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Salary After MBA in UK: Know Best Job Opportunities in UK After MBA in 2025

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Can you tell which is the most sought-after degree in the UK by international students currently? The Master's in Business Administration!

The majority of overseas students are drawn to the UK for MBA degrees, primarily because of the country's employment market and MBA graduates' high salaries. Gaining a manager-level position in your profession is possible by completing an MBA program in the UK. 

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This blog will cover various topics related to the MBA, including an overview, career options, and salaries for MBA graduates in the UK. So, begin perusing!

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Overview Of MBA in the UK

Pursuing an MBA in the UK will provide you with the best quality of education, focusing on technologies, research, and innovation. They will also offer the best salary after an MBA in the UK. Let's take a brief overview of some key points:


1-2 years


Offline and Online

Tuition Fee for International Students

31,450 - 87,900 (INR 27,63,319 - 77,23,234) 

Popular Specialisations Offered


Human Resources Management

Marketing Management

Sales Management

Business Analytics Management

Operations Management

Top B-Schools

London Business School

Judge Business School

Said Business School

Cass Business School

Warwick Business School

Imperial College Business School

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According to QS Rankings, the UK is also ranked in the top ten countries globally, offering the best salary in the UK after an MBA.

Job Opportunities in the UK After MBA

Wondering what job opportunities are available in the UK after completing an MBA? Well, there are plenty of job opportunities available, depending on the specializations or courses you have studied. Salary after MBA in the UK ranges from €80,000 - €150,000 (INR 70,30,160 - 1,31,81,550) annually based on the job profile and type of MBA specialization.

Enlisted below is the average salary for an MBA in the UK for various job profiles.

Job Profile

Average Salary (In Euros)

Business Development Manager

74,102 (INR 65,11,861)

Operations Manager

77,362 (INR 67,98,340)

Marketing Manager

70,938 (INR 62,33,818)

Project Manager

68,960 (INR 60,59,997)

Planning Director

70,000 (INR 61,51,390)

General Manager

78,285 (INR 68,79,450)

Having known the possible job opportunities for MBA graduates, now we discuss the top employers for MBA graduates in the UK!

Top Recruiters in the UK for MBA Graduates

After completing an MBA program in the UK, you may expect to have an excellent career and employment outlook. Furthermore, prestigious firms hire recent graduates and provide an attractive starting wage to MBA holders. In the UK, the annual wage range for MBA graduates is between €64,000 and €128,000 (INR 56,24,128 - 1,12,48,256). Top recruiters in the UK for MBA graduates include:

  • Oliver Wyman
  • FTI Consulting
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co
  • Bain and Company
  • HSBC
  • Barclays Bank PLC
  • Accenture
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Santander
  • Ernst Young

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Don't quit reading yet! The next portion of the blog is elemental, elaborating on how to find jobs after earning your MBA degree.

How to Hunt for a Job After an MBA in the UK

If you have finished your MBA coursework and the college placement assistance did not result in job placement for you, you can choose to look for a job through an array of channels. Among these, networking and advertising are the most prevalent. While 85% of graduates find work within three months of graduation, the majority of students can secure employment immediately following their MBA in the UK.

Here are a few of the best job search sites in the UK where you may locate jobs following an MBA.

  • Just London: This online job portal can give you information about the job vacancies available exclusively in London.
  • Top Jobs: It is also considered among the UK's top general job board websites where job seekers can search for jobs based on their industry or specialization.
  • The Guardian: It helps the graduates find information about the available employment based on the industry, job location, and salary for an MBA in the UK.

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Further on, we unveil the top most paying jobs you can get after an MBA in the UK!

Top Paying Jobs in the UK After MBA

The average salary for an MBA in the UK depends upon the specialization you have selected. Here we have discussed the top 5 popular jobs for an MBA in the UK along with some possible job opportunities in the field.

1. Finance 

One of the most well-liked industries in the UK that pays well after earning an MBA, is finance. The financial department is primarily in charge of assessing the needs and objectives related to finances and developing an investment plan that will benefit the business. To manage and monitor the company's finances, almost all large corporations and companies constantly seek out financial consultants. In the UK, the average yearly compensation for a finance manager is €76,000 (INR 66,78,652).

Job Title

Average Annual Salary (In Euros)

Financial Analyst

54,846 (INR 48,19,701)

Finance Officer

37,094 (INR 32,59,709)

Financial Controller

99,804 (INR 87,70,476)

2. Operations

Creating, implementing, and reviewing the organization's operational policies and procedures is the responsibility of an operation manager. They support good morale and top achievers, which helps to promote the business culture. Their primary clients are the company's senior stakeholders. The following lists some of the responsibilities of an operation manager along with an average compensation for each.

Job Title

Average Annual Salary (In Euros)

Operations Manager

77,362 (INR 67,98,340)

Research Analyst

55,100 (INR 48,42,022)

Commercial Manager

53,866 (INR 47,33,582)

3. Marketing

After earning an MBA in the UK, one of the highest-paying jobs is marketing. A marketing manager works with the departments of sales, finance, production, and public relations to coordinate marketing plans. They are primarily in charge of the organization's branding, advertising, and promotional efforts. Other marketing job titles, besides marketing manager, are listed below.

Job Title

Average Annual Salary (In Euros)

Product Specialist        

49,073 (INR 43,12,388)

Communications & Marketing Manager

64,365 (INR 56,56,203)

Sales Manager

70,542 (INR 61,99,019)

4. Business Analytics

These days, one of the most sought-after employment categories is Business Analytics, no? To enable the business to make sound judgments and conclusions, statistical analysis must be done methodically. A business analyst's duties include developing analytic models and spearheading data-driven analysis. Below is a list of several job titles in the UK that fall within this category.

Job Title

Average Annual Salary (In Euros)

Business Strategist Analyst

75,375 (INR 66,23,728)

Business Application Analyst

79,438 (INR 69,80,773)

Business & Data Analyst

55,407 (INR 48,69,000)

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5. Human Resource

The company's human resources department ensures that every activity adheres to local, state, and federal regulations. They are also in charge of the projects and benefit plans for their staff members. In the UK, the average yearly compensation for a human resource manager is around €54,900  (INR 48,24,447).

Job Title

Average Annual Salary (In Euros)

Human Resources Specialist

60,942 (INR 5,35,54,000)

Human Resources Coordinator

50,003 (INR 43,94,113)

Human Resources Officer

64,953 (INR 57,07,874)

Having covered the major topics related to earning an MBA in the UK, we finally look at the ROIs of the greatest business schools in the UK!

ROI of Top UK B-Schools

The competitive pay and job placements are among the factors that draw students to study for an MBA in the UK. The UK's top business schools put a lot of work into its graduates' careers by planning employment fairs, scheduling interviews, and hosting networking events to help them find firms offering the highest salaries in the country following a master's degree in business. The UK MBA graduation salaries for the top UK B-Schools are shown here.


Average Annual Salary (In Euros)

London Business School

83,295 (INR 73,19,714)

Judge Business School

96,429 (INR 84,73,891)

Said Business School

83,433 (INR 73,31,841)

Cass Business School

93,886 (INR 82,50,420)

Manchester Business School

127,037 (INR 1,11,63,630)

Warwick Business School

98,626 (INR 86,66,957)

Imperial College Business School

98,628 (INR 86,67,132)

From The Desk of Yocket

Earning an MBA in the UK will open up some international career options for you. Considering the range of work opportunities following an MBA overseas, many professionals choose this degree as a means of advancing in their respective fields. It is undoubtedly a smart investment to pursue an MBA in the UK, where the average annual income after graduation is between 64,000 and 128,000 euros (INR 56,24,128 - 1,12,48,256). Furthermore, the UK is renowned for its top-notch initiatives and high standard of education.

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