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Cost Of Studying In France For Indian Students: Know Complete Masters in France Cost

Vineel Chandra
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The top reason why Indian students prefer to pursue higher education like Masters in France is the affordability of Masters in France fees. The cost of Masters in France for international students is 243 EUR- 260 EUR/year and can change based on the program chosen. Pursuing higher education from a reputed educational institution matters, which is why France proved to be the ideal choice for years. 

If you’re keen to become a Master graduate from France, this blog covers all the essential information about the cost of studying in France for Indian students.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Cost Of Studying Masters In France For International Students
  2. Pre Arrival Cost For MS In France For Indian Students /
  3. Post Arrival Cost For MS In France For Indian Students 
  4. Frequently Asked Questions About Cost Of Studying In France For Indian Students


Cost Of Studying Masters In France For International Students

The cost of Masters in France for international students is determined based on the university and program choice. Most French universities offer national fees for any program chosen in MS in France for Indian students cost. 

Here is an overview of the Masters in France fees:

University Name

Tuition Fees (EUR)

Tuition Fees (INR)

University de Paris

243 EUR+ 92 CVEC

20,290 INR +7,682 EUR

University of Strasbourg

  • 256 EUR/Year
  • 610 EUR/Year (engineering)
  • 21,376 INR/Year
  • 50,935 INR/Year

Dauphine University Paris- PSL

243 EUR/Year

20,290 INR/Year

Institut Polytechnique de Paris

13,000 EUR- 20,800 EUR / Year (Master of Science and Technology)

10,85,432 INR- 17,36,691 INR/Year

Ecoles des Ponts ParisTech

15,000 EUR/ Year MS in Science (Sustainable Impact Analysis)

12,52,485 INR/Year

Sciences Po

  • 18,260 EUR/year
  • 15,000 EUR- 25,000 EUR/Year (1-Year Masters)
  • 15,24,326 INR/Year
  • 12,52,485 INR- 20,86,859 INR/Year

Universite PSL

243 EUR + 92 CVEC

20,290 INR +7,682 EUR

ESPC Business School

  • 22,700 EUR/Year (Master in Management)
  • 47,000 EUR/Year (MBA in International Management)
  • 18,94,840 INR/Year
  • 39,23,237 INR/Year

Rennes Business School

13,250 EUR/Year- 18,200 EUR/Year (Master in Science for any business-related programs)

11,06,070 INR- 15,19,281 INR/Year

Toulouse School of Management

  • 28,600 EUR/Year (Master in Management)
  • 17,000 EUR- 18,500 EUR/year ( Master in Science in any business-related programs)
  • 23,87,580 INR/Year
  • 14,19,190 INR/Year- 15,44,398 INR/Year

Universite de Lorraine

  • 256 EUR/year (Master in Science)
  • 3,770 EUR/year (Engineering programs)
  • 21,371 INR/Year
  • 3,14,723 INR/Year

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Pre Arrival Cost For MS In France For Indian Students 

Apart from the France MS fees, there are other Masters in France costs that require your attention. These expenses are divided into two categories: pre-arrival and post-arrival costs. 

  • Entrance exams
  • University application fees
  • Regustration fees
  • Health insurance
  • Airfare
  • Visa fees

Let’s learn about them one by one:


1. Entrance Exams

International students applying for Masters in France are required to pass certain exams. The popular tests and costs for each are mentioned below:



IELTS (Academic and General Training)

240 EUR

IELTS Life skills

170/175 EUR


245 EUR


258 EUR


185 EUR


2. University Application Fee

International students are required to pay an application fee as requested by most French universities. The application fee ranges between 60 EUR- 180 EUR.

3. Registration Fees

International students are also required to pay registration fees. The registration fees range between 290 EUR-360 EUR. 

4. Health Insurance

International students require health insurance before they enter France. In recent news,

health insurance for international students will be provided via the general security system. 

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5. Airfare

The airfare prices differ based on the country you’re travelling from. For Indian students travelling from different states, the airfare cost ranges between 29,000 INR- 85,000 one-way.

6. Visa Fees

International students will have a few visa payments that are required during the process such as:

Medical Insurance

Minimum 30,000 EUR

Administration costs

58 EUR

Short-stay visa application

60 EUR

Long-stay visa application

50-99 EUR

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Post Arrival Cost For MS In France For Indian Students 

Post arrival expenses that should be considered while planning MS in France include accommodation, trable, food and other expenses. Having this information can help you arrange for funds better thus we have curated a detailed list of living expenses in France for Indian students.

To stay in France, international students require 600- 800 EUR/month to cover all the relevant costs such as food, transport, accommodation etc. But these costs can increase based on the lifestyle choices you make and the area you choose to stay in France.

Here is an overview of what the living expenses looks like in different cities of France:

Type of Expense



  • 300- 500 EUR/month (Studio apartment)
  • 800- 1200 EUR/month (1 bedroom)


1 year pass- 333.90 EUR


130 EUR/month


  • Restaurant- 15 EUR
  • Grocery shopping- 40- 50 EUR/month

Monthly Estimate

1,100 EUR/month

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France has become a popular student destination amongst multiple international students across the globe. The great education system and affordable France MS fees are the key factors for all the attention. While you’re now aware of the Masters in France cost, let’s move ahead to explore more on Masters in France.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cost Of Studying In France For Indian Students


Ques. Is Masters in France cost affordable for international students?

Ans: Yes, studying Masters in France is affordable. Most university’s tuition fee ranges between 243 EUR- 256 EUR/year. The tuition fee figures changes based on the program chosen. 


Ques. Is France good for Masters?

Ans: Yes, France is a great country choice to pursue Masters due to the recognized education system, affordable MS in France cost, diverse range of programs, etc. 


Ques.  Which Masters is best in France?

Ans: France is home to the best business schools in the country. Students looking to study from the best business schools should consider France in their top list. Based on your program choice, the MS in France for Indian students cost is determined.


Ques. Are Masters in France taught in English?

Ans: Yes, international students can study Masters in France in English. The MS in France cost for English doesn’t determine the figures. 


Ques. How do I apply for Masters In France?

Ans: To apply for Masters in France you require to submit all official transcripts of previous education, pass all relevant exams such as GMAT/GRE/ELP, submit all documents before the application deadline, etc.

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