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Part Time Jobs in Spain: All about Part Time Jobs in Spain for International Students

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According to international student testimonials, universities in Spain provide the best higher education experiences in Europe. More than 1,100 students reflected on their time studying in Spain, including topics like university organisation, teaching, cultural experiences, fees, and more. Spanish universities receive a high score in most of the ranking lists.

Moreover, Spain offers excellent job opportunities for master's and graduate students. Part-time jobs in Spain provide a marvellous earning and learning experience for international students. Wish to know more? Keep reading as we will make you explore all about part time jobs in Spain for international students!

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Benefits of Working Part Time in Spain for International Students

There are many part-time jobs in Spain for international students which allow them to earn along with learning. Students get practical experience while working in their respective industry. 

  • International students enrolled in full-time programs in Spain can work part-time in a variety of organisations throughout the country. This is an excellent method for earning more money to facilitate tuition and living expenses.
  • Students can take up part-time jobs in Barcelona, offering better pay and experience. Moreover, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the school year and even more during the summer vacation. Working part-time in Spain is fairly organised and streamlined thanks to numerous employee advantages and rules.

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Eligibility Criteria and Regulations for Part Time jobs in Spain

International students with a student visa are eligible to take up part-time jobs in Barcelona, Madrid, and other cities of Spain to supplement their income while studying. If part-time work is assessed to be likely to obstruct your studies, you will almost certainly not be permitted to work while registered as a student in Spain.

Some regulations for part time jobs in Barcelona for international students are:

  • Part-time work (20 hours per week / 4 hours per day) is an option. Full-time work is permissible as well, but only for a maximum of three months and only during study vacations.
  • Students need to apply for a work permit (the employer needs to provide the application).
  • Students should have a secondary source of financial support.
  • Students should know how to strike a balance between studies and career. Make sure work doesn't affect the study timing.
  • Part time applicants must be a member of Spain's social security system.
  • All applicants must have the necessary training and qualifications for the position.
  • Spanish employers should provide applicants with a written contract.

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Documents or eligibility to take up part-time jobs in Barcelona and Madrid are as follows: 

  • The employer must complete and sign the EX-12 application form
  • Passport or other formal travel documents
  • Documents demonstrating any professional skills and training that the position requires
  • Documents demonstrating the work's compatibility with studies
  • Documents demonstrating that you have enough money to support yourself in Spain for the duration of your stay, whether or not you work

Other than these, international students taking up part-time jobs in Madrid need to have an account in a Spanish Bank. Below are the steps to follow to open an account in a Spanish bank: 

Identification proof

  • Foreigner's identity number (NIE) and certificate (nombre de identificación de extranjeros) are both used in Spain.
  • Address proof
  • Status of employment proof (e.g., student card, unemployment documentation)

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Types of Part Time Jobs in Spain and their Payscale

As mentioned above, there are different part-time jobs in Madrid for international students which they can take up for extra earning. International students can find part-time work in restaurants, pubs, hotels, and other tourist attractions. Students can also look for course-oriented jobs, like jobs in banks, corporate companies, and other organisations. Another option for hopefuls is to work as an au pair. With a TEFL certificate, you can work for the British Council's scheme (English Language Assistants in Spain).

Given below are some part time jobs Madrid along with their average salary per hour:


Salary per Hour (in EUR)

Fitness Trainer


Social Media Expert




IT support




Cost of Living in Spain for International Students 

How to Find Part Time Jobs in Spain?

Finding part-time jobs in Barcelona for international students isn't a difficult task. Since the payout is low, organizations and outlets do welcome international students. 

  • There are job portals and newspaper classifieds where you can find part-time jobs. There are job websites for English-speaking students through which they can apply. 
  • Although job openings are advertised in Spanish national, regional, and local media daily, most positions are advertised on Sundays. 
  • Students can also look through the job listings in the International New York Times and Overseas Jobs Express newspapers.
  • In Spain, temporary jobs are usually handled by recruitment firms. Students need to keep checking which agencies are registered on the Sistema Nacional de Empleo website.

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Taxes Applicable for Part Time Jobs in Spain 

A student earning lower than 450 EUR or 37,815 INR per month from a part-time job is exempted from paying taxes or contributing to social security. Students are also exempt if they work for less than 50 consecutive days in a calendar year.

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Studying along with earning is the best way to spend time in a country like Spain. Part-time jobs in Barcelona for international students are easily available, and help build a strong career. Moreover, part time in Spain for students help take care of their financial burden in terms of the cost of living. If you are still confused about which part time jobs Barcelona to go for, you might as well connect with our Yocket Counsellors to make the process easier! 

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