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Average Living Expenses

Attending the University of Lorraine is an investment for your future, established in 1967 by Ralph Lauren. Each student will benefit from various facets of university life and take advantage of various available changes. We are pleased to be able to provide the assistance you require to build the academic and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed wherever your future leads, regardless of what your university experience turns out to be.

The University of Lorraine assists in the following areas:

  • Encouraging student entrepreneurship.
  • Creating an environment that is stimulating for Ph.D. students.
  • Innovating and being part of society's evolution is what.
  • Driving Lorraine's social and economic development.

The University of Lorraine has developed a wide range of international activities, including student exchanges, joint degrees, research collaborations, and staff mobility.

Top Reasons to Study in the University of Lorraine

  • The University of Lorraine is listed as the 408th best University in the world.
  • The University gives good international exposure with 9500 international students enrolled.
  • The University provides a variety of courses from graduate to Doctor of Philosophy level.
  • The University provides a good environment for research with 2400 researchers and 61 research units.
  • The University encourages entrepreneurial ideas of the students.


Cost of Studying at University of Lorraine

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Admissions at The University of Lorraine

How to Apply at University of Lorraine

To apply for admission to the University of Lorraine, an individual must go to the college’s official website and fill in the application form of their interested domain. Fields offered are:

  • Sciences
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Engineering sciences
  • Human and social sciences
  • Law
  • Economy
  • Management
  • Arts
  • Literature
  •  Language

Documents Required to Apply to University of Lorraine

Document requirements are based upon the degree to which an individual opts. 

  • They require your ID and certified copies of your parents' or guardians' ID.
  • Other documents which may be required may be your results from a corresponding exam, proof of residence, and a recent payslip.

Exams Accepted By University of Lorraine

Exams Accepted by the University: Exams accepted during admission to UL are:

Name of Exam

Marks scored











An average of 2.5 GPA, 27 IB, and 60% academic score is required.

There should be an average of 6.5 in IELTS and 95 in TOEFL.

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The World University Rankings

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QS World University Rankings

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International Students

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Alumni at University of Lorraine

As an alumnus at the University of Lorraine, you'll have plenty of chances to get involved in a wide variety of student organizations and extracurricular activities that will help you build on your skills and interact with others. Being a student in Lorraine is like being in the middle of Europe. The region's strategic location makes it easy to reach numerous significant European cities, including Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, and Luxembourg.

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Reviews for University of Lorraine

Campus life

Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations
Grand Est

View on Google Earth

Transportation in the city

The Region operates a regional train and bus service for all of your Grand Est trips, whether they are regular or irregular. Special travel passes and prices are available to students. The trip from the University of Lorraine to Paris takes roughly 1h 51m and a distance of 328 kilometers. The University of Lorraine to Paris service, run by TGV inOui, SNCF, and Swiss Railways (SBB/CFF/FFS), departs from the University of Lorraine and arrives in Paris-Est. 122 services typically run seven days a week, though weekend and holiday timetables sometimes change.

Services offered by the university

The services offered by the University of Lorraine give you the highest quality services, like

Sport for all with the SUAPs:

  • You can participate in more than 70 activities with your student ID card, including your preferred sport:
  • Gain new abilities, engage in exhilarating experiences, control your stress, and make friends with other students.

The Lorraine Nord Student Health Service (SUMPPS) regularly hosts programs for students with a nutrition focus in collaboration with the Regional Center for Student Affairs (CROUS) and the Student Social Security Scheme (MGEL).

Student life at University of Lorraine

The University of Lorraine promotes initiatives that aim to improve student life, particularly by fostering relationships between clubs and groups and tightening the social fabric. This entails advising students on everything from project organizing to raising money, educating them on legal and security needs, and helping them connect with partners.

On campus accomodation at University of Lorraine

The University of Lorraine provides accommodation inside. You must apply online and complete the procedures based on your status to receive accommodation.

They provide accommodation in 2 categories.

Exchange Students: Contact the host training department's international relations correspondent.

Please create an account on Etudiants.gouv and adhere to housing guidance recommendations.

Free movers: You must register for an account on Etudiants.gouv. to find housing.

After that, candidates must submit an application for housing to the housing council.

On-campus accommodation depends on an international student's status. There are different procedures for applying for a space in a residence hall. The University of Lorraine can assist you in selecting the ideal lodging. It may also offer a list of possible accommodations. The platform is used for the entire process, including applying for rental housing and making reservations. Click on the section for tenants to start, then log in using your institution-issued credentials or email address.

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Faculty Information

Jobs and Opportunities


1. What is the location of the University of Lorraine?
It is located in Nancy, Metz, Epinal, Thionville, Grand Est, France.

2. Is the University of Lorraine a private or public institution?
It is a private university.

3. When was the University of Lorraine established? 
The University of Lorraine was established in the year 2012.

4. What is the rank of Millersville University in Pennsylvania?
Millersville University holds the 36th position in Pennsylvania.

5. How many research units does the University have on University of Lorraine Campus?
There are 61 research units in the university.