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How to Score 700+ on GMAT - 7 Easy Steps

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GMAT is the global entrance test for MBA admissions abroad. Every year, more than 1.5 lakh candidates appear for the GMAT examination, and it is increasing daily. GMAT plays a crucial role in securing admissions to MBA Universities. But scoring 700+ in the GMAT is tough! Preparation is key to a 700+ GMAT score and starts with a solid study plan. Now the question arises why score this high in GMAT? 

The answer is that your admission to top business schools globally depends on your GMAT score. GMAT takers aim to score 700+ on the test, but some students use harsh methods, exhausting themselves. A methodical approach is required to achieve a high score of 700 or above on the GMAT. Read this blog to learn how to score 700+ in GMAT and tips to score 700+.

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In this article, we’ll explain a stepwise process that will help you score 700+ on the GMAT. Here are the 7 steps:

7 Steps to Score 700+ on the GMAT

Scoring a 700+ on the GMAT exam is not a big deal, with these 7 steps you can do it too:

  • Step 1: Attend a GMAT strategy session and set your target score
  • Step 2: Determine your baseline by taking a diagnostic test
  • Step 3: Decide on a quantitative and verbal score
  • Step 4: Determine how much time you'll need for preparation
  • Step 5: Develop a study plan and allot hours
  • Step 6: Track your progress with a study plan
  • Step 7: Take mock tests

Describing each step in detail:

Step 1: Attend a GMAT strategy session and set your target score

As a starting point for achieving 700+ on the GMAT, you can attend a free strategy webinar to learn about the GMAT testing algorithm, high-score skills, GMAT score vs. admissions and scholarships, and creating a personalized study plan. 

This will help you decide on a good GMAT score for your target business schools and help you decide on a high GMAT score for your desired school.

Step 2: Determine your baseline by taking a diagnostic test 

The second stage is to determine your starting skill level or baseline GMAT score. The best way to determine your baseline score is to take a diagnostic test. It will tell you the difference between your starting and target scores. If you've already taken the GMAT, you can use your previous score as your starting point.

Step 3: Decide on a quantitative and verbal score

We will illustrate this process with an example. If you wish to obtain 760 on the GMAT, you can do so through various combinations of  Quant and Verbal scores.

GMAT Score 760

Quant Score

Verbal Score







Step 4: Determine how much time you'll need for preparation

This estimation is based on the type of study resources you have chosen. You can study with GMAT books or online GMAT classes. Most people study with a combination of the two. According to our experience, studying with a data-driven online course requires 7 hours for every 10 points of score improvement. This figure rises to 12 hours while learning from books. Why is this happening? Audiovisual content is more interactive, making it simpler to focus on and requiring half the number of changes as books.

3 reasons why GMAT online materials outperform books:

For 90% of students, this score improvement estimate works pretty well if:

  • Continuously study for at least 12 hours every week.
  • Study with only one resource.
  • Do not change your study plan frequently; for example, study Sentence Correction before switching to Critical Reasoning or Quant.

How to Estimate GMAT Preparation Time?

To estimate the time required, use the formula: 

Time required = [Target GMAT Score – Starting GMAT Score] X [7/10] X [1+CBT]


Target GMAT Score = final score that you desire

Starting GMAT score = Starting score on an official mock test

7/10 = 7 hours of effort for every 10-point score improvement

CBT = Confidence Building Time factor; its value can be 0.0 or 0.25

This formula accounts for the final score you desire, the starting GMAT score, and the confidence-building time factor (CBT). If you have a low confidence level, your CBT will be 0.25. For example, if you have a 600 GMAT score and a target score of 760, you'll need 140 hours of preparation. If you use books, the number increases to 200 hours.

An efficient alternative to estimating GMAT preparation time is to use a personalized study planner tool, which allows you to create your study plan in just 5 minutes.

Step 5: Develop a study plan and allot hours

You know how many hours you'll need to prepare to get a GMAT score of 700 or higher. And which section should you begin with?

We generally recommend beginning with your strongest part. Our reasoning behind this technique is that once you start preparing your weaker area, your stronger section will remain intact in your thoughts.

Let's take Quant as your stronger part of the two.

To maximize the course's effectiveness, follow a Learn-Refine technique. Let me explain the gist of this technique.

Learn one section at a time. After learning a portion, refine it via mocks, quizzes, or advanced quizzing platforms such as Scholaranium.

You'll begin with the Quant section, and the order of the topics should be as follows:

  • Number Properties
  • Algebra
  • Word Problems
  • Geometry
  • Advanced Problems

After you finish the Quant section, you will go to the Verbal section. The verbal section's themes will be presented in the following order:

  • Sentence Correction
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension

The approximate number of hours required to finish the Quantitative and Verbal sections is as follows. You can tailor the study hours to your skills and shortcomings.

How to score Q50-51 on GMAT

Quant Section

Required hours

Learn Number Properties

10 hours

Refine Number Properties

5 hours

Learn Algebra

10 hours

Refine Algebra

5 hours

Learn Geometry

10 hours

Refine Geometry

5 hours

Learn Word Problems

10 hours

Refine Word Problems

5 hours

Learn Advanced Problems

10 hours

Refine Advanced Problems

5 hours


How to score V40+ on GMAT Verbal

Verbal Section

Required hours

Learn SC

50 hours

Refine SC

20 hours

Learn CR

30 hours

Refine CR

10 hours

Learn RC

20 hours

Refine RC

10 hours

Step 6: Track your progress with a study plan

Study plans are the most effective approach to keep track of your progress. Use the information from steps 3, 4, and 5 and construct your study plan. 

Assuming you begin preparing with the verbal section, below is a sample study plan for the first month. Your study schedule will vary depending on how many preparation hours you can dedicate on weekdays and weekends.

Suggested: Colleges Accepting GMAT Score 700 or above

Step 7: Take mock tests

Mock tests will assist you in identifying your conceptual or application flaws. They will also identify gaps in test-taking tactics and provide an accurate estimate of your GMAT readiness. If you become weary while taking a full mock, mock exams will help you improve your concentration and endurance for the GMAT.

The two major questions that arise now are:

  • How many mocks should you take, and how frequently?
  • What should you keep in mind when taking a mock?

A sample mock test plan is provided below. However, the number of mocks you should take will be determined by your level of preparedness.

Why is it Important to Score 700 on GMAT?

Scoring 700 or more in the GMAT test may increase your chances of getting selected at your dream university abroad. Although, colleges usually look for students scoring 550 or above in the GMAT, with a 700 or more GMAT score you have hardly any chance of rejection.

Admission into the best college will give you access to a better infrastructure, exposure to various career options, and networking with global minds. Not only this, the top B-schools also organize workshops, orientations, and training programs that enhance your horizon of knowledge.

The higher the GMAT score, the higher the chances of getting into the best B-schools. Hence, you need to put more effort and time into the GMAT preparation to secure a high GMAT score.

Preparation Tips to Score 700+ on the GMAT Test

If you are going to appear in the GMAT test with the hope of securing admission into the top B-Schools for an MBA abroad, you might wonder how to score more than 700 on GMAT. Well, it is not an impossible task. Here we have discussed some GMAT preparation tips to help you get into 700 GMAT score schools.

GMAT Strategy Sessions

Before starting the GMAT preparation, it is advisable to understand the GMAT exam pattern and syllabus. You can also attend a webinar to gain more insights about the GMAT examination.

The webinar session helps you understand the testing algorithm and its workings, how to get 700 plus in GMAT, the benefits of GMAT scores, etc. Apart from the webinar, you can also check the videos and blogs related to the GMAT exam.

Appear in Sample Tests

According to experts, trying out some GMAT sample papers greatly enhances your abilities. Appearing for such tests will help you to know about the types of questions asked, and help you realize your shortcomings and strengths. It allows you to strategize about the test and how you can tackle the difficult questions.

Relevant Materials

Make sure that the study material or GMAT Preparation books that you refer to are relevant to the GMAT exam and its pattern. All relevant concepts and questions must be covered in the study material or the sources you are studying. You can also take some online courses from trustworthy institutions to extract more structured preparation for the test.

Track Your Improvement

Tracking your improvement during the preparation is an important part of the process. This will act as a booster of your confidence and will also help you to know your shortcomings. It is easier to track your improvements by setting up a proper strategy of scoring 700 plus in GMAT and taking the mock tests with time.

Mock Tests

This is one of the best ways to help you isolate your weaknesses in the preparation process. It will not only allow you to analyze your abilities but also help you to increase your speed and concentration level in the exam. The GMAT test needs a lot of focus on solving each question. So, you need to take the mock tests regularly and brush up skills and abilities.

Suggested: GMAT Preparation Apps

So this was all about how to score 700 on the GMAT. Adhering to a dedicated and focused GMAT preparation will help you score well and reach the top business schools of your choice. For further information about how to score 700 on the GMAT test, you can connect with our Yocket Professionals now.


Preparation is the key to ace the GMAT. Make sure you give enough time to prepare before attempting the examination. Revising the concepts and taking mock tests will help you hold a strong grasp on the topics. Prepare a study plan that aligns with your strengths, weaknesses, and target score. Remember, consistency and dedication are the cornerstones of a successful GMAT journey. Stay focused, believe in yourself, and let your hard work pave the way to your dream MBA program.

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