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Best App for GMAT Preparation in 2023: Know About 5 GMAT Preparation Apps

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If the GMAT exam fills you with dread, you're not alone. Many individuals are apprehensive about a test that will determine whether they get into their dream business school.  The tests are a great indicator of who is ready for the rigours of an MBA degree.

Best apps for GMAT Preparation can be used for just about anything, sharing notes, finding solutions to problems. GMAT prep app can help you prepare interactively and even entertainingly. An app for GMAT preparation can be a great supplement to your other materials.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Why Choose Apps To Study For GMAT?
  2. List of Internet’s best free app for gmat preparation

Why Choose Apps To Study For GMAT?

The best app for GMAT preparation is a convenient, enjoyable, and terrific excuse to play with your phone. A good GMAT prep app can help you study because they function like a GMAT study app, but they're not enough on their own. Some of the best reasons to use GMAT practice app as part of your GMAT prep include:

  • Realistic Practice Questions

The ideal GMAT practice app’s practice questions should be identical in content, tone, difficulty, and duration to the real test. Realistic GMAT questions are ideal

  • Lessons and Content

GMAT prep app courses should be extensive, going over each question type or skill in depth. You should understand a topic you didn't know before a lesson.

  • User friendly

The GMAT preparation app you download should be straightforward in its usage and navigation. It should be easy to discover information and answer practice questions.

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Best Free App for GMAT Preparation

1. Manhattan Prep GMAT

The Manhattan Prep GMAT app is a GMAT preparation app that has 1,110 quantitative and verbal practise questions, 1,556 quantitative, vocab, idioms, and sentence correction drills and quizzes, strategies for each question type, general GMAT study tips are also included in the best GMAT study apps, Math and verbal glossaries, MBA tips, and a section that tracks your progress, including your average timing on each practise question.

  • Manhattan Prep GMAT is free for 24 hours. After that, the premium costs $29.99. The 'basic' level has fewer customization possibilities and practice questions.
  • Manhattan Prep GMAT app is the best GMAT prep app that has the most practice problems and drills in basic and advanced quant. Non-native English speakers will benefit from idiom and vocabulary drills with this user friendly GMAT vocabulary app. The software divides questions by difficulty and skill type to help you improve.

2. Ready4 GMAT (Prep 4 GMAT)

Ready4 GMAT's basic edition is free with an account, while the premium version ($19.99) includes over 1,000 practice questions, 500 flashcards, GMAT prep and vocab tests, and a full GMAT practice test.

  • The free edition includes a sample test with 10 GMAT questions and an in-app GMAT vocabulary app and prep course with lessons on each section, basic skills like grammar, quizzes, and drills on specific question types. Unfortunately, you can't access a lesson without finishing the previous one.
  • Ready4 GMAT's "school matcher" enables you to create your list of possible business schools based on your demographics, interests, academic background, GMAT score, and ambitions. Complete it to earn a $1,000 Ready4 business school scholarship.

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3. The Economist GMAT Tutor

After a 7-day free trial, this adaptive learning course and best GMAT prep app has three price plans. Every plan has a personal ask-a-tutor option. You can analyse your performance by viewing what the instructor would have said if you had chosen another option. As an adaptive course, it adjusts to your needs and performance. This app can help you raise your score significantly.

4. GMAT Prep Course (Veritas Prep)

With a free GMAT On Demand trial subscription from Veritas Prep, you may access over 24 hours of instructional videos that cover every GMAT component and skill you'll need to master. Your trial account includes a computer-adaptive GMAT practise test and GMAT practise questions for seven days.

Veritas Prep offers high-quality, detailed courses on each GMAT question type and idea. Each lesson is 20-30 minutes. You'll need to purchase the entire course to obtain access to Veritas Prep tools, but you may use this app for an overview of the test and the skills you'll need to acquire.

5. GMAT Math Flashcards and GMAT Idiom Flashcards (Magoosh)

Magoosh has two free, useful apps. They don't contain full-length practice questions; instead, they evaluate essential math and language skills.

  • The GMAT Math Flashcards cover simple math principles and  can help you practise estimate for the math section, where you won't have a calculator.
  • The package includes 19 algebra questions, 38 fraction, ratio, and percent questions, 51 geometry questions, two parts of 33 and 32 number properties questions, 24 statistics and probability questions, and six miscellaneous practice sets with 36-37 questions each.
  • Each GMAT Idiom Flashcard has two idiom-based sentences. You choose the correct one. After you 'flip' the card, you'll see the answer and be asked if you knew the phrase. The cards include two basic and two advanced portions and test you on unexpected idioms as you practise. These flashcards are handy for on-the-go math practice. The idiom list is helpful for non-native speakers.

With the ability to use the best free app for GMAT preparation on your mobile device while on the go or when you only have a limited amount of free time, they can be an invaluable supplement to your GMAT preparation. Get the best virtual knowledge for your GMAT preparation by using the best free app for GMAT preparation. It is much more likely that you will achieve a high score if you follow a structured study regimen. Get on free 15 minute consultation call at Yocket to clarify any doubts you may have today!

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