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How to Calculate GMAT Scores: Learn to Calculate your GMAT Scores

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An important aspect of preparing for an examination is knowing how it is scored. As for GMAT, your overall composite GMAT is calculated by combining your sectional scores in GMAT Quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning sections.

If you are preparing for your GMAT and you are not sure how to calculate your scores, we will tell you how to calculate GMAT scores, through various approaches like GMAT percentile chart, GMAT score graph, etc!

Table of Contents

  1. How to Calculate GMAT Scores in GMAT Adaptive Test?
  2. How to Calculate GMAT Composite Score from Quantitative and Verbal Analysis Subscores?
  3. The GMAT Percentile Chart
  4. How to Calculate GMAT Percentile and Ranking?
  5. Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Sections Scores
  6. What is a Good GMAT Score?

How to Calculate GMAT Scores in GMAT Adaptive Test?

GMAT is not graded on the number of questions you miss but on the difficulty level of questions that you miss. This has been brought into practice considering that different students will find the difficulty level of different questions to vary.

  • Let’s say you miss 10 easy questions on your GMAT exam. Your scores will not adapt higher in such a scenario and you might at max have a subsection score in the 20s or 30s. On the other hand, if you miss 10 of the difficult questions, you might manage a score in the 40s or 50s.
  • The GMAT verbal section, although more sensitive to the number of errors than the quant section, also operates in a similar way. To conclude, the basis for the calculation of your GMAT scores is not the number of questions you miss but the difficulty level of the question that you miss.

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How to Calculate GMAT Composite Score from Quantitative and Verbal Analysis Subscores?

Your composite GMAT score is calculated with the quantitative analysis and verbal analysis subscores as the basis. The precise calculations behind the GMAT score calculator have not been made public. It is still important to notice that the composite score of the GMAT is not perfectly linear. 

  • On a general note, you will receive a better GMAT composite score if you have equally good scores in both the GMAT quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning sections, while your scores dip if you happen to be somewhat better in one section than the other.
  • It should also be noted that 2 candidates might have identical scores in the verbal and quantitative analysis sections and yet have slightly different composite scores.
  • GMAT verbal score calculator or a GMAT total score calculator can also help you calculate your GMAT composite scores.
  • The GMAT percentile chart gives you a rough idea of your composite GMAT score.

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The GMAT Percentile Chart

There are numerous GMAT calculator and GMAT percentile calculators available online. You can use one of these GMAT calculators to get an estimate of your GMAT score. Apart from a GMAT score calculator online, you can also refer to the GMAT score calculator chart.

This GMAT score calculator chart is the updated Total GMAT score percentiles based on the scores of the test-takers:

GMAT Score

GMAT Percentile











































While the GMAT score calculator online and GMAT percentile calculator indeed help you analyse your GMAT composite scores, we suggest you maintain a personal GMAT score graph while you take up multiple practice tests. A GMAT score graph will help you track your improvement during your preparation phase.

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How to Calculate GMAT Percentile and Ranking?

Your GMAT score card has a separate section indicating your GMAT percentile ranking besides your sectional subscores and composite scores. It is your percentile score that is directly proportional to your ranking. For instance, a verbal subscore of 45 or above might pull you into the 90 percentile bracket. This would mean that only 10 percent more children have a score than you. GMAT test score calculator gives you a further precise idea of your score and percentile.

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Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Section Scores

The GMAT Integrated Reasoning and GMAT Analytical Writing sections are other sections of the GMAT. While the integrated reasoning section is graded on a scale of 0-8, the analytical writing section is graded on a scale of 0-6.

Neither of these scores are considered while calculating your GMAT composite score. YES! MBA programs still don't care about your IR scores or AWA scores. Most top MBA colleges are only concerned with your GMAT verbal reasoning and analytical reasoning scores as only these two sections are considered while calculating your GMAT composite score.

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What is a Good GMAT Score?

Now that you know how the GMAT composite score is calculated, how do you know what is considered a good GMAT score?

  • Well, the definition of a good GMAT score is subject to your target MBA program. A GMAT score well above the median score required for your target MBA program will allow your safe landing in your dream MBA college.
  • You must hence find out the mean score required to get into the college that you are targeting. You must also note that it is not just your GMAT score that will ensure your admission into your dream MBA course. In some cases, other components of your GMAT application might overcompensate for a slightly lower GMAT score.

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We hope you now know how to make an estimate of your GMAT scores and calculate it. You should primarily have a target MBA program and prepare well according to the mean score required for that particular course. In the end, it is important that you have an idea about how the GMAT composite score is calculated but at the same time do not indulge too much in the calculation. For further assistance on your GMAT exam, you can even access our free GMAT Prep resources!


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