Best Spain Scholarships for Indian Students: Scholarships in Spain for International Students 2024

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Spain is a country that brings up images of sun, sea, and sand, but it is also a destination that offers a wide range of educational opportunities for those who wish to pursue further education. Whether you are interested in pursuing a degree in the arts, sciences, or humanities, Spain has an institution to meet your needs. Moreover, Spain is a cheap country to study, making it an even more attractive choice. But what if a student wants to explore the options of scholarship in Spain?

Let’s check out this article with various Spain government scholarship, Spain scholarships for Indian students, the cost of studying in Spain, the application process, etc.

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Why Study In Spain?

Three of Spain’s best cities have made it to the QS Best Student City Ranking 2023. This clearly, states the enthusiasm of international/Indian students to pursue their higher education in Spain. However, enthusiasm alone is not enough to choose this country, let’s explore the other key features of this country.

  1. Spain, the country that gave the world soap operas, sangrias, music, and tapas. It is also one of the world's most popular destinations for students. The Spanish government wants to offer international students even better value for money, so it's making several significant changes to the way it funds to study abroad programs.
  2. Most students go to Spain to learn Spanish or take up a language. However, you don't have to be a student to benefit from a Spanish course in Madrid. Along with offering Spanish lessons for anyone with interest, the city has lots to offer independent learners, from world-class museums/galleries to some of the best nightlife in the country.
  3. The Spanish government provides Spain government scholarships/grants for foreign students interested to study in Spain. Many universities also offer financial aid to international students, and some schools even offer free tuition to international students. Spain scholarships for Indian students are available for those who need them most and on both merit and financial criteria.
  4. When it comes to getting a Spain scholarship for international students, studying abroad is always a great opportunity to gain experience outside your comfort zone and build new friendships across cultures. It can also help you develop skills you can use in your future career.

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Before checking the types of Spain government scholarship or Spain scholarships for Indian students. Let’s check the…

Cost to study with Scholarship in Spain

Following is the list of expenses that an international student has to finance while studying in Spain. These estimates with help you create a budget and further apply for Spain scholarships for international students accordingly.


Cost in EUR

Equivalent Costs in INR

Average tuition fees



252064-1428365/Academic year




Food cost



Transportation cost



Basic Utility cost



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With the information on the cost of studying in Spain, it is evident that students can use the scholarship in Spain to reduce their financial burden. Therefore, next, let’s check the types of scholarships for international students.

Scholarships in Spain for International Students

Spain is a country with a lot of history, culture, and opportunities for education. Through Spain scholarships for international students, the aspirants can obtain an education in Spain at a reduced cost. This allows students to afford an education in a foreign country while still maintaining a budget.



Application Deadline

Women in Tech Scholarship

This study in Spain scholarship offers up to 50% off for women who want to pursue scholarships in technology-related fields

May 29th, 2024

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, 2024

This study in Spain scholarship offers partial funding for all arts subjects under the spectrum

No Deadline

UIC Barcelona Scholarship


Students of all nationalities are eligible for this scholarship, where they get a 20% reduction in fees

April 21st, 2024

European University of the Atlantic

This scholarships to study in Spain for Indian students funds 100% tuition fees for students pursuing their bachelor's degree

October 15th, 2024

Spanish Studies Abroad Financial Aid

This merit-based scholarships to study in Spain for Indian students has a stipend of 455 - 1360 EUR to students who write a personal essay on a personal life story that demonstrates [their] dedication to learning Spanish and how [they] have gone above and beyond in [their] acquisition of the language

May 15th, 2024

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Along with this, the students can also apply for Spain government scholarship for international students like Spain Government Scholarships, UIC Barcelona Scholarship, University of Granada Scholarship, European University of Atlantic, etc.

Now you know the type of scholarships for international students Spain to pursue phd in Spain with scholarship or any other course. Next, let’s explore the application process on how to apply phd in Spain with scholarship or any other course.

Application Process for Spain Scholarships for Indian Students

The application process for a degree in Spain can seem daunting and complicated at first, but it really is nothing to worry about. The process is actually very simple. All you must do is get your CV and other relevant documents like academic documents, academic references, study visa, test analysis, etc, together, and then you're ready to start the application process. The first thing you'll need to do is to find a bachelor's program that matches your requirements and preferences.

Now let’s understand the steps to apply for a Spain scholarship for international students:

  • To apply for a scholarship for international students in Spain, the aspirant must apply to a university to seek the offer letter.
  • Next, select the appropriate scholarship and check for the deadlines.
  • Curate the following documents while applying for a scholarship for international students in Spain:
  1. A well-written scholarship resume with a student photo.
  2. Doctoral degree applicants need to prepare a research proposal.
  3. Master degree applicants need to prepare a study plan.
  4. Undergrad degree applicants require to write a statement of purpose or motivation letter.
  5. Required tests like IELTS, GRE, or TOEFL.
  6. Health clearance documents
  7. 2 letters of recommendations
  • Lastly, submit the application before the scholarship deadline. This will improve your chances of getting it, as most of the scholarships are granted on a first-come, first serve basis.

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Now you know the various scholarships in Spain and their application process. However, if you still need end-to-end guidance from our expert counsellors, choose Yocket Premium. This step will surely make your study abroad dream a success!


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