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Top 10 Young Universities in the World in 2022

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When choosing a university to study abroad, it is quite evident to get attracted towards old and historically rich universities like Princeton, Oxford, Stanford, etc. And there is an obvious possibility of overlooking some young universities that have proven to be doing extravagantly well in areas like quality education, research, international outlook, etc. Some young universities have also been ranked internationally, and recognised throughout the world by various prestigious rankings like THE Young University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, etc. 

This blog will tell you all about some of the newest universities in the world, that have proven their mark, and attract a plethora of international students each year! 

Table of Contents 

  1. How are Young Universities Ranked? 
  2. List of 10 Top Young Universities in the World 

How are Young Universities Ranked? 

Newest colleges in the world are ranked based upon various factors discussed below: 

  • Teaching: This particular parameter includes assessing factors like staff to student ratio, reputation survey, doctorates awarded to academic staff ratio, doctorate to bachelor’s ratio, etc.
  • Research: The research potential for any newest university is measured through research productivity through citations, research income and reputation survey for particular research. 
  • International Outlook: International outlook of any newest university in the world is measured through the proportion of international students, proportion of international staff and various international collaborations that any newest university indulges in. 
  • Industry Income: A newest university in the world assesses its industry income through its ability to contribute in innovations, consultancy and inventions across various industries. 

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List of Top 10 Young Universities in the World 

Top newest universities in the world, have been recognised globally for their international outlook, excellent academics, outstanding employability rates, and numerous other factors. Also, these universities are under 50 years old. 

Let us now straightaway familiarise you with the list of top 10 newest universities in the world, and provide you with their salient features: 


THE Young University Rank 2022

Top Courses Offered 

Paris Sciences et Lettres- PSL Research University


Pharmacy, Medicine, Construction, Applied Sciences 

Nanyang Technological University


Engineering, Data Science, Medicine

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Engineering, Data Science, Medicine

Erasmus University Rotterdam 


Law, History, Arts, Entrepreneurship, Culture 

Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Tourism, Engineering, Design, Construction

Institut Polytechnique De Paris


Engineering, Data Science, Medicine, Pharmacy, Applied Sciences

University of Antwerp


Clinical Studies, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences, Business and Economics 

University of Technology, Sydney


Engineering, Data Science, Medicine

Maastricht University


Engineering, Business, Design, Law 

City University of Hong Kong


Arts, Law, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics 

Top young universities in the world are under 50 years old, and ranked through various factors and parameters like research outputs, teaching, citation, international outlook, and industry income, wherein research outputs, teaching and citations contribute majorly. To gain more clarity on the benefits of choosing young universities to study abroad, connect with Yocket Professionals today!


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