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Jobs In UK After MBA: A Complete Guide To Job Opportunities After MBA in UK for International Students

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MBA is the most coveted postgraduate management degree in the world, and is widely recognized as a passport to a successful management career. While looking for an MBA in English language and vast career opportunities, it is hard to go past the United Kingdom and its world-class business schools. Graduating from these schools opens up the opportunities for some of the best jobs in UK after MBA .

MBA graduates from the top business schools in UK are trained well to take on a senior, strategic managerial position in organisations. If you too are interested in finding out more about  jobs in UK after MBA, this blog is for you. Here, we cover everything you need to know about jobs after MBA in UK for international students including salaries, top fields, tips and more.

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Stay Back Options After Completing MBA in UK

Let us begin by discussing the staying back options for students in UK after MBA. Being an MBA student in UK itself means that right before expiry of your student visa you are permitted to extend your stay of 2 years in UK through the Graduate Route. During this time you can look for a job in UK.

Once you get a job in UK, you can further extend your stay beyond 2 years by applying for the Skilled Worker Visa. On this visa, you are eligible to work with an approved employer and allowed to stay in the UK accordingly.

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Let us now delve into the job opportunities for international students after MBA in UK-

Job Opportunities after MBA in UK from Top Business Schools

The scope of MBA in UK and its demand in the present industry is well known to each of us. The top business schools in UK provide exposure to the finest education, networking opportunities, and a promising career. All MBA universities in UK may not provide campus placements, but there are career counselors to help students find jobs of their dreams.

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Jobs after MBA in UK are offered by many top recruiters like:

  • HSBC
  • EY (Ernst & Young)
  • McKinsey
  • International Business Machines (IBM) Corp.
  • Hamleys
  • Accenture
  • Microsoft
  • P.Morgan Chase & Co.
  • PwC

The type of job opportunities and salary in UK after MBA depends mainly on two factors: the university and the type of specialization you choose.

The top business schools in UK help you achieve higher packages and positions in the job market. The salary after MBA in UK after graduating from top business schools is given below:

Business School

Average Salary Packages Per Year

Oxford University (Saïd Business School)

$130,000 (£98,000)

Cambridge University (Judge Business School)

$132,000 (£99,000)

Imperial College London (Imperial College  Business School)

$100,000 (£75,000)

Manchester University (Manchester Business School)

$105,000 (£79,000)

City University of London (Bayes Business School)

$109,000 (£82,000)

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As we already mentioned, jobs after MBA in UK depend a lot on the specializations you choose. Now let us look at some popular jobs after MBA in UK for Indian students, top recruiters as per specializations and their average salaries:

Although MBA universities in UK offer a number of specialisations, some specialisations fare better in terms of job opportunities and salary expectations. Let us take a look at them-

Jobs in UK after MBA Global Banking and Finance

The banking and finance sector continually attracts some of the brightest graduates due to its dynamic pace, development opportunities, great pay, and other benefits. UK MBA Graduates can be found in some of the worlds’ leading financial institutions in many roles, including the ones below:

Job Title

Top Recruiter

Average Salary/ Year

Finance Analyst


£35,000 - £64,000

Finance Consulting Manager


£55,000 - £121,000

Leveraged Finance Associate


£60,000 - £82,000

Financial Management Associate


£68,000 - £109,000

Manager- Finance Integration & Separation


£45,000 - £74,000

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Jobs in UK after MBA Human Resource Management

A popular MBA in UK specialization, HR Management graduates find reputed and well-paid jobs in a variety of sectors. The team management and analytical abilities lay a strong foundation for the students to take up job roles in the human resource department of organizations.

Job Title

Top Recruiters

Average Salary/ Year

Human Resources Manager

Service Works Global

£50,000 - £70,000

Program HR Manager

Amazon UK Services Ltd.

£52,000 - £80,000

Manager- People- Consulting


£81,000 - £91,000

Global Development Program Leader

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

£62,000 - £75,000

Practice Economics Manager

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP

£46,000 - £93,000

Jobs in UK after MBA Marketing

Job opportunities in UK after MBA Marketing are vast. MBA Marketing equips the students with knowledge and qualities to effectively take up roles at senior and strategic management levels. They can play a significant role in empowering organizations to achieve their objectives. 

Job Title

Top Recruiter

Average Salary/ Year

Equity Portfolio Specialist

Morgan Stanley

£154,000 - £156,000

Business Intelligence Manager

JPMorgan Chase Bank

£47,000 - £71,000

Field Marketing Manager

Dunkin’ Brands

£25,000 - £91,000

Client Success Specialist

McKinsey & Company

£110,000 - £116,000

P&L Controller


£81,000 - £94,000

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Jobs in UK after MBA Information Technology

MBA in Information Technology is specifically designed for students aspiring to embrace technology while taking up managerial roles within any IT sector.  Typical career options include accountancy, administration, banking, education, public and private sector management, retailing and enterprise, etc.

Job Title

Top Recruiter

Average Salary/ Year

Information Technology Manager


£48,000 - £65,000

IT Services Manager

Intelligent Growth Solutions

£50,000 - £60,000

Senior IT Business Analyst


£30,000 - £42,000

Solutions Architect Senior Manager


£81,000 - £95,000

IT Senior Associate


£38,000 - £53,000

Jobs in UK after MBA General Management

This MBA is exclusively for students aspiring to build a career in management and business in UK or overseas. Potential career opportunities include management roles in business, entrepreneurship and regional development, education, health services, public services, etc.

Job Title

Top Recruiter

Average Salary/ Year

Consumer Strategy Manager

Liberty Global

£45,000 - £83,000

Senior Business Leader

Amazon UK Services Ltd.

£30,000 - £67,000

Business Development Manager


£57,000 - £60,000

Risk Management Business Specialist

Credit Suisse

£53,000 - £95,000

Senior Manager

Terra Cycle

£37,000 - £50,000

Now that we covered different job prospects and the salary after MBA in UK, let us go into details about the visa policies for students and the ways of looking for jobs in UK after MBA:

Tips for Searching Jobs in UK After MBA

Your student visa does offer a timeline of 2 years for you to look for jobs in UK after MBA, but the actual process starts from the day you start your course. Here we bring to you some important tips to crack jobs after MBA in UK for Indian students and other international students:

  • Personal Networking: Engaging in productive discussions with senior students and professors during your studies is a great way to gather information about post study work opportunities.
  • Academic Excellence: Having high scores and extensive knowledge paves the way for you to achieve the jobs of your dreams. Your scores are mostly the first thing that comes to the notice of the recruiters.
  • MBA Internships: Internships play a significant role in programs like MBA, where practical experience is valuable. Internships are opportunities to know the industry of your choice and ways to become a part of it. Apart from the knowledge and experience, MBA internships enhance your personal networking too.
  • Career Profiles and Job Sites: Job sites are the modern platform for you to explore, connect and collect insights about various recruiters and job roles. Create an impressive job profile and keep a check on the latest vacancies and job openings till you land into one.

An MBA in UK provides reliable, interesting career paths and global opportunities for international students. You just need to gather all information and start your preparation early, to be ahead of others in the race. We hope this blog could fulfill its purpose in giving you enough insights about job opportunities in UK after MBA.   

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