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MBA in UK without GMAT & IELTS: Best Universities, Requirements, Costs, Application Process & More

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The GMAT is the globally standardized test used for admission to MBA programs at all the top business schools. This is the same for the universities in UK too, where GMAT is considered a strong indicator to determine a student’s eligibility for MBA programs. Another exam that is vital for admission to MBA universities for an international student is IELTS. But do you know you can study MBA in UK without IELTS? And, you may also study MBA in UK without GMAT as well? Yes, you heard it right!

But how does it work? Which are the MBA colleges in UK without GMAT and IELTS?

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about MBA in UK without GMAT and IELTS, along with the best universities, eligibility requirements, and alternatives for the same.

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Overview of GMAT and IELTS for MBA in UK

Let's begin our discussion by looking at the role of GMAT and IELTS for MBA in UK, and the reason behind all the top universities making it a compulsion for their MBA courses.

GMAT has been the most relevant exam for MBA admission all over the world because of the following reasons:

  • Measures critical thinking
  • Tests analytical abilities
  • Demonstrates commitment and motivation towards the course

Therefore, most universities rely on GMAT when choosing students for their MBA courses. Since most of your coursework and teaching will be in English, universities abroad ask students to also present proof of English proficiency with IELTS.

IELTS is another mandatory exam for international students to get admission into universities abroad, its importance lies in the following ways:

  • It is recognized by all universities abroad and organisations as a valid English Proficiency Test.
  • Assures the university that there will be no communication gap between students of different nationalities and faculties.

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The benefits of GMAT and IELTS test is surely undeniable. But it is to be noted that if, due to any circumstance, an MBA aspirant is unable to take the GMAT/IELTS exam or could not score as per university expectations, worry not! As there are several universities in UK that offer MBA programs without GMAT or IELTS. Let’s explore them to pursue MBA in UK for Indian students without GMAT/IELTS!

5 MBA Universities in UK without GMAT and IELTS

MBA in UK for Indian students without GMAT and IELTS is possible at various universities. Let us look into the five best universities in UK for MBA without GMAT and IELTS:

  1. Lancaster University
  2. University of Reading
  3. University of Lancashire
  4. Birmingham City University
  5. Middlesex University

Let us now know more about these universities one by one:

1.  Lancaster University

The MBA program at Lancaster University equips the students with all the necessary knowledge and techniques of business and management. Its prime focus is to develop practical wisdom and leadership qualities in students.

Lancaster University World Rankings 2024


Average Fees Per Year

Full-Time MBA: £37,908


1 year

2.  University of Reading

University of Reading is one of the best universities in UK without IELTS and GMAT. The MBA at Henley Business School is an intense and rewarding experience for the students. All the MBA programs offer knowledge of international business, corporate reputation, leadership skills, etc. Therefore, MBA in UK for Indian students without GMAT and IELTS is possible at this university!

University of Reading World Rankings 2024


Average Fees Per Year

Executive MBA Global: £39,500

Flexible Executive MBA: £25,500

MBA at University of Reading: £41,372


1.5 -2.5 years

3.  University of Central Lancashire

The full-time MBA from the University of Central Lancashire is an intensive two-year program focusing on leadership and strategic management. The course has a reputation amongst employer organisations in the public, private, and voluntary sectors. Let’s check the other features of this business schools in UK without gmat!

University of Central Lancashire World Rankings 2024


Average Fees Per Year

Full-Time MBA: £14,500


2 years

4.  Birmingham City University

The International MBA program at Birmingham City Business School (part of Birmingham City University) trains the students to adapt to the changes in a business environment and excel in their performance. They are also taught to become future leaders in all sectors of business. Let’s check other requirements of this business schools in UK without GMAT and IELTS.

Birmingham City University World Rankings 2024

1001 - 1200

Average Fees Per Year

International MBA: £16,300


1.5- 2 years

5.  Middlesex University

The MBA at Middlesex University prepares you for all the challenges of business and management. It offers the latest education and training to expose the students to the latest business trends across various sectors without GMAT and IELTS requirements. Let’s check its other features.

Middlesex University World Rankings 2024


Average Fees Per Year

Full-time MBA: £19,000

Online MBA: £8,800


1- 2.5 years

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Further, let’s check the ROI for MBA in UK from the above-mentioned universities.

Although the above-mentioned are universities in UK for MBA without GMAT and IELTS, they do have certain other requirements to make up for them. Let us take a look!

Eligibility and Requirements for MBA in UK without IELTS & GMAT

MBA colleges in UK without GMAT and IELTS emphasise alternatives like undergraduate scores, work experience, etc. Likewise, to pursue MBA courses in UK without IELTS, you may opt for alternatives to the English proficiency exam. Here’s a look at these compensatory requirements/eligibility criteria:

Compensatory Requirement for GMAT

Compensatory Requirement for IELTS

Undergraduate Scores/GPA

University Essays

Strong Supporting Education and Work Experience

Pre-Sessional English Courses

Certificate of English as an Official Language

Now let us go into details of all the compensatory or alternative requirements one by one to study MBA in UK without IELTS and GMAT.

Undergraduate Score

If you wish to study in top MBA colleges in UK without GMAT, you must have an outstanding academic record with a high undergraduate score/GPA above 6.0.

University Essays

MBA universities in UK ask for admission essays from students who do not have a decent GMAT score. The essays test your analytical abilities, knowledge, and understanding of the subject.

Strong Supporting Education and Work Experience

To compensate for the requirement of the GMAT, one must have a strong educational background and a minimum of 3 to 5 years of professional experience at a reputed organisation. The experience you gain during your service plays a significant role in your MBA courses in UK.

Pre-Sessional English Courses

Pre-sessional English courses are alternatives to pursuing MBA without IELTS in UK. You need to complete the English language course at your respective universities before the commencement of the MBA program. These courses are 4 to 10 weeks in duration, depending on your choice and requirement. The aim of such courses is to:

  • Help fulfill the English language requirement of the chosen academic program
  • Communicate effectively in a range of academic contexts
  • Succeed in the context of UK higher education
  • Help in personal networking
  • Certificate of English as an Official Language

Besides, this another way to study in MBA colleges in UK without IELTS is by producing an English proficiency certificate from your previous employer. The certificate should prove the following points:

  • English is the official language at your workplace
  • You have fluency in English
  • You are competent in writing and communicating in English

If you have the above-mentioned requirements, you can surely secure a seat in UK universities for MBA without IELTS and GMAT.

Note: All the requirements are university-specific. Hence, you must visit the official university website to get better clarity.

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Moving on, let’s see how you can apply to these universities.

How to Apply for MBA in UK without GMAT and IELTS?

The process of applying for MBA in UK without IELTS and GMAT is the same as that for any other postgraduate program. Let’s check it!

  • Finalise the university and visit the official website.
  • Gather information on requirements you need to fulfill to compensate for GMAT, IELTS, or both.
  • Upload scanned copies of all the required documents.
  • Fill out the desired application form and pay the fee.
  • Once you are selected, you will receive the conditional offer letter, you may then book your seat at the particular university.
  • After receiving the letter, apply for a student visa and prepare to travel.

Now let us talk about other areas in your profile to improve your admission chances.

Excellent LOR

Your Letters of Recommendation have a significant role to play in increasing your chances of admission to universities abroad. Make sure that your LOR is perfectly framed and covers all important details about you and your academic career so far.

Impressive SOP

Just like LOR, your Statement of Purpose can do wonders in securing you a seat at the university of your choice. Write and rewrite your SOP until it is persuasive and engaging.

Strong Resume

All the universities carefully go through the resumes before selecting students for their respective courses. Make sure to create the best possible resume while applying for the best universities in UK for MBA without GMAT and IELTS. Internships, work experience, and volunteer work may help build your resume stronger.

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Now you know that MBA in UK without GMAT and IELTS is no longer an impossible proposition as there are universities where both the requirements are not mandatory. However, you must try strengthening other areas and aspects of your admission application to enhance your chances of getting selected.

So, analyse the information mentioned above and make the best choice. If you get stuck at any step or need end-to-end guidance, subscribe to Yocket premium. Our well-trained counsellors will surely mentor you throughout your study abroad journey!


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