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Supply Chain Management in Australia: A Complete Guide on MS in Supply Chain Management in Australia

Kashyap Matani

Supply chain management is that field of business that deals with the production and manufacture of goods. Individuals tasked with the responsibility of supply chain management ensure and supervise everything that happens between the transition of a good from raw product to the final results.

An MS in supply chain management in Australia will help you carve out a career in the ever-growing field of supply chain industries. The supply chain encompasses several areas including Logistics, IT, manufacturing, packaging and transportation et cetera; this ensures that graduates in this field have a broad scope to consider after their education is complete. So, if you’re interested in pursuing your career in supply chain management in Australia, keep reading as we bring to you some of the best universities for supply chain management in Australia, along with lots of other details! 

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If you are considering getting your masters in Supply Chain Management in Australia, you are at the right place. Find out all you need to know about the universities, course curriculum, eligibility criteria, cost and scholarships etc. in this article.

Why Study MS in Supply Chain Management in Australia?

When thinking about getting your postgraduate degree from abroad, there are so many countries to choose from. Among them all, what makes Australia stand out as the best?

  1. Scope: Australia offers brilliant scope to its students graduating from a Supply Chain Management master’s course and exposes them to opportunities in freight and other delivery options.
  2. Versatile: Supply chain management is like the glue that keeps all other industries together. Without an efficient Supply Chain Management system, our industries would come to a halt and economies would fall down. The production and manufacturing of goods is only useful as long as it is being supplied globally in a proper fashion.
  3. Elite Universities: in terms of studying abroad, Australia is really competitive with its top notch universities, faculty, and brilliant infrastructure. As a student in Australia, you will meet excellent staff and students and will have access to both theoretical and practical knowledge.

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Best Universities for Supply Chain Management in Australia

We have just talked about how Australia has so many brilliant universities to choose from as a postgraduate student from abroad. Let us dive deeper and look at the best university for supply chain management in Australia.

  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • University of Wollongong

Moving on, let us know about each of these universities, in detail: 

University of Melbourne

Australia’s top rated and second oldest university, the University of Melbourne is known widely for its research and education in the fields of science and business. The acceptance rate at this university is around 75%.

QS World Ranking


Course offered

Master of Supply Chain Management

Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain and Operations Management

Fees in AUD (Annual)



Fees in INR (Annual)





Parkville Campus


18 months

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University of Technology Sydney

Known as Australia’s number one young university, the University of Technology Sydney is proud to have nine schools with impeccable faculty and determined to change the world in the field of research and technology.

QS World Ranking


Course offered

Master of Strategic Supply Chain Management

Master of Strategic Supply Chain Management (Extension)

Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Fees in AUD (Total)



52,500 (first year)

Fees in INR (Total)



27,77,163.38(first year)




Camperdown/Darlington: University of Sydney


1.5 years FT

2 years FT

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University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong is also Australia’s leading university. It takes pride in being a modern university with elite infrastructure and leaving students with an unforgettable student experience.

QS World Ranking


Course offered

Master of Supply Chain Management

Systems and Logistics (Research)

Fees in AUD (Total)


Fees in INR (Total)





1.5 FT

Apart from these, there are also many universities that have been consistently ranking in the QS world rankings and accept students without a GRE or GMAT test evaluation.

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Difference between MBA and MS in Supply Chain Management in Australia

Before we move further, you need to know what is the difference between an MBA and an MS in supply chain management in Australia to be able to decide which one you would like to pursue as a postgraduate student abroad.


MBA in Supply Chain Management

MS in Supply Chain Management

Course Structure

Deals with subjects like HR, Logistics and distribution optimization, advanced sourcing strategies, demand planning etc.

This deals with subjects like global Logistics management project management, procurement strategy etc.


The average tuition fee for an MBA in Supply Chain Management falls at 35,000 AUD per year. In general, an MBA is costlier than a Ms

The cost of MSN Supply Chain Management in Australia falls around 30,000 AUD per year


Generally, an MBA in Australia lasts for two years.

An MS in Australia will take up anywhere between 1.5 to two years.

Pay Range

MBA graduates generally earn more.

The salary of MS graduates is comparatively less because their work is largely confined to one or two disciplines.

Ideal For

Professionals who have been working in their fields for at least three to four years are ideal for getting an MBA.

Freshly graduated students are ideal for an MS course.

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Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required for Supply Chain Management in Australia

Studying in Australia is a dream to many. However, there are certain criteria that you have to fulfil in order to secure your seat in one of the best universities in Australia for supply chain management masters. Here is a list of the general eligibility criteria to a masters in supply chain management Australia course.

  1. High school and undergraduate: To apply to a master’s course in Australia, you must have completed your high school and undergraduate education from a recognized university and Board of Education. The minimum score for high school is 75% and for undergraduates, it is 60%.
  2. English language proficiency test: You will have to appear for the IELTS or TOEFL test to test your knowledge in the English language. The minimum band score for the IELTS is 6.5. The TOEFL equivalent is also acceptable.
  3. GRE, GMAT: Most post graduation courses require the candidates to appear for the GRE or GMAT test. The average minimum score requirement for the GMAT test is around 5:50 to 600. Sometimes, universities also accept the GRE test scores. There are even universities that take candidates without a GMAT or GRE scorecard.
  4. Work experience: Although not a mandatory criterion, rogue experience solidifies your profile as a candidate and increases your chance at acceptance. Internships and volunteering projects also count.

To prove that you have fulfilled all the eligibility criteria at a certain university, you will have to provide certain documents as formalities at the time of application. These include:

  1. Passport
  2. Visa
  3. SOP
  4. LORs
  5. Certificate of IELTS or TOEFL
  6. GMAT/GRE scorecard
  7. Official transcript of University and High school
  8. Financial proof
  9. ID proof

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Admission Procedure for Masters in Supply Chain Management in Australia

Let us now have a look at the procedures applying to your favorite course at your favorite course in master of logistics and supply chain management in Australia: 

  1. Conduct your research and carefully formulate a list of the universities you are considering to apply at.
  2. Go to the official website of these websites.
  3. Go to your course and click on the apply now button.
  4. Fill out the form and support with the documents required.
  5. Submit and look out for the result date.
  6. Once you receive the letter of acceptance from your university, start working towards your student visa and study permit.  

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Cost of Studying Supply Chain Management in Australia

Perhaps the most important barrier in most students' journey towards studying abroad is the financial commitment it comes with. Studying in Australia as an international student is not an inexpensive affair and you will have to work before time to arrange for the funds. Primarily, you will have to pay for the living and the tuition cost.

  1. Tuition cost: this course is decided by the university and the course you are applying to. In the case of an MS or MBA in supply chain management in Australia, the average cost of tuition is 33,000 AUD. This greatly depends on the university you have chosen and if you have qualified for a scholarship.
  2. Living cost: this category encompasses the cost of living in Australia as an international student. This includes the money you will have to pay for food, gas, accommodation, transportation, leisure, etc. You can expect to spend 2000 AUD per month living in Australia. This can be easily made up for by working a basic 3-4 hours/day job.

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Scholarships for MS in Supply Chain Management in Australia

While the living costs are easy to arrange for, the tuition cost is what often cuts holes in students’ pockets and causes them to skip studying abroad altogether. If you do not wish to be one of those, act before time and get yourself a scholarship that gets you through most of the tuition fees at your MS or MBA in logistics and supply chain management in Australia.


Value (in AUD)

Eligibility Criteria

Melbourne Graduate Scholarship

25 - 100% fee remission      


Griffith Remarkable Scholarships

50% funding

International students with GPA average at 5.5-7.0 in UG

Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships Scheme- Tier 3 (Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management)


PG Studies in Australia

Narotam Sekhsaria’s Scholarships


PG studies in Australia

India Global Leaders Scholarship

5,000- 20,000

Indian students in supply management in the University of QSD

International Postgraduate Full Tuition Scholarship

Full funding

To students enrolled in University of Technology Sydney in a PG program.

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Job Prospects after MBA in Supply Chain Management in Australia

Let us now jump to the most important question in all our minds: what happens after an MSc in logistics and supply chain management in Australia? Well, a successful PG program will reward you with impeccable job profiles, rewarding both your profile and your financial health. Let us have a look at a few top profiles with annual pay that you can have after your logistics and supply chain management courses in Australia.

Job Profile

Annual Average Pay (in AUD)

Warehouse manager


Supply and Distribution Manager


Inventory Analyst


Materials Manager


Production Planner


Purchasing manager


Supply Chain Manager


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As we can see, your future looks promising after you complete your masters in supply chain management in Australia. If you look forward to maximising your chances at acceptance in the best universities in Australia, book a free profile evaluation by one of our experts and get accepted to your favourite university instantly.


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