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Best Courses in Spain for International Students in 2023

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There is no surprise that Spain is the top country for overseas study, with an international student population of 94,962, which makes up 2% of the population. In Spain, the universities offer an excellent education that meets international standards. Furthermore, Spanish universities offer an abundance of study opportunities. But which are the most rewarding programs for international students in Spain? Which courses are frequently taken by international students in Spain? Which courses in Spain are internationally recognized? Read further to know all about the best courses in Spain. 

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List Of The Best Courses In Spain 

Education system of Spain is highly regarded for their quality and excellence. International students in Spain benefit from the expertise of highly experienced faculty members. In addition, numerous opportunities are presented for them to enhance their knowledge and boost their skill set. Upon graduation from universities in Spain, students have the opportunity to enter the job market with confidence and full preparation for a career in different fields.

As there are a wide variety of courses available in the universities of Spain, it can be slightly challenging to choose the right one. If you’ve decided to continue your further study in Spain, check out the five most preferred courses in Spain: 

  • Natural Science Courses 
  • Hospitality Management Courses
  • Computer Science & Information Technology Courses 
  • Business & Management Courses
  • Arts and Humanities Courses

Natural Science Courses  

A bachelor's degree or master's degree in natural sciences is the preferred degree in Spain. Moreover, it opens up a myriad of opportunities in the respective science fields, as well as in research, whatever your interests may be. Spain has some of the most highly regarded universities in the world for research, and they are heavily funded every year. Besides, the course is suitable for students of all backgrounds, be it chemistry, microbiology, mathematics, physics, or a combination of these disciplines.

Programs Offered: 

  • Bachelor in Earth Science 
  • Bachelor in Bioresource Science
  • Bachelor in Forestry Science
  • Master in Human-Computer Interaction
  • Master in Earth & Climate System Science
  • Master in Nanoscience

Universities Offering these courses: 

  • University of Barcelona
  • University of Valencia
  • Pompeu Fabra University

Duration of Courses: 3 - 4 Years

Average Tuition Fees: EUR 3952 - EUR 16,000 (INR 3,31,134 - INR 13,40,529) 

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Hospitality Management Courses

Hotel Management courses include courses in hotel management and management of similar establishments, such as restaurants and motels. There are also courses in event management and tourism. In Spain, you can earn your bachelor's or master's degree in a hospitality and tourism management program, an industry that is always in demand. It is one of the top places in Europe for studying these courses.

Programs Offered: 

  • Bachelor in Global Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor in Tourism Management & Hospitality 
  • Postgraduate in Design of Bars & Restaurants 
  • Master in Tourism & Hospitality Management 

Universities Offering these courses: 

  • Ostelea Tourism Management School
  • Barcelona Executive Business School
  • TBS Business School in Barcelona

Duration of Courses: 6 Months - 4 Years

Average Tuition Fees: EUR 5,050 - EUR 6,750 (INR 4,22,909 - INR 5,65,292)

Computer Science & Information Technology Courses (CS-IT)

In Spain and throughout the world, courses in Computer Science, Data Science and Management, Information Technology, and Data Analysis are amongst the most preferred and fastest-growing. With such a degree, you are sure to be in demand anywhere you go. Universities in Spain offer plenty of top courses in Spain for Computer Science, IT, and related fields, so you will definitely find a course to fit your requirements. 

 Courses Offered: 

  • Bachelor in Data Science
  • Bachelor in IT & Computing 
  • Master in Data Science Methodology 
  • Master in Finance 
  • Master in Data Science Decision Making
  • Master in User Experience Design  

Universities Offering these courses: 

  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia
  • University Carlos III de Madrid
  • University of Barcelona

Duration of Courses: 9 Months - 3 Years 

Average Tuition Fees: EUR 1,500 - EUR 6,000 (INR 1,25,440 - INR 5,01,957)

Business & Management Courses

Some of the most sought-after business and management courses in Spain are MBA, EMBA, and Master in Management. Several Spanish Business Schools are triple-accredited by EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB, and most of them are ranked among the world's best Global MBAs by Financial Times.

Courses Offered: 

  • Bachelor in Management
  • Master in Product Management 
  • Master in Business Management 
  • MBA in International Business Management & Innovation 

Universities Offering these courses: 

  • IE Business School
  • EAE Business School

Duration of Courses: 1 Year - 3 Years 

Average Tuition Fees: EUR 21,000 - EUR 30,000 (INR 17,56,083 - INR 25,08,117)

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Arts and Humanities Courses 

In Spain, top-ranked universities offer some of the most prestigious fine arts and humanities courses. It primarily includes fine and performing arts courses such as painting, dancing, music, sculpting, etc., and in the humanities such as American literature, philosophy, environmental ethics, and political science. 

Courses Offered: 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
  • Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • Degree in Classical and Romance Studies
  • Double Degree in English Studies and Hispanic Philology
  • Degree in Classical Philology
  • Degree in Spanish Language and Literature
  • Master of Arts in Humanities  

Universities Offering these courses: 

  • University of Basque Country
  • Pompeu Fabra University
  • University of Granada

Duration of Courses: 1 Year - 4 Years 

Average Tuition Fees: EUR 3,840 - EUR 18,000 ( INR 3,21,342 - INR 15,06,041)

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All in all, here are just five of the best courses to study in Spain. There are many more courses, sub-courses, and disciplines in Spain. A large number of courses in Spain are taught entirely in English for international students. Additionally, the availability of several scholarships for international students  in Spain is a huge draw for international students. Following your academic degrees from Spanish universities, you can find job opportunities both in Spain and in your home country.

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