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Cost of Studying in Spain: Know About Tuition Fees in Spain for International Students

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Spain is, without a doubt, one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. Spain is a lovely country with a long history and rich culture, famed for its architecture, food, and excellent climate. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula and is surrounded by France and Portugal.

The country is divided into several semi-autonomous areas, each having its own culture and, in some instances, language. From beaches to high mountains, any scenery may be found in Spain, along with climates to match. There are old and modern universities in every corner of the country that you can select from in large and small communities. Apart from its location, there is another aspect that makes the country worthwhile, the cost of studying. For international students, the cost of studying in Spain is more affordable than in other countries. Before that Looking for the perfect loan? Check out Yocket's Loan Finder tool to easily compare and find the best options for you!

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A Quick Overview Of Cost Of Study In Spain

The total budget for education in Spain is divided into three categories: public money provided by the state, autonomous, and local governments; private funds provided by families; and, to a lesser extent, private institutions. Rather than the recipient of the services, the ultimate funding agent's public or private nature decides whether education spending is considered public or private. In Spain, public funds provide roughly 80% of education spending, with private sources accounting for 20%.

When it comes to the cost of studying in Spain, it is pretty affordable. The cost of study in Spain for Indian students is low compared to other countries, and Spain has some of the lowest tuition fees in Europe.


Fees in Euro

Fees in INR (Annual)

Bachelor's degree

Approx 750 to 2,500 Euro

Rs 63057- 210191

Master's degree

1,000 to 3,500 Euro

Rs 84076- 294268

The cost of living in Spain varies by region, but it is possible to live well in Spain on a student budget. Food is inexpensive and of good quality, and there are many low-cost designer apparel stores. Accommodation in large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, on the other hand, can be costly.

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Tuition Fees of Universities in Spain

Universities in Spain completely depends on the type of university it is. It also determines if it is a tuition-free university in Spain for international students.

The average cost of university in Spain for undergraduate programs is:


Fees in Euro

Fees in INR

First Enrollment

12 Euro

Rs 1008 per credit

Second Enrollment

25 Euro

Rs 2101 per credit

Third Enrollment

50 Euro

Rs 42030 per credit

If you withdraw from the program and re-enroll, your tuition rates will increase. For an undergraduate degree in engineering, for example, University Carlos III de Madrid costs 24,55 EUR/ Rs 206408 per credit, 45,25 EUR/ Rs 380447 for a second enrollment, respectively. Social science and humanities degrees are less expensive.

Tuition Fees At Public Universities

Official degrees and university-specific degrees are two different types offered in public universities in Spain. Each Autonomous Community establishes tuition caps for formal degrees. Spain university fees for international students fall under the following categories:

  1. Bachelor's in Spain cost around 3,500 EUR/ Rs 294268 per year.
  2. Master's in Spain cost the same each year.

Since there are no government-imposed caps on tuition fees for university-specific degrees, each institution is allowed to charge whatever it wants.

Tuition Fees At Spain Private Universities

Private Universities

20,000 Euro

Rs 1681534 per year

Business Schools

25,000 Euro

Rs 2101918 per year

MBA and International Management Degree

30,000 Euro

Rs 2522302 per year


Fees in Euro

Fees in INR

University of Granada

Approx 821 Euro

Rs 69027 Annually

University of Valencia

Approx 2600 Euro

Rs 218599 Annually

University of Santiago de Compostela

Approx 1600 Euro

Rs 134522 Annually

Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Approx 2900 Euro

Rs 243822 Annually

Cost Of Living In Spain For International Students

The cost of studying in Spain isn't the only thing you need to consider, but the cost of living too. Spain is an affordable country, but still, you need to have a financial backup.

  • To live in Spain, you'll need between 1000 EUR/ Rs 84076 monthly. If you visit Madrid or Barcelona, the most costly cities in Spain, the costs will be greater.
  • Living expenditures are lower in places like Valencia, Seville, and Cadiz, ranging between 900 EUR/ Rs 75669 per month on average.

When it comes to accommodation, it depends on the region you are residing in. While studying in Spain, overseas students can generally choose between two types of housing:

  • University housing, such as dorms
  • House and flat rentals are examples of private accommodations.


Cost in Euro

Cost in INR

In other cities

900 Euro

Rs 75668 per month


1400 Euro

Rs 117707 per month

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Miscellaneous Costs to Study in Spain

Basic Utilities

115 Euro

Rs 9668 per month


30 Euro

Rs 2522 per month

Food Cost

400 Euro

 Rs 33630 per month

Transportation Cost

Regular Trip

1.5 Euro

Rs 126

Monthly Pass

42 Euro

Rs 3531

AVE Speed Rail

75 Euro

Rs 6305

How To Manage Expenses in Spain?

For students seeking financial assistance with their Spanish studies, there are several choices. Loans, scholarships (including those granted by the Spanish government), and various grants are among them that cover Spain tuition fees. Some of the grants and funding available cover the cost of studying in Spain.

  • Exchange students (EU only) pursuing a Bachelor's degree (first and second cycle) or Master's program who meet the general, academic, and financial conditions are eligible for an Erasmus grant.
  • The Ministry of Education may be able to help with financial aid. A completed application form must be sent to the Ministry of Education, the Iberoamerican Cooperation Institute, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • There are other financial support grants offered by the Spain government, the information of which is available on Gooverseas official website.

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Having complete knowledge about the cost of study in Spain will really help you in seeking admission for higher studies in Spain. To have a clear idea about how to move ahead with your application process to study in Spain, get in touch with our Yocket counsellors!


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