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MBA Job Opportunities & Salary in France 2024

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Studying for a master's degree in France can be a worthwhile experience for many students, but whether it is worth it depends on your individual circumstances, goals, and preferences. On the grounds of an MBA, a report from GMAT Club states that 75% of graduates found employment outside their home country. This proved the global appeal of an MBA from France.

France has some of the most popular MBA schools in the world. These include INSEAD, HEC-Paris and Neoma Business School. MBA programs with an average starting salary of INR 34.96 lakhs (EUR 38,600). Various job sectors, including finance, marketing, consulting, and technology, are open to international students.

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Eligibility Criteria to Work in France for International Students

Here is a comprehensive list of criteria that international individuals must meet in order to work legally in France:

  • Collecting the essential documents is crucial when applying for a work permit. These documents typically include your employment offer letter, passport, and potentially additional forms specified by the French government.
  • Work Permit or Visa: Depending on your nationality and the duration of your intended stay, you may need to obtain a work permit or visa to work legally in France. This could involve different procedures and requirements, such as sponsorship by an employer or proof of financial stability.
  • Job Offer: Obtaining a job offer from a French company is crucial, as this not only secures your employment but also facilitates the subsequent process of acquiring a work permit, often with assistance from your employer.
  • Language Proficiency: While French is the official language of France, proficiency requirements may vary depending on the nature of the job and the employer. Some positions may require fluency in French. While others, particularly in multinational companies or specific sectors like IT, may prioritise English proficiency.
  • Legal Compliance: Understanding and adhering to French labour laws and regulations are essential to ensure compliance and avoid legal issues. This includes working hours, minimum wage, contracts, and employee rights, which may differ from those in other countries.

By fulfilling these criteria and requirements, individuals can enhance their eligibility to work in France and pursue their career goals effectively.

Top Universities in France with the Highest Employment Rates for Graduates

The QS Global MBA Rankings for 2024 highlight the leading 7 French universities within the global top 100, renowned for the high employability of their graduates. Below is a table illustrating the average yearly salaries for MBA alumni post-graduation.


QS Global MBA Rankings 2024

Average Annual Salary 

HEC Paris


INR 89,82,000 (EUR 100,000)



INR 1,13,17,500 (EUR 126,000)

ESCP Europe


INR 76,35,000 (EUR 85,000)

ESSEC Business School


INR 80,84,000 (EUR 90,000)

EDHEC Business School


INR 56,59,000 (EUR 63,000)

Emlyon Business School


INR 44,91,000 (EUR 50,000)

Grenoble Ecole de Management


INR 58,38,500 (EUR 65,000)

What is the Average Salary After an MBA in France?

In France, the average salary after completing an MBA program can vary depending on factors such as the university attended, the specialisation chosen, and the individual's prior work experience. On average, MBA graduates in France can expect to earn between INR 53,89,000 (EUR 60,000) to INR 80,84,000 (EUR 90,000) per year in their initial post-MBA roles. 

However, salaries can be significantly higher for graduates from prestigious business schools or those who secure positions in sought-after industries such as finance, consulting, or technology. Additionally, factors like language proficiency, international experience, and networking abilities can also influence salary prospects for MBA graduates in France.

Here is a table illustrating average salaries associated with common job roles:


2023 Salary

2022 Salary 

2021 Salary 


INR 76,35,000 (EUR 85,000)

INR 71,86,000 (EUR 80,000)

INR 67,37,000 (EUR 75,000)


INR 71,86,000 (EUR 80,000)

INR 67,37,000 (EUR 75,000)

INR 62,88,000 (EUR 70,000)


INR 67,37,000 (EUR 75,000)

INR 62,88,000 (EUR 70,000)

INR 58,38,500 (EUR 65,000)


INR 62,88,000 (EUR 70,000)

INR 58,38,500 (EUR 65,000)

INR 53,89,000 (EUR 60,000)


INR 58,38,500 (EUR 65,000)

INR 58,38,500 (EUR 65,000)

INR 49,40,000 (EUR 55,000)


High-Paying MBA Jobs in France

In France, MBAs lead to high-paying roles in finance, consulting, tech, and luxury goods. Firms like BNP Paribas and McKinsey offer lucrative positions in banking and consulting. Tech leaders like Airbus and Capgemini provide well-paid project management and business development jobs. Luxury brands such as LVMH and Chanel seek MBAs for marketing and retail strategy, offering attractive packages. France's strong economy and top-tier schools make it a prime spot for lucrative MBA careers.

According to the Jobs & Salary Global Ranking Report 2021, France has experienced consistent expansion in recent years, with an increasing number of companies showing interest in hiring MBA graduates. French businesses are expected to drive the persistence of this pattern by demanding skilled professionals with advanced business acumen and an international outlook.

Here is a list of such high-paying jobs in France after having an MBA:

Job Title

Average Salary (EUR)

Investment Banker

INR 71,86,000 (EUR 80,000) - INR 1,79,64,000 (EUR 200,000)

Management Consultant

INR 62,88,000(EUR 70,000) - INR 1,34,73,000 (EUR 150,000)

Tech Project Manager

INR 53,89,000 (EUR 60,000) - INR 1,07,79,000 (EUR 120,000)

Luxury Brand Manager

INR 62,88,000 (EUR 70,000) - INR 1,34,73,000(EUR 150,000)

Pharmaceutical Executive

INR 71,86,000 (EUR 80,000) - INR 1,61,68,000 (EUR 180,000)

Legal Counsel

INR 53,89,000 (EUR 60,000) - INR 1,34,73,000 (EUR 150,000)

Data Scientist

INR 53,89,000 (EUR 60,000) - INR 1,16,77,000 (EUR 130,000)

Renewable Energy Engineer

INR 49,40,000 (EUR 55,000) - INR 1,07,79,000(EUR 120,000)

Top MBA Specialisations in France

In France, an MBA with a specialised focus is essential for professionals seeking to excel in a competitive job market. France is renowned for its diverse economy and world-class business schools and offers top MBA specialisations. These specialised programs provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their chosen fields, whether they aspire to lead multinational corporations, drive innovation in startups, or navigate global markets.

The table provides an overview of several leading MBA specialisations in France and the corresponding job roles linked to each area of expertise.

Top MBA Specialisation

Job Title


Investment banker, Financial analyst, Portfolio manager, Risk analyst, Investment advisor, Corporate finance analyst


Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Startup Founder, Small Business Consultant

Human Resource Management

Human resources manager, Talent acquisition specialist, HR business partner, Training and development manager, Compensation and benefits manager


Marketing manager, Product manager, Brand manager, Digital marketing manager, Social media manager, Market research analyst

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain manager, Logistics manager, Operations manager, Procurement manager, Warehouse manager, Demand planner

Technology Management

IT project manager, Business technology analyst, Product manager (tech), Chief technology officer (CTO), Digital transformation consultant

SuggestedMS in Computer Science in France

Top Recruiters for MBA Graduates in France

The following is a compilation of the primary employers seeking MBA graduates in France, alongside the typical yearly salaries offered:


Salaries (EUR/Year)

Salaries (INR/Year)

McKinsey & Company


54.29 lakhs

Bain & Company


58.81 lakhs

Boston Consulting Group


31.58 lakhs



52.96 lakhs



52.41 lakhs

Roland Berger


49.76 lakhs



54.29 lakhs

Ernst & Young


52.01 lakhs



52.93 lakhs

Eli Lilly and Company


50.67 lakhs

Where and How can you find a job in France after completing your MBA?

Here are five steps to help you find a Job in France:

  • Step 1: Explore French industries relevant to your MBA program.
  • Step 2: Identify the skills and qualifications preferred by French employers to tailor your application effectively.
  • Step 3: Utilise job boards to search for MBA-related roles, gaining insights into salary ranges, career prospects, and required qualifications.
  • Step 4: Begin your job hunt on popular online platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster France, and Business Because.
  • Step 5: Develop a CV following the French format.

Pursuing an MBA in France offers access to a vibrant job market with ample opportunities. Leading universities in France facilitate placements for international students with competitive salary packages, though proficiency in basic French is often necessary. Ensure your application materials, including your resume and cover letter, stand out to maximise your chances of success.


Universities in France for Masters

Luxury Brand Management Courses in France

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France offers diverse career opportunities in finance, technology, healthcare, and more, fostering professional growth and personal fulfilment. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, renewable energy and green technology roles thrive. Embracing work-life balance and cultural enrichment, France values creativity and collaboration, making it an ideal destination for a rewarding career journey.

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