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GMAT AWA Preparation: Know About Important GMAT AWA Tips in 2023

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Business schools around the world require the Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, for admission. The GMAT assesses your proficiency in multi-source data analysis, language, mathematics, geometry, and fundamental arithmetic. The GMAT is broken up into four portions, each of which is scored: Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Evaluation.

The GMAT AWA part of the GMAT exam is intended to assess your analytical writing and critical-reasoning abilities. To score well in this section you need thorough preparation and practice. But how and where to start?

In this blog, we will dwell at length on how to prepare for AWA GMAT and provide you with some useful GMAT analytical writing tips to excel in this particular section.

Table of Contents
  1. Analytical Writing Assessment: Overview
  2. How to prepare for the AWA GMAT?
  3. Analytical Writing Assessment GMAT Books
  4. GMAT AWA Tips

Analytical Writing Assessment: Overview

The GMAT AWA section is all about curating an analytical essay by studying and evaluating the logic behind an argument. It includes a variety of themes, and your scores are determined based on how well you analyze the claim with strong supporting pointers.

In this segment, you have 30 minutes to form your essay. The total GMAT score of 800 does not include the AWA score. It's a different score where the test-taker receives points in increments of 0.5, ranging from 0 to 6. Both a computer and a person will examine and grade your essay.

Now that we have an idea of the structure of the GMAT exam let’s look at how to prepare for GMAT essay, as a thorough GMAT AWA prep will help you stand out amongst your peers.

Why is GMAT Required?

How to prepare for the AWA GMAT

Having an overall GMAT preparation is necessary for all the sections. Hence GMAT essay prep is equally important. Here are a few pointers that you may follow that will help you get through the AWA section, with high scores:

  • Determine an argument's strengths and weaknesses
  • Sketch up your case or reasoning. Find supporting evidence for your argument if the topic is one for an argument essay.
  • Learn about the potential essay topics, beforehand. You don’t need to gather technical intelligence just have a basic understanding of the different topics that are asked in the AWA section.
  • Check the lists of subjects for earlier AWA essays. Review past years’ AWA topics and questions.
  • Write as many essays as you can. This will improve your subject knowledge and help you become faster.
  • Always time yourself while writing the essays. This will help you time yourself properly during the actual exam.
  • Review practice AWA essay prompts.

GMAT AWA Template

Further, let’s take a look at a few books that will help you practice essay writing.

Analytical Writing Assessment GMAT Books

There are several GMAT AWA books in the market to assist applicants with their analytical writing assessment. A few of the books that will aid in your study and help you perform well on the GMAT AWA portion are listed below:

1.  Veritas Prep

Each topic is covered in detail in this book with some additional practice questions. It is among the top books for GMAT preparation because it provides a staggering amount of knowledge and exhaustive practice examinations.

2.  GMAT Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Argument Topics (Test Prep series)

It offers expert strategies and streamlined techniques intended to elicit focused responses, contains about 50 solved argument themes, and more.

3.  Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set: Manhattan Prep

Students will be able to find the answer to their preparation plan with this preparation guide package, which includes over 200 free sample test papers and 6 full-length computer-adaptive mock examinations.

4.  The Official Guide to GMAT Review 2022

The Official Guide to the GMAT Review 2022 provides all the pertinent exam information as well as actual previous GMAT test questions. The bundle contains three books: GMAT Review 2022 Guide, GMAT Quantitative Review 2022 Guide, and GMAT Verbal Review 2022 Guide. All three of these books cover the entire test.

Books for GMAT Preparation

Students can succeed in the AWA portion to a great extent with the help of these books. Now let's take a closer look at some GMAT essay tips:


It is wise to plan well before writing the GMAT AWA essay and to do a last review of the essay once it is complete. Other than that, mentioned below are a few GMAT writing tips for you:

  • Recognize the different types of essay topics.
  • Ensure that you comprehend the issue, all of its aspects, and your writing assignment.
  • Understand the argument and main points clearly to define the essay's overarching theme.
  • Make a decision based on your synopsis.
  • When taking practice exams, keep track of your time. This can help you plan out your exam schedule more effectively and cut down on time wasted.
  • You'll become speedier the more you practice.
  • Your AWA essay should be written in a formal, assured style.  adjectives and adverbs that "lighten" the sharpness of a statement are examples of qualifying language.
  • Don't overstuff your essay with descriptive words. Keep your essay brief and avoid stuffing it with words.

How to Write AWA in GMAT?

Now that we have these AWA tips GMAT exams let’s look at the dos and don’ts:

  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Your essay must be original and to the point.
  • Learn about the potential GMAT AWA essay topics by skimming through sample essays on different platforms.
  • Expand your ideas. Organize your ideas on your rewritable note board. Use examples and analogies that are well-formulated.
  • Your essay response needs to be well-organized, with whole sentences, reasonable changes, and examples that are properly presented and developed.

GMAT Self Preparation

To do well on any section of the test, you must start studying early to get the necessary knowledge and confidence. So far as AWA essay topics are concerned, prior practice and preparation are a must. For further guidance and assistance, connect with your Yocket Professionals now!


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