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All You Need to Know about GRE Quant Formulas: GRE Math Formulas PDF, Cheat Sheet

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The GRE Quantitative reasoning is one of the most crucial sections in the GRE exam. There are two types of multiple-choice problems in the quantitative reasoning section: quantitative comparisons and problem-solving.

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Students who appear for the quantitative section exam should know that basic quant or math formulas, and therefore the GRE Math formulas PDF is of utmost importance. Although memorizing GRE math formulas isn't the only method to prepare for the GRE Quant, it will definitely help speed up your solving during the exam. So, stay with us till the end to know about the most integral GRE math formulas along with a lot of preparation tips!

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Why to Memorise Math Formulas?

You may be wondering why you must know formulas for the GRE Maths section? If your goal is to score high in GRE Quant, memorizing regular GRE math formulas will give you a significant advantage on the test day.

  • Knowing when and how to use specific formulas suggests you'll be answering Quant questions faster and more precisely - resulting in a higher Quant score.
  • Furthermore, covering all the formulas and questions in the Quant section will increase your chance of getting into the program at the respective university or college.
  • GRE math equations are critical to dealing with specific types of Quant problems. If you can't recall basic GRE Maths formulas, you won't be able to solve the problem at all without it. As a result, there's a good probability you'll select an incorrect response choice. Furthermore, the more incorrect hypotheses you develop, your overall Quant score will be lower.

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Important Maths Formulas to Remember in GRE Quant Section

We have listed below some of the important GRE must know formulas for the quant section as per the category.

1. GRE Geometry Formulas


Perimeter=4×s, where s = side



Area=LW, where l = length and w = width





Total degrees=180(n−2), where n = # of sides




Arc Length=x360×2πr

Area of sector=x360×πr2



Pythagorean Theorem: a2=b2+c2


The probability of an event occurring is defined as the number of successful outcomes divided by the total number of possible outcomes. Similarly, the probability of two independent occurrences occurring is equal to the probability of event A multiplied by the probability of event B.

2. Average

Average is the sum of terms divided by the number of terms.

  • average = sum of n numbers divided by n
  • average speed = total distance divided by the total time

3. Laws of Square Roots

The square root of a number is the number that produces a specific quantity when multiplied by itself. The square root of x is written as x.

Square root formula:


4. Percentage

For any percentage question on the GRE Quant section with unknown starting values, always pick 100.

The general percent formula for increase and decrease is:

percent=change/original x100

5. Distance

= rate; = time; = distance; =rt

By multiplying the rate and time, you can get the distance: a^2 + b^2 = c^2

Like these, there are Algebra formulas for GRE and other basic GRE math formulas that you can practice using the formula sheet.

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How to Maintain Quant Formula Sheet?

As mentioned above, there is a high probability of forgetting Maths formulas of certain categories during the exam. GRE math formulas PDF version is available that you can use as a last-minute revision. You can use this formula sheet in PDF formula on your mobile or desktop. Rather than making a real-note, it is best to have a virtual GRE math cheat sheet of the same.

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Preparation Tips for GRE Quants Formula

Memorising the GRE math formula sheet is the best way to master and score in GRE quant. It is a good step to know which arithmetic formulae to utilise and how to use them properly that can help in scoring well.

  • The GRE Quantitative Reasoning portion assesses ideas you most likely studied in high school. The test is to figure out if you can solve the complex nature of engineering or management work analytically. You will not receive partial credit for displaying your work, so selecting the correct answer is critical.
  • Another best way is to make flashcards composed of GRE math formulas. This way, you can get an insight into the term used for the specific category. You'll also need to understand what each term in an equation means. If you have extra space, draw an outline or two to represent what the recipe looks like.
  • Write formulas in the book, practice journal, or on a wall-mounted formula chart. Try different methods to make the best of the GRE math formula sheet during preparation. The aim is to keep trying until you finish practising and are mentally ready to appear for the exam.

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It is advised to appear for the GRE at least a year in advance. This gives you ample time to practice and memorise basic GRE Math formulas. If you are looking for better tips on practising must-know formulas for GRE, why not connect with our Yocket Counsellors? You may also practice the latest GRE questions on Yocket's GRE Prep to ace your preparation. 

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