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SAT Math Tips: Best SAT Test Taking Strategies for Math

Kashyap Matani

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) conducted by the college board, is one of the most popular exams taken by students aspiring to study abroad. It is a measure of a student’s eagerness and inquisitiveness and helps the universities shortlist the most deserving candidates from the thousands of applications. 

The SAT is a 3-hour exam accessing your reading and writing abilities apart from your mathematical aptitude. 

Among all the 3 sections, maths tends to horrify most of the students. If you are someone scared of maths, you need not worry! This blog will make you acquainted with the most important SAT math tips, tricks, and last minute SAT math review to give you a clear edge over the thousands of other competitors!

  Table of Contents

  1. Overview of SAT Exam Pattern
  2. Best SAT Math Tips, Strategy and Tricks
  3. Do’s and Don't during SAT Math Preparation

Overview of SAT Exam Pattern

It is important that you are aware of the SAT exam pattern and segments before we tell you about the SAT math section tips. The SAT maths exam has 4 major segments:

  • Heart of Algebra
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis
  • Passport to Advanced MAths
  • Additional Topics in Maths

You are prohibited from using your calculator during the first 25 minutes of your 

SAT exam, while in the next 55 minutes you are allowed to use your calculator.

The overall exact pattern of the SAT exam is as follows:





65 minutes



35 minutes



80 minutes


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Best SAT Math Tips, Strategy and Tricks

Now that you know the precise pattern of the SAT exam, here are the best SAT math tips, along with SAT tricks Math given by experienced professionals and trainers. 

Here’s how to study for SAT math keeping the best SAT Math tips and tricks in mind: 

  • Take Practice Tests

Take up multiple practice sheets on a regular basis. You can choose to take up SAT sample papers or previous year SAT papers. Make sure to time the test and present your answer scripts just as you would present your final SAT answers. Evaluate and grade your own paper along the lines of the common grading criteria. Once you know your back draws, work upon it before taking up the next practice test. This is among the most important SAT test taking strategies for Math! 

  • Memorise Formulas and Math Facts

Analyse the previous year’s SAT maths papers and learn all formulas and facts. Enough practice and a little bit of memory will help you move through the section efficiently and accurately. Following the SAT math no calculator tips give you a clear edge over the others.

  • Practice and Review

Become familiar with the SAT maths question types and most frequently asked topics. The best way to do this is through enough practice of the previously asked SAT maths questions. Never skip reviewing the solutions as it will give you a better understanding of how you can strengthen your concepts and improve your scores.

  • Use SAT Math Strategy

Often it is wise to use strategies such as picking numbers, elimination, or backward substitution, instead of actually solving the mathematical problem. These strategies reduce the time you spend on the easier questions, hence giving you enough time to solve the more complex problems. The only catch is that you can be proficient in solving questions using strategies only if you have had enough practice using them.

  • Learn to Perform Basic Calculations

Another SAT Math test tips is to be well-versed in performing basic calculations such as multiplication, division, sketching graphs of common functions, using logarithms, and other frequently used basic calculations. This will not only help you improve the time you consume in solving maths but also enhance your mathematical aptitude.

  • Eliminate Careless Mistakes

Careless mistakes is the last thing you can afford to commit in an exam as important as the SAT. it can either be overconfidence or lack of confidence that causes you to make silly mistakes. The only way to overcome this habit is excessive practice on a regular basis and constant revaluation. 

  • Practice Improving your Speed

One of the best SAT Math tips is improving your speed. Getting 58 maths questions correct in 80 minutes is not child's play. The thing that pulls back many deserving candidates is poor speed. It is essential that you not only are capable of solving the problem but you can also solve them in the stipulated amount of time given. Once again practice is the key.

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Do’s and Don't during SAT Math Preparation

Apart from the strategies and tricks there are some things that you should consciously do while some that you should not do at any cost during the SAT Math exam. Let us first have a look at the DO’S and how to prepare for SAT Math: 

  • Know the nature of the test: SAT is a standardised exam that allows fair grading for each candidate. Knowing the nature of the test allows you to be able to answer it better.
  • Practice for the test using real study material: Get your hands on some good SAT study material. Replicate the test environment and give timed practice tests.
  • A balanced study hour is a must: SAT is an exam that can be easily cracked with your regularity. A regular of 45 minutes for 4-5 months should be sufficient for SAT, according to experts.
  • Know your mathematical equipment beforehand: It is important that you understand every function of whatever equipment you are allowed to use in the exam well beforehand.

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It is equally necessary to know what is not to be done during your SAT maths preparation. Let’s now have a look at the DON'TS and how to study for SAT Math: 

  • Do not Panic: A well-done exam calls for you to be calm and cool during the preparation and the exam. Do not stress at any point in time.
  • Do not ignore your weak areas: SAT is a multi-dimensional exam. Take up multiple practice tests to recognize your weak dimension and work upon it.
  • Do not compromise your sleep: Never compromise a calm and good night’s sleep before the exam day. Your mind and body both need sufficient rest to perform well during the 3 hours of your SAT exam.
  • Never get nervous: Do not get nervous by looking at the questions. Attempt those questions first which you feel are easier. 

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SAT maths is not a tough nut to crack once you are well acquainted with the right strategy, tips, and tricks that will help you prepare for your exam. We hope you crack your SAT with flying colours and soon land at your dream university abroad! 


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