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Salary After MBA in UK: Know Best Job Opportunities in UK After MBA in 2023

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Salary After MBA in UK: Know Best Job Opportunities in UK After MBA in 2023 Image

Being one the most sought courses among international students across the world, MBA is the most popular program in the UK. The main reasons why most international students are inclined toward an MBA in the UK are the job opportunities and the salary after MBA in UK. Completing an MBA from the UK will provide you with a ladder in your career that will rise you to a manager-level position. According to a Business Statistics Briefing Paper of 2020, it was stated that the UK is currently home to around 6 million private sector business organisations.

With this huge job market, getting a job in the UK after MBA from UK universities can be a cakewalk for the graduates. London, New Castle and Sussex are the major hotspots within Canada that offer the best salary for MBA graduates in UK. In this blog, we talk about the overview of MBA in UK, job opportunities after MBA in UK, salary after MBA in UK, ROI after MBA and many more for you

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Overview Of MBA in UK

Pursuing an MBA in UK will provide you with the best quality of education focussing on technologies, research and innovation and offer the best salary after MBA UK. Let's take a brief overview of some key points:


1-2 years


Offline and Online

Tuition Fee for International Students

31,450 Euro - 87,900 Euro

Popular Specialisations Offered


Human Resources Management

Marketing Management

Sales Management

Business Analytics Management

Operations Management

Top B-Schools

London Business School

Judge Business School

Said Business School

Cass Business School

Warwick Business School

Imperial College Business School

According to a QS Rankings, the UK is also ranked in the top ten countries globally offering the best salary in the UK after MBA.

Top 15 business schools in UK

Job Opportunities in UK after MBA

After completing MBA in UK, there are a lot of job opportunities available and are highly dependent on the specialisations or courses you have studied. Salary after MBA in UK ranges from 80,000 Euro to 150,000 Euro annually based on the job profile and type of MBA specialization.

Here we have listed the average salary for MBA in UK for various job profiles.

Job Profile

Average Salary

Business Development Manager

74,102 Euro

Operations Manager

77,362 Euro

Marketing Manager

70,938 Euro

Project Manager

68,960 Euro

Planning Director

70,000 Euro

General Manager

78,285 Euro

Top Recruiters in UK for MBA Graduates

There are quite good career opportunities and job scopes after studying an MBA in UK. Moreover, top companies recruit graduates offering a competitive starting salary for MBA graduates. The salary of MBA graduates in UK ranges from 64,000 Euro to 128,000 Euro per year. Some of the top recruiters for jobs after MBA in UK are

  • Oliver Wyman
  • FTI Consulting
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co
  • Bain and Company
  • HSBC
  • Barclays Bank PLC
  • Accenture
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Santander
  • Ernst Young

Work opportunities in UK for international students

How to Hunt for a Job after MBA in UK?

If you have completed your MBA studies and didn't get any job placements from the college placements assistance. You also have the option to search for jobs using different methods. The most common among them include networking and advertisements. Most of the students can get a job post MBA salary UK while 85% of graduates can get employment within three months of their graduation.

Here we have given some top job hunting platforms where you can find jobs after MBA in UK.

  • Just London: This online job portal can give you the information about the job vacancies available exclusively in London.
  • Top Jobs: It is also considered among UK top general job board websites where job seekers can search for jobs based on their industry or specialisation.
  • The Guardian: It helps the graduates in finding information about the available employment based on the industry, job location, and salary for MBA in UK.

Complete guided to finding part time jobs in UK

Top Paying Jobs in UK after MBA

The average salary for MBA in UK depends upon the specialisation you have selected. Here we have discussed the top 5 popular jobs for MBA in UK along with some possible job opportunities in the field.


Finance is one of the most popular sectors that offers an attractive salary after MBA in finance in UK. The financial department is mostly responsible for the evaluation of financial requirements and goals and formulating an investment strategy which is beneficial for the company. Almost all the big firms and companies always look for financial advisors for managing and keeping the track of the finances of the company. The average salary of a finance manager in the UK is 76,000 Euro annually.

Job Title

Average Annual Salary

Financial Analyst

54,846 Euro

Finance Officer

37,094 Euro

Financial Controller

99,804 Euro


The job of an operation manager is to develop, implement and review the operational policies and procedures of the organisation. They assist in promoting the company culture by encouraging the top performers and high morale. They mainly work with the senior stakeholders of the company. Some of the job roles of an operation manager along with their average salary are given below

Job Title

Average Annual Salary

Operations Manager

77,362 Euro

Research Analyst

55,100 Euro

Commercial Manager

53,866 Euro


Marketing is one of the top-paying job positions after completing an MBA in marketing in UK. A marketing manager coordinates the marketing strategies with the sales, financial, production departments, and public relations. They mainly oversee the branding, advertising and promotional campaigns of the organisation. Apart from a marketing manager, other job titles of marketing are given below.

Job Title

Average Annual Salary

Product Specialist        

49,073 Euro

Communications & Marketing Manager

64,365 Euro

Sales Manager

70,542 Euro

Business Analytics

This is one of the most popular job categories in the present times. It is all about the systematic analytics of data to reach up to valid conclusions and decisions of the company. The job responsibilities of a business analyst is to lead the data-driven analysis, create analytic models, etc. Some of the job title under this category in UK are given below

Job Title

Average Annual Salary

Business Strategist Analyst

75,375 Euro

Business Application Analyst

79,438 Euro

Business & Data Analyst

55,407 Euro

Guide to masters in business analytics in UK

Human Resource

The Human Resource department of the company ensures the activities which comply with the local, state and the federal laws. They also oversee the programs related to the benefits and initiatives of their employees. The average salary of a human resource manager in the UK is around 54,900 Euro per year. Apart from a human resource manager some of the other job profiles are given below

Job Title

Average Annual Salary

Human Resources Specialist

60,942 Euro

Human Resources Coordinator

50,003 Euro

Human Resources Officer

64,953 Euro

Now that we have covered the top MBA jobs in the UK, let us have a look at the ROI of Pursuing an MBA in the UK.

ROI of Top UK B-Schools

One of the reasons why students study MBA in UK is their competitive salary and the placements. Top B-Schools in the UK out much effort into their graduates by organising career fairs, setting job interviews, and networking events for them to get employers with the best salary in UK after MBA. Given below are the salary of MBA graduate in UK with respect to top UK B-Schools.


Average Annual Salary

London Business School

83,295 Euro

Judge Business School

96,429 Euro

Said Business School

83,433 Euro

Cass Business School

93,886 Euro

Manchester Business School

127,037 Euro

Warwick Business School

98,626 Euro

Imperial College Business School

98,628 Euro

From the above discussion, we are in a position to say that completing an MBA from UK will lead you to some global job opportunities. Given the career scope after MBA abroad, various professionals also look into this degree as a way to advance in their careers. Pursuing an MBA in UK is definitely a wise investment, as the salary in UK after MBA ranges from 64,000 Euro to 128,000 Euro per annum. In addition to this, the UK is also noted for its quality of education and top ventures. You can even connect with our Yocket Professionals to get more info about MBA abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions about Job Opportunities after MBA in UK

Ques. What is the average starting salary for MBA graduates in UK?

Ans. The average starting salary after MBA in the UK range from 60,000 Euro to 95,000 Euro per annum.

Ques. What are the jobs can I get after doing an MBA in the UK?

Ans. MBA graduates in the UK can get jobs like project manager, relationship manager, business analyst, business development manager etc.

Ques. Which MBA is the most demanded in the UK?

Ans. Based on the current trends some top MBA specialisations include Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, International Management, Business Analytics etc.

Ques. Are MBAs in demand in the UK?

Ans. The United Kingdom has recognised universities providing world-class education, training and career opportunities. MBA graduates from top business schools in the UK have a high demand in the job market.

Ques. Will an MBA increase my salary in the UK?

Ans. The salary after MBA in UK can jump up to 55% to 65% increase within five years of graduation. In recent years, MBS graduates can expect to earn around 2 million euros on an average, according to the same research study.

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