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Universities in Boston: Top 5 Universities in Boston for International Students

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Boston, a city in Massachusetts, USA, is famous for its baked beans, Fenway Park, the Boston Marathon, Museum of Fine Arts, the First Night Festival, and the pub inspired by the NBC sitcom Cheers. But if we dig a little deeper, along with its American Revolution, historical significance, and cultural vibrancy, students also prefer the renowned universities in Boston.

With progressive subjects, sports, and job/entrepreneurial opportunities, the colleges in Boston are attracting many international students to pursue higher education.

If you are interested in pursuing your study at universities in Boston but are sceptical about the city's perks, explore this article. It covers the top colleges in Boston and why one should choose among them for pursuing their graduate or post-graduate study. 

Let’s get started!

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Why Choose Boston Universities in California?

Boston offers multiple camping, hiking, and skiing opportunities to local and international residents. Additionally, its architecture, arts, politics, and cultural scenes are an added advantage for the students. Picking among the universities in Boston USA, for your study abroad vision is a critical decision. Only a beautiful and well-structured city should not be the solemn pointer to pursuing a particular course at Boston colleges and universities. Therefore, let’s understand the scholastic reasons for choosing universities in Boston.

  • Meticulous Academics: As per the QS Best Student Cities 2022, Boston ranks 9th globally. The best universities in Boston offer quality education, well-qualified faculty, research and development facilities, and technical facilities. Besides, they provide different study courses like business, management, marketing, social science, and others.
  • University Choices: There are 24+ top universities in Boston, with more than 2,50,000 suitably qualified students at Cambridge University. Consequently, international students get a list of universities in Boston USA to choose from and pursue their education.
  • Better Part-time Jobs: Students can work with their course either on-campus at the best universities in Boston or on off-campus sites authorised by ISSO. Besides, in Boston colleges and universities, on-campus jobs can be pursued for 20 hours a week, converting to full-time during breaks.

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  • Travel Facilities: The subway systems in Boston are well structured and have a good reputation among the locals for their safety and reliability. So international students can get unlimited access to the subway and bus travel by getting a “university pass” from the administration office of their respective top universities in Boston.

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Boston is ranked 11th in the world as the top student city in the USA. Besides, the top fields students can choose from are Nursing and Healthcare, Law, Art, Engineering, Computer Science, Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies etc.

With the reason for choosing Boston Universities for higher education, let’s explore the best among them.

Top 5 Universities in Boston

As per the QS Ranking 2023, Boston is the home to eight internationally ranked universities, creating a hub of intellectual endeavours called “The Athens of America.” Let’s dive right into the list of colleges and universities in Boston.

1.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Universities in Boston

MIT marks the foundation of a new and independent educational institution combining teaching and research with an initial focus on solving real-world issues. It has departments across five schools, creating new ways of learning on campus.

Additionally, most MIT professors are eminent scholars from around the world. Therefore, you can trust MIT with your career. Let’s explore the basic facets of the Boston colleges list, starting with MIT.

University Type


Establishment Year


QS Ranking 2023


Popular Courses

MS, B.Sc, MBA, PGDM, B.E, B.Tech, MIM, M.Arch, and BBA


Fall Intake, Summer Intake

Estimated Fee Structure (Complete Course)

UG Programs: $52,000 - $60,000

MS/MA programs: $54,000 - $70,000

MBA Programs: $78,000 - $1,00,000

Admission Requirements

TOEFL: Minimum 90, recommended 100

IELTS: Minimum 7, recommended 7.5

PTE: Minimum 65, recommended 70

Duolingo (DET): Minimum 120, recommended 125

C1 Advanced/C2 Proficiency: Minimum 185, recommended 190

SAT: Above 1500

ACT: Above 35

2.  Harvard University

Universities in Boston

Harvard University in Cambridge and Boston has grown from nine students with a single masters degree to enrolling more than 20,000 degree candidates. Besides, its USPs include global intelligence, learning in practice, entrepreneurship, innovation, residential learning community, etc. Further, let’s check the educational requirements and offerings.

University Type


Establishment Year


QS Ranking 2023


Popular Courses

B.E, B.Tech, B.Sc, BBA, M.A, M.Arch, MASc, MBA, MIM, and MS


Spring, Winter, and Summer Intake

Estimated Fee Structure (Complete Course)

UG Programs: $12,000 - $50,000

MS/MA programs: $50,000 - $80,000

MBA Programs: $75,000 - $85,000

Admission Requirements

SAT: 1460-1510

ACT Composite: 33-34

TOEFL: 109

IELTS: 7.5

PTE: 75 score

GMAT: More than 720

Work Experience

3.  Boston University

Universities in Boston

Boston University is a private teaching and non-profit research university with 35,000+ students from more than 130 countries. Times higher education states that Boston University graduates are the most employable in the USA. Following are its enrollment requirements.

University Type


Establishment Year


QS Ranking 2023


Popular Courses

B.E, B.Tech, B.Sc, BBA, BHM, M.A, M.E, M.Tech, MBA, PGDM, MIM, MS, and MFA


Fall Intake, Spring Intake

Estimated Fee Structure (Per Year)

UG Programs: $54,450 - $56,080

MS/MA Programs: $27,230 - $56,080

MBA Programs: $54,450 - $56,080

Admission Requirements

IELTS: 7 bands

Duolingo English Test: 120-130 score

TOEFL: 90-100

SAT: 1310-1500

ACT: 30-34

GRE: 312 +

GMAT: 657 +

4.  Tufts University

Universities in Boston

This university in Boston for international students is a privately-owned higher education college that focuses on research and development. It is a moderate establishment that has more than 5,000 undergraduate students. Its average class size includes 20 students with well-qualified faculty.

Furthermore, this university is acknowledged for its internationalism, offering numerous study abroad programs. It also showcases public service and active citizenship in all its disciplines. Let’s check the basic requirements of Tufts University.

University Type


Establishment Year


QS Ranking 2023


Popular Courses

B.E, B.Tech, B.Sc, MEM, MIM, and MS


Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Intake as per the courses

Estimated Fee Structure (Per Year)

UG Programs: $60,000

MS Programs: $50,650 - $58,540

Admission Requirements

TOEFL: 100+


PTE: 68+

Duolingo: 120+

5.  Northeastern University

Universities in Boston

Among the other colleges in Boston USA, Northeastern University has 34% international students from 144 countries. It has many satellite campuses in Berlin, London, Nahant, Portland, Silicon Valley, etc.

The students can be a part of its impressive sports team and research centres. Besides, its faculty includes outstanding people like Pran Nath, Mary Florentine, etc. Let’s check out these top colleges in Boston study requirements.

University Type


Establishment Year


QS Ranking 2023


Popular Courses

B.E, B.Tech, B.Sc, BBA, M.A, M.Arch, M.Des, MBA, MEM, MFA, PGDM, MIM, and MS


Fall Intake, Spring Intake

Fee Structure

UG Programs: $28,000 - $25,000

MS/MA programs: $20,000 - $70,000

MBA Programs: $90,000 - $1,00,000

Admission Requirements


IELTS: 6.5

PTE: 54

GRE: 293

GMAT: 500

SAT: 1049

ACT: 21


Note: The university fees and exam cutoffs keep changing every year, please visit the official university website for an update.

Along with these requirements, good universities in Boston also ask for crucial documents in the admissions process like SOP, LOR, CV, academic transcripts, etc. Besides, the placement rate of famous colleges in Boston is relatively high.

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Just like other cities in the USA, Boston is not a cheap place to live. It is ranked 135th in affordability, and you might have to spend $850 per month on living costs and $2,607 on apartment costs.

Too much, isn’t it? But Boston education will help create an exquisite career.

Therefore, if you need guidance on university selection/ application or procurement of scholarships/loans, connect with our counsellors by choosing Yocket premium



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