LOR Samples for Undergraduate: How to Write a LOR for Undergraduate Courses?

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The LOR samples for undergraduate are crucial part of the admission application. In this, your teacher or your faculty member can write the recommendation. This will determine who you are and whether what you have stated in your resume or statement of purpose, or personal statement is true. This article will take you through the step by step process to build a strong letter of recommendation.

Different LOR for Undergraduate

You will have to submit 2-3 LOR for undergraduate depending on the school you are applying to. These have to be an academic LOR as you might not have formal work experience. Ensure that you get your UG letter of recommendation written from your teachers/ faculty members with whom you have been acquainted to showcase your true potential.

Some universities require only one or sometimes even do not ask for UG letter of recommendation, so make sure that you read the guidelines carefully.

How to Choose a Recommender for Your UG Letter of Recommendation?

For an academic sample recommendation letter for graduate student, your teachers or faculty members should be the ones recommending you. Try selecting a recommender who has been guiding/mentoring you for a few years or has been teaching in your high school. They must be able to portray you as a good candidate by quoting instances and anecdotes to prove their point. For this, they must have had a close relationship with you in school.

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How to Write LOR for Undergraduate Courses?

Ideally, the recommender should pen down your LOR samples for undergraduate. If so, make sure that you share your resume, your SOP, or your personal statement with them, so they know what to specify and what not to talk about. Make sure that you follow this step to step process to craft a good LOR.

How to Write LOR for Undergraduate Courses


Begin the LOR by talking about how the recommenders are pleased or happy to recommend you for the course that you are applying to. Then there should be an introduction of the recommender. What is their name, how do they know you, and how long have you been acquainted, the subject(s) they have taught you, and when they have taught you.

Make sure that the LOR does not have first-person narratives, and it should be from the point of view of your recommender.

Body Paragraphs

  • Make sure that you highlight your academic performance.
  • Give specific emphasis on the subjects that you plan you chose for your undergrad.
  • Talk about projects/ seminars that you have presented in your recommender’s class and why he/ she recalls that specific one.
  • Mention an anecdote that showcases how good you are in interpersonal skills. If it involves a group make sure that you specify the number of students in it.
  • Do not forget to talk about co-curricular or extracurricular activities that you were involved in.


Conclude the LOR by summarising all the skills mentioned, why they feel that you are an apt candidate for the program and how they endorse you for the course.  Ensure that you add a line encouraging the reader to contact the recommender in case of any clarification. Conclude the LOR with a proper business closing along with the recommender’s signature.

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LOR Requirements of Top Universities for Undergraduate

Following are the top three universities for pursuing undergraduate courses abroad along with their LOR requirements and guidelines.

  1. Stanford University
  2. University of California, Berkeley
  3. University of Pennsylvania

1.  Stanford University, Stanford

They require two LORs from your teachers. Preferably from ones who has taught you during the 11th and 12th standard. Additionally, try to get them from the teachers of your major subjects like maths, science, etc. The LOR has to be submitted online or send to them through the mail id provided on their website.

2.  University of California, Berkeley

This University requires two LORs. At least one letter must be written by a teacher of a core subject like math or science. The LORs must be submitted electronically.

3.  University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

You are required to submit three LORs for Pennsylvania University. Make sure that it is from a teacher who has taught you in your senior year and in the major subjects.

Important Tips for Writing LOR Samples for Undergraduate

Following are the tips to draft an undergraduate LOR.

  • It should be from a teacher who has taught you in a major academic subject.
  • Do not be vague and be as precise in the information.
  • Make sure you mention a maximum of three anecdotes per LOR.
  • A LOR should comfortably fit in a page, so make sure that it does not exceed the page limit.
  • Your recommender must have sufficient knowledge about you to write a good LOR.
  • Share your resume and SOP with the recommender so that they know what they should mention.

We understand that writing a sample LOR for UG programs can be challenging. But don’t worry, as Yocket is here to help you master the nuances to draft a compact LOR for Undergraduate courses. You can avail of our end-to-end personalised services and connect with well-trained counsellors by subscribing to Yocket premium. They will guide you through the process making it easier than ever.

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