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Physiotherapy Universities in USA: Top Colleges, Costs, Requirements & Jobs for Physiotherapy in USA

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The USA is a top study destination standing tall on the plinth for its world-class medical intensive universities in the world. Its stellar medical infrastructure, along with efficient and well outcomes together, contributes to excellent Physiotherapy in USA. The study of physiotherapy is all about an individual's maximum physical potential. The physiotherapy programs at large emphasise on orthopaedics, geriatrics, neurology and related domains.

If you are an international student looking for a guide on physiotherapy courses in USA and its top universities, then you are in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about the physiotherapy courses, their costs, admission requirements and a lot more.

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Why Study Physiotherapy Course in the USA?

Before starting our blog physiotherapy courses, let's first familiarise you with the reasons why to study physiotherapy in USA.

  • Best Healthcare Facilities: The USA is home to some of the world's top universities. They are known for their state-of-the-art infrastructure, health care facilities, and quality experiential learning and therefore pursuing masters or bachelor physiotherapy in USA for international students is a dream come true.
  • Curriculum: The curriculum of physiotherapy in US universities is aligned with the market needs that help you to learn the required skills while practising as a physiotherapist in the market.
  • Career and Scope: For being a part of some globally recognised physiotherapy colleges in USA will give you a career with immensely great returns. It has been ranked among the 16th most popular healthcare jobs by US News and World Report.

In order to pursue physiotherapy courses in USA for international students, you must fulfil certain admission requirements. Let us find out more about these Physiotherapy Courses Requirements in the USA:

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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for Physiotherapy Course in USA

The eligibility criteria and admission requirements for Physiotherapy in USA may differ between the university and the course you choose. Some common admission requirements for physiotherapy colleges in USA.

  • Academic Qualifications
  • English Language Proficiency
  • GRE or GMAT
  • Student Visa

Academic Qualifications

The academic qualifications for admission to physiotherapy courses will differ as per the program you choose.

  • For masters degree in physiotherapy, students are required to have a bachelor's degree in a relevant stream from any recognised institution. A GPA score of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 is needed by some colleges.
  • If you have completed your masters degree and want to take admission to a higher level, say PhD in physiotherapy in USA for Indian students, then you must have a masters degree in physical therapy or any relevant subject.

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English Language Proficiency

If you are from a non native English country and want to take admission in physiotherapy colleges in USA, you will have to clear the language test. The minimum test scores at the language test are


If you have completed your bachelors degree and have cleared the language test. The next step is to appear in the GRE or GMAT tests to confirm your admission.  Ideally, the GMAT score ranges from 600 to 740, and for GRE it is 318 to 329. However, some universities do not require it as a mandatory test score.

Student Visa

A US Student Visa is a must for physiotherapy courses in USA for International students. You must have to apply for your student visa at least 3 months prior to the expected date of your travel to the country.

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Documents Required for Physiotherapy Course in USA

There are some additional documents that must be required at US Physiotherapy universities as a part of the application process. These documents will enhance your admission application and may add value in your application:

  • Official Academic Records
  • Updated CV or Resume
  • English Language Test Scorecard
  • Letter of Recommendation or LOR
  • Statement of Purpose or SOP
  • Two Reference Letters
  • Proof of Financial Resources
  • Copy of Your Passport

Now that you are aware of the admission requirements and required documents, let us have a quick look at the application process of physiotherapy courses:

Admission Process for Physiotherapy Course in USA

The application process for Physiotherapy admission in the USA is quite simple to pursue. Here are some steps you can follow

  • First choose the level of degree and shortlist some best physiotherapy colleges in USA.
  • Visit the official website and fill up the application form.
  • Submit all essential documents and pay the application fees.
  • Build a research proposal as if the degree is PhD in physiotherapy in USA for Indian students and search for a supervisor to start your PhD in USA.
  • Apply for any scholarships and financial aid, if eligible.
  • Wait for your admission acceptance letter, once received accept the letter to confirm your seat at the university.

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Now we know all the admission requirements and admission process for the program. Let's take a look at the physiotherapy universities in USA:

Top Universities in USA for Physiotherapy Course

USA being a top study destination, known for its quality of education in the healthcare sector, is preferred by many international students. Most of the top physiotherapy colleges in USA are renowned by their academic output. Here we have curated a list of top physiotherapy universities in USA:

Now let's go into detail of each university one by one:

Northwestern University

The Physical Therapy at Northwestern is offered at two courses i.e. DPT and a Dual degree. The DPT course is built around the Motor Control Framework, which enables the students to diagnose and treat movement dysfunction. It provides you with four full time clinical experiences in the field. The dual degree is offered in coordination with biomedical and mechanical engineering courses.

QS World University Rankings 2023


Type of University


Annual Average Fees

17,211 USD

Program Offered

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Doctor of Physical Therapy/PhD Engineering Dual Degree

University of Washington

The Doctor of Physical Therapy at University of Washington offers an exceptional, well rounded education for students to be a physical therapy generalist. It is a full time three year program in which the first two years are majorly focused on classroom Instruction, progressing from developing foundationals skills in clinical evaluations, evaluation and intervention strategies. The final year is spent almost on the clinical experience at a variety of clinics and institutions.

QS World University Rankings 2023


Type of University


Annual Average Fees

26,042 USD

Program Offered

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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University of Pittsburgh

The Department of Physical Therapy at the university offers two concentrations as a part of the Master of Science in health and rehabilitation program i.e musculoskeletal physical therapy and neuromuscular physical therapy. Its curriculum is integrated didactic education with a rigorous clinical program. The physical therapy program at the university is offered at different courses i.e. masters of science, doctor of philosophy and a dual degree with course bioengineering.

QS World University Rankings 2023


Type of University


Annual Average Fees

14,023 USD

Program Offered

Master of Science in Physical Therapy

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Therapy

Doctor of Physical Therapy - Doctor of Philosophy in Bioengineering

The University of South California

USC physical therapy program has consistently been recognised for its strength in education, its integration with research and an emphasis on clinical practice. The course is offered by the esteemed faculty actively influencing the field through its research and practice. The course content of the program includes topics such as cellular and system physiology, musculoskeletal anatomy, therapeutic exercise, neuroanatomy etc.

QS World University Rankings 2023


Type of University


Annual Average Fees

25,101 USD

Program Offered

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Doctor of Physical Therapy/Master of Public Health

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University of Iowa

The physical therapy program at University of Iowa is offered at graduate level that will prepare you to meet the health needs of the society through its prevention, rehabilitation, research and public education. The university physical therapy course will emphasise you through its coursework and participation in research, the development of an individual’s expertise as a researcher in Rehabilitation Science.  

QS World University Rankings 2023


Type of University


Annual Average Fees

34,647 USD

Program Offered

Doctor of Physical Therapy

University of Delaware

The physical therapy program at University of Delaware provides academic and clinical training that is commensurate with the Doctorate of Physical Therapy. It is an entry level degree qualifying the graduates to sit for the national physical therapy examination in order to become a licensed physiotherapist in the US. Students enrolled in the program may also get a MS in Clinical Health science degree after successfully completing 31 credits of the DPT degree-required coursework.

QS World University Rankings 2023


Type of University


Annual Average Fees

17,622 USD

Program Offered

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

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Now the major factor that impacts your physiotherapy studies in the USA is its cost. So let us take a quick look at the cost of studying physiotherapy in USA:

Cost of Studying Physiotherapy Course in USA

The overall costs of studying a physical therapy  course in the US depends upon the university fees and your living costs. Let's discuss each one:

Tuition Fees

The Physiotherapy course fees in USA may differ based on the university you choose. It may also depend upon the level of your program. However, the average tuition fees for physiotherapy in USA ranges between 20,350 USD to 60,000 USD per year.

Cost of Living

Apart from the physiotherapy course fees in USA, you may also have to bear your living costs in the country. An estimated living cost for international students in US states is 1,250 USD to 2,700 USD per month. This covers all the essential amenities such as housing, food, stationary, transportation, study materials etc.

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Ifthis cost seems high to you, you can also get some scholarships or bursaries in the form of financial aid to pursue your physiotherapy courses in the majority of the universities:

Scholarships For Physiotherapy Course in USA

Most of the physiotherapy universities in the US offer scholarships to international students in the form of grants, awards and financial aid to cover their expenses. Here we have curated a list of some scholarships to study physiotherapy courses in US:

Scholarship Name



Merit Scholarship, Northwestern University

Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.6 score


Stauffer Scholarships, University of Delaware

Students of DPT program with good academics


Mary Gross Hutchinson Memorial Scholarship, University of Washington

Students of Physical Therapy with a good academic records.

Award Varies

Norman & Ruth Goldman Scholarships, University of Iowa

Students of Doctorate of Physical Therapy program

Amount Varies

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Studying physiotherapy in US universities will ensure you have a promising career. Let us take a look at the career opportunities after physiotherapy in the USA:

Career Opportunities After Physiotherapy Course in USA

The scope of physiotherapy in the USA is immense. After completing graduation from physiotherapy courses from the USA you can get employment in various public and private hospitals, home healthcare services, nursing, and physician offices. The average salary of a physical therapist in the USA ranges between 60,000 USD to 155,000 USD per annum.

To get a better understanding about the physiotherapy career in USA, here we have given some popular physiotherapy job profiles below:

Job Profile

Average Salary

Physical Therapist

91,010 USD

Research Assistant

62,286 USD

Sports Physio Rehabilitator

78,614 USD


83,675 USD

Rehabilitation Director

84,041 USD

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With a median wage of 85,620 USD, there's no doubt that the USA is considered as one of the top destinations for physiotherapy courses. Not only because of its higher return on investment, but because of its exemplary education also. So, if you are looking for a promising future ahead after Physiotherapy, the USA must be on your list. In case you need any further assistance regarding physiotherapy in the USA, you can reach out to our Yocket Professionals now.


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