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Jobs After PhD in UK: Know About PhD Stipend in UK for International Students

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UK as a study destination is one of the most prominent in the world due to the presence of research-intensive universities and quality education. UK universities offer an extensive ground for students to pursue their research in different fields of science, humanities, technology, etc. Some of the best PhD institutes in UK are University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University of Leeds, Coventry University.

Graduates from the PhD programs can go ahead and make wonderful careers for themselves in the future. On average, a PhD student salary UK is around 35000 – 48000 GBP per year. Apart from that, students are also provided with monthly stipends and maintenance fees during their PhD program. This article shares some insights about the stipend, jobs, and salary outcomes for PhD students in UK.

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Benefits of Studying PhD in UK?

The UK PhD program has a lot of benefits to offer for PhD students. Home to more than 150 different PhD universities, UK is considered to be one of the most sought-after destinations for international students seeking a PhD. Here are some benefits of pursuing a PhD in UK.

  1. Research Structure: The entire research structure for PhD courses in UK is extremely beneficial for students. The PhD duration is shorter (typically taking about 3-4 years). Also, there is an excellent ground for stellar interdisciplinary research imitated by some dedicated research-intensive institutions.
  2. Industry Experience: Some of the most prestigious institutions offer academic research training along with industry experience. This can be profitable for international students who want to build a career in different fields of science, commerce, management, and arts after the completion of their PhD.
  3. Tax-Free Stipend: The average stipend for PhD in UK for international students is around 25,000-30,200 GBP. The PhD stipends and studentships are tax-free which means students are given the full amount that they earn as their monthly stipend.
  4. Financial Support: International students studying PhD in UK can have financial support from different government organisations, independent grant providers, university scholarships, and industry funding. Students can rely on financial support to get their tuition fees covered or some other expenses as well.

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Types of PhD Stipend in UK For International Students: Roles of a PhD Student

There are basically three different types of stipend PhD UK. The students can get their stipends or salaries if they are doing a teaching assistantship, a research assistantship, or via a studentship.

1.  Graduate Teaching Assistantships

The GTAs or Graduate Teaching Assistantship require the PhD students to assist in the delivery of different courses over their course duration. This can include marking some student tutorials, supervising different lab experiments, and also providing some support to different undergraduate students during their office hours. If you apply for a graduate student assistantship, you will also have to teach a particular section of the course on your own.

2.  Research Assistantships

The students who are pursuing a research assistantship in UK will assist the professor of their department with their research to earn UK PhD salary. In general, the professor that students are working for will also be their PhD supervisor. Also, the research that the students do will be related to the doctoral project of your own.

3.  Stipend/Studentship

A stipend is considered to be a non-repayable grant that is offered to doctoral students in order to support their studies. The studentship will cover a certain amount of the tuition fee for students. On the other hand, a stipend is meant to cover the living costs of the student. This can include the expenses for rent, bills, food, basic travelling, etc. Unlike Research and Graduate Teaching Assistantships, stipends don’t have any duties or taxes attached to them.

An important note to keep in mind is that one can actually combine these duties. For instance, students can be a part of the research assistantship program and still teach some undergraduate students at the university.

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Job Opportunities for PhD Students in UK

PhD graduates in UK can look forward to interesting and lucrative careers after the completion of their course. PhD graduates in UK are seen performing appreciable tasks in the commercial and research-based sectors such as education, technology, medicine, science, etc. For a better understanding of the average PhD student salary UK, we have tabulated the job roles for PhD graduates in UK and their respective average salaries.

Job Profiles

Average Annual Salary (GBP)


31,200 GBP/ INR 28.72 Lakhs

Data Scientist

47,600 GBP/ INR 43.82 Lakhs

Senior Research Scientist

45,000 GBP/ INR 41.43 Lakhs

Associate Professor

53,700 GBP/ INR 49.44 Lakhs

Principal Scientist

70,000 GBP/ INR 64.45 Lakhs

Highest Paying Job Opportunities After PhD in UK

Here we are also providing a list of highest paying job roles after PhD in UK. Let us look at the career opportunities and salary scope in detail.

Job profiles

Average Annual Salary (GBP)

Associate Professor

53,700 GBP/ INR 49.44 Lakhs


61,057 GBP/ INR 56.22 Lakhs

Principal Scientist

70,000 GBP/ INR 64.45 Lakhs


83,910 GBP/ INR 77.26 Lakhs

Systems Engineer

99447 GBP/INR 91.56 Lakhs

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Top Recruiters for PhD Graduates in UK

A lot of new opportunities for UK PhD jobs wait in line for qualified graduates from UK universities. Top recruiters are always on the lookout for expert professionals who can change the face of the industry with new research-based methodologies and concepts. Here we are mentioning the top recruiters that offer reputable jobs for PhD graduates UK and the salary packages they offer.


Average Salary Package (in GBP)


61,455 GBP/ INR 56.58 Lakhs

Barrington James

40,700 GBP/ INR 37.47 Lakhs

JP Morgan Chase Bank

55,300 GBP/ INR 50.91 Lakhs


56,000 GBP/ INR 51.56 Lakhs

Samsung Electronics

63,000 GBP/ INR 58 Lakhs

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How to Find a Job After PhD in UK

After completing the PhD in UK, students have a lot of opportunities in line. They can go for a teaching profession in the academic line or they can get a job in any particular field or industry that they want. It is important for students to find a job in a specific area that they are interested in.

They can work as historians, statisticians, professors, and much more. Also, many research-based companies are looking for graduates with professional experience. Finding a job after PhD requires a lot of research. Students can go ahead and join the field of science, arts, technology, management, business administration, etc. after their PhD.

With an average PhD salary UK being more than 45000 GBP, the country offers a bright future for graduates. This article provides a detailed account of the PhD stipend, job roles, and salary estimates in UK. For more information about jobs for PhD graduates UK connect with our Yocket Professionals and clear all your doubts easily. 


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