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Cyber Security Letter of Recommendation: How to Write Letter of Recommendation for Cyber Security?

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Are you looking for the LOR guidelines for your  admission procedure into a cyber security program? Here is a template to write an actionable cyber security letter of recommendation.

The article focuses on the main aspects you need to cover while drafting a letter of recommendation for cyber security to get admission to a reputed university. Especially when you are applying for a cyber security course in different universities around the world. A letter of recommendation (LOR) is the opportunity to establish yourself as a potential candidate through your recommender's observations, illustrating your interest, personality, achievements, and the impact you have created through academic, professional, and volunteering engagements.

Since a recommendation letter for cyber security helps the university filter out the most promising candidates out of similarly qualified students, it is crucial that the LOR presents a realistic picture of you and is issued by a recommender familiar with your academic or professional work. So let’s check the…

Types of Cyber Security LORs

Following are the type of cyber security recommendation letter asked by major universities abroad.

  1. Academic LOR: Drafted by or on behalf of your faculty, head of the department, project guide, internship guide, or mentor during your college. It highlights the academic life of the student and talks about their progressive journey. It also focuses on the projects, classroom behaviour, and co-curricular participation of the student.
  2. Professional/Work LOR: Drafted by or on behalf of your team lead or the person you directly reported to, manager, project lead, or any other senior management member. At times, even clients can be approached to write a professional LOR.

Besides, a cyber security LOR can depict the specific skills of the candidate.

  • Coding skills
  • Networking skills
  • Diverse IT background
  • Analytics skills and intelligence
  • Diverse outside experience
  • Data Management Protection
  • Systems knowledge
  • Soft Skills

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Now you know the types of cyber security letter of recommendation. Next, let’s check the steps on…

How to Write a Cyber Security Recommendation Letter?

You can write an actionable letter of recommendation for cyber security by including these sections:


The letter of recommendation for management must begin with an introduction to the recommender. What is their designation? Their relationship with you—manager/team lead/mentor? Be sure to include the duration of your association with them, your role in the organisation, the name of your team, and an overview of your growth. This paragraph should end with the recommender's general impression of you.

Body paragraph

The following paragraphs should focus on your notable characters. The next two paragraphs can portray your qualities and the recommender needs to substantiate them with anecdotes.

How did the recommender observe these qualities? What were the incidents? The specific examples will help you elaborate on the qualities in depth. You can include the qualities in order of importance. Add details of the tasks performed, including the tools you used, the title of the project, its objective, your contribution, roles, responsibilities, etc. Include anecdotes that highlight your capabilities.

Key Qualities Management LORs can Highlight—team management, organisational abilities, attention to detail, curiosity, time management, leadership, and initiative. Each quality mentioned needs to be included along with a situation/example where this skill was demonstrated? Be sure to include only 2 - 3 qualities in one LOR to ensure it is balanced.

Next, mention any participation in extracurricular activities in college or at the workplace, if applicable. How will the skills demonstrated here help you in the future? Next, if you have any achievement/s at the workplace you can mention that as well. What helped you achieve this, and how does the recommender attest to your skills?


Summarise the qualities that establish you as an ideal candidate for the management program. Here, the recommender can encourage the reader to contact them for any additional information. The recommendation letter for cyber security can be concluded with a proper business closing along with the signature.

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Cyber Security Recommendation Letter Requirements of Top Universities

Top Universities’ cyber security recommendation letter requirements include:

  1. Carnegie Mellon University
  2. George Washington University
  3. John Hopkins University

University Name

LOR Requirements

Carnegie Mellon University


The LOR of Information Security Policy and Management (MSISPM) program of this university needs the students to focus on multiple tracks emphasising multidisciplinary thinking.

They can showcase teamwork, and leadership development through specialised academic pathways, experiential learning, and co-curricular programming.

George Washington University

Three letters of recommendation are required for admission by this university.

At least two of these letters must come from a professional reference.

A letter of recommendation is only considered official when it is sent directly from the individual providing the recommendation to an admissions counsellor via email.

John Hopkins University

This university requires two to three LORs covering the following prerequisites for cyber security courses.

One year of calculus (2 semesters or 3 quarters)

One semester/term of advanced maths (discrete Maths is strongly preferred but linear Algebra and differential equations will also be accepted)

One semester/term of Java (C++ will be accepted but the student must be knowledgeable in Java as well)

One semester/term of data structures;

One semester/term of computer organisation (e.g. assembly language and machine organisation)

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Important Tips to Write Cyber Security Letter of Recommendation

While writing the cyber security letter of recommendation, adhering to the format mentioned above might seem simple; however, do keep the following tips in mind to ensure your LOR does not miss any important aspects.

  • First and foremost, be sure to communicate with the recommender about the LOR and stay in touch when you plan on requesting the recommendations.
  • As it is a letter, keep the content crisp and ensure all the formalities remain on the left-hand side as per letter-writing conventions.
  • Each letter of recommendation for cyber security must have distinctive anecdotes and qualities to demonstrate. This will help establish a holistic picture of the student and ensure that each LOR is different from the other.
  • Use the LORs to present your strengths and capabilities honestly without exaggerating. This will build a clear view of the applicant's journey to showcase development and growth.
  • Stick to the word limit and use it wisely to target the purpose of the letter. Be sure to end and begin on a positive note.
  • Establishing familiarity between the student and the recommender is essential. Sufficient information must be provided for observations. For example, if the Economics professor mentions the student's extracurricular activities, the link between the two must be established.
  • Each LOR should focus on different capabilities and interests, and the observation should be specifically mentioned with examples and anecdotes.
  • Once you have completed the application documents, it is best to share your resume and a copy of the LOR with your recommender to ensure they can vouch for you to the best of their understanding.

It can be daunting to apply to any university, especially if you don't know the nitty-gritty of their recommendation letter for cyber security requirements. But there is good news, Yocket has got you covered. Enjoy our end-to-end guidance or a customised service plan  by choosing Yocket premium. With this, our well-qualified and trained counsellors will mentor you for a successful study abroad ride.

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