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Cost Of Studying MS in France For Indian Students

Vineel Chandra

France, a nation steeped in history, culture, and academic excellence, has long been a popular destination for international students seeking to pursue higher education. Renowned for its world-class universities, France consistently ranks among the top performers in QS World University Rankings.

One of the key factors that attract international students to France is the relatively low tuition fees compared to other European countries. At public universities, the average annual tuition fee for a Master's program ranges from EUR 243 to EUR 260 (INR 22104 - INR 23,600), significantly lower than the fees charged by universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other popular study-abroad destinations.

While tuition fees are an important consideration, the overall cost of studying is equally crucial for international students. So in this blog, we will cover a comprehensive breakdown of the cost of studying in France, including Pre-arrival costs, and post-arrival costs. 

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Table Of Contents

  1. Cost Of Studying Masters In France For International Students
  2. Pre Arrival Cost For MS In France For Indian Students 
  3. Post Arrival Cost For MS In France For Indian Students

Cost Of Studying Masters In France For International Students

The cost of a Master’s in France for international students is determined based on the university and program choice. Most French universities offer national fees for any program chosen in MS in France for Indian students. 

Here is an overview of the Masters in France fees:

University Name

Tuition Fees (EUR)

Tuition Fees (INR)

University de Paris

EUR 243 + EUR 92 

INR 20,290 + INR 7,680

University of Strasbourg

  • EUR 256 per year
  • EUR 610 per year (engineering)
  • INR 21,300 per year
  • INR 50,930 per year

Dauphine University Paris- PSL

EUR 243 per year

INR 20,290 per year

Institut Polytechnique de Paris

EUR 13,000 - EUR 20,800 per year (Master of Science and Technology)

INR 10,85,400 - INR 17,36,600 per year

Ecoles des Ponts ParisTech

EUR 15,000 per year

MS in Science (Sustainable Impact Analysis)

INR 12,52,500 per year

Sciences Po

  • EUR 18,260 per year 
  • EUR 15,000 - EUR 25,000 per year (1-Year Masters)
  • INR 15,24,390 per year 
  • INR 12,52,500 - INR 20,86,860 per year

Universite PSL

EUR 243 + EUR 92 

INR 20,290 + INR 7,680

ESPC Business School

  • EUR 22,700/Year (Master in Management)
  • EUR 47,000 per year (MBA in International Management)
  • INR 18,94,840 per year 
  • INR 39,23,230 per year 

Rennes Business School

EUR 13,250 - EUR 18,200 per year (Master in Science for any business-related programs)

INR 11,06,070 - INR 15,19,280 per year

Toulouse School of Management

  • EUR 28,600/Year (Master in Management)
  • EUR 17,000 - EUR 18,500 per year ( Master in Science in any business-related programs)
  • INR 23,87,580 per year
  • INR 14,19,190 - INR 15,44,400 per year

Universite de Lorraine

  • EUR 256 per year (Master in Science)
  • EUR 3,770 per year (Engineering programs)
  • INR 21,370 per year 
  • INR 3,14,720 per year

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Pre Arrival Cost For MS In France For Indian Students 

Apart from the France MS fees, there are other Masters in France costs that require your attention. These expenses are divided into two categories: pre-arrival and post-arrival costs.

  • Entrance exams
  • University application fees
  • Registration fees
  • Health insurance
  • Airfare
  • Visa fees

Let’s learn about them one by one:

1. Entrance Exams

International students applying for Masters in France are required to pass certain exams. The popular tests and costs for each are mentioned below:



IELTS (Academic and General Training)

EUR 240 (INR 16,250)

IELTS Life skills

EUR 175 (INR 15,350)


EUR 263 (INR 24,000)


EUR 258 (INR 22,000)


EUR 265 (INR 25,000)

2. University Application Fee

International students are required to pay an application fee as requested by most French universities. The application fee ranges between EUR 60 (INR 5,455) -  EUR 180 (INR 16,300).

3. Registration Fees

International students are also required to pay registration fees. The registration fees range between EUR 290 (INR 26,370) - EUR 360 (INR 32,730)

4. Health Insurance

International students require health insurance before they enter France. In recent news, health insurance for international students will be provided via the general security system.

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5. Airfare

The airfare prices differ based on the country you’re traveling from. For Indian students traveling from different states, the airfare cost ranges between INR 29,000 - INR 85,000 one-way.

6. Visa Fees

International students will have a few visa payments that are required during the process such as

Medical Insurance

Minimum EUR 30,000 (INR 27,26,930)

Administration costs

EUR 58 (INR 5,270)

Short-stay visa application

EUR 60 (INR 5,400)

Long-stay visa application

EUR 50 - EUR 99 (INR 4,500 - INR 9,000)

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Post Arrival Cost For MS In France For Indian Students 

Post-arrival expenses that should be considered while planning MS in France include accommodation, travel, food, and other expenses. Having this information can help you arrange for funds better thus we have curated a detailed list of living expenses in France for Indian students.

To stay in France, international students require EUR 600 - EUR 800 (INR 54,500 - INR 72,700)/month to cover all the relevant costs such as food, transport, accommodation, etc. But these costs can increase based on the lifestyle choices you make and the area you choose to stay in France.

Here is an overview of what the living expenses look like in different cities of France:

Type of Expense



  • EUR 300- 500 (INR 27,300 - INR 45,500) per month {Studio apartment}

  • EUR 800- 1200 (INR 72,400 - INR 1,09,117) per month {1 bedroom}


1 year pass- EUR 333 (INR 30,280)


EUR 130 (INR 11,820) per month


  • Restaurant- EUR 15 (INR 1,360)

  • Grocery shopping- EUR 40- 50 (INR 3,600 - INR 4,500) per month 

Monthly Estimate

EUR 1,100 (INR 1,00,240) per month

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From the Desk of Yocket

France is now a popular choice for Indian students who want a high-quality education at a fair price. France is a great choice because it has a good reputation for its schools, a wide range of programs to choose from, and a lively student life. Masters programs in France are especially appealing because they are much cheaper than in many other developed countries. 

France also offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid to help international students. While living in France may be more expensive than in India, it is still relatively affordable compared to other European countries. 

So if you need guidance to help you get into top universities in France, Yocket can help. Yocket’s expert end-to-end counseling services help you with everything from profile evaluation to university shortlisting, and visa! If you have questions about whether you can study in France, connect with our experts right away.

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