Coast universities list in this blog! 

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Why Study at Universities in Gold Coast?

Students prefer Gold Coast to pursue higher education for a number of reasons, including the availability of top-notch universities, active student groups, and generally excellent quality of life. There are enough colleges in Gold Coast Australia for international students and some of these are even decade old universities. Best universities in Gold Coast are admired for their quality of education offered to students.

Most universities on the Gold Coast Australia offer scholarships for students to complete the course without facing financial difficulties. 

Some of the other reasons to study in universities on the Gold Coast Australia are-

  • Cultural Diversity: Living on the Gold Coast offers students to enjoy a multicultural environment. Students can enjoy mouth-watering dishes from around the world as well as typical Australian fusion food. Every year, the Gold Coast also hosts a multicultural festival that offers a venue to honour the various cultural populations.
  • Benefits of Graduate Temporary Visa: Along with many other advantages, you can take advantage of three-year post-study employment rights with the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485). Additionally, you will get priority processing for visa applications, access to extra regional visas and bonus points toward skilled immigration to Australia with this visa.
  • Research Oriented Universities: All the top universities in GoldCoast offer research oriented courses. Many of the universities here are closely involved in building scientific breakthroughs. Moreover, universities also have good infrastructure to ensure a better learning environment for students.

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Gold Coast Universities List for International Students

There are 3 top universities in Gold Coast Queensland Australia for international students offering different courses through different levels. These universities are different in terms of disciplines they offer. Using modern teaching methods and practical routes of giving subject insight, universities help students build required skills.

These universities in Gold Coast are: 

  • Griffith University
  • Bond University 
  • Southern Cross University

Let us check in brief about these Gold Coast Universities list: 

Griffith University

Located in South East Queensland, Griffith University is the oldest in Gold Coast. Over the years, the campus has witnessed the launch of Griffith Business School, and the opening of Griffith's Menzies Health Institute Queensland. Students who are keen to take up a medical career, Griffith University offers different medical courses under different levels to choose. 

The exciting array of degree programs offered by the campus includes study in a variety of areas, including the visual and performing arts, engineering, hospitality, information technology, music, law and science. 

University Type




QS World University Ranking 2023


Popular Programs

Bachelor’s, MBA, PGDM and Masters


Fall, and Spring

Program Fees (Annual)

Bachelor’s- AUD 35,000 (INR 19,16,888)

MBA- AUD 40,169 (INR 22,00,000)

PGDM-AUD 36,517.52 (INR 20,00,000)

Master’s- AUD 29,214.02 (INR 16,00,000)

Admission Requirements


IELTS- 6.5-7.0

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Bond University

As a part of Gold Coast university list, Bond University is one of the oldest and non-profit universities, attracting students from different countries. Each year, Bond University operates three different 14-week semesters. In just two years, the majority of students are able to finish a six-semester bachelor's degree. Bond University, which is situated in Robina, has excellent schools for business, law, and psychology in addition to a wide selection of other programs. The best part of this university is the productive environment students get throughout the academic year.

University Type




QS World University Ranking 2023


Popular Programs

Bachelor’s, MBA, PGDM, Graduate Certificate (4 months) and Masters



Program Fees (Annual)

Bachelors- AUD 31,039 (INR 17,00,000)

MBA- AUD 43,821 (INR 24,00,000)

PGDM-AUD 47,472 (INR 26,00,000)

Masters- AUD 36,517 (INR 20,00,000)

Graduate Certificate- AUD 9,129.38 (5,00,000)

Admission Requirements

TOEFL- 90-110

IELTS- 6.5-7.5

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Southern Cross University

Southeast Queensland's Southern Cross University is situated close to Gold Coast Airport, and is one of the best universities in Gold Coast. The school also has cutting-edge health and science labs, and its 14 areas have received the famous Excellence in Research for Australia assessment's "above world standard" rating. Overseas students have varied options of courses to choose. The university aims to help students in building skills to face professional challenges ahead.


University Type




QS World University Ranking 2023


Popular Programs

Bachelor’s, MBA, PhD and Masters


Fall & Spring

Program Fees (Annual)

Bachelor’s- AUD 27,388 (INR 15,00,000)

MBA- AUD 29,214 (INR 16,00,000)

PhD-AUD 30,000 (INR 16,43,046)

Master’s- AUD 32,865 (INR 18,00,000)

Admission Requirements

TOEFL iBT- 32-34

IELTS- 6.5-7.5

PTE- 30


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Pursuing higher education from top colleges in Gold Coast Australia will help you achieve brighter options of career ahead. You can apply for admission to higher education at any of the universities in Gold Coast by following the right eligibility criteria and admission process. If you are looking forward to getting into universities in Gold Coast, get in touch with Yocket experts for more assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Universities in GoldCoast

Ques. Can I study in universities in Gold Coast, Australia with English Proficiency test score?

Ans. In Gold Cost, universities do demand for the English Proficiency test score to pursue any courses offered. The score may vary according to the university.

Ques. Do universities in Gold Coast Australia offer all courses?

Ans. Yes, all the 3 top universities in Gold Cost offer courses from medicine, to social studies and arts

Ques. Do I need a GMAT/GRE score to seek admission in any of the Gold Coast Universities?

Ans. Yes, many of the top universities would demand for the score of both GMAT/GRE for master’s courses.

Ques. Is Gold Coast, Queensland a good place to study?

Ans. With a low crime rate, and top quality education, Gold Cost, Queensland is typically regarded as a fairly safe student city. Universities here offer students with practical and theoretical teaching for close insight of the field.

Ques. Which subjects are best to study in Gold Coast?

Ans. Computer Science, Engineering, Social Science and Humanities are some of the subjects students can opt to pursue in Gold Coast universities.

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