The Institut Polytechnique de Paris, also known as the Polytechnic institute of Paris (PIP), is a research university located in Palaiseau, France. It was founded in 1794. Located on the Plateau de Saclay, just outside of Paris, PIP is part of the Paris-Saclay initiative, which includes a research-heavy campus and a business center. The project brings together a number of leading engineering schools and research institutions from around the world. Moreover, PIP itself has an excellent ranking across the globe. PIP is a highly prestigious and respected academic organization. Still, it is also a proud alma mater to at least three presidents of France, one field medalist, 3 Nobel Prize winners, and several CEOs of various French and international companies and MNCs.

Top Reasons to Study in the Institut Polytechnique de Paris

There are many reasons to study at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. Here are some of those reasons: 

  • PIP has a multicultural environment, especially since students worldwide come here to pursue their academic goals.
  • When you study at PIP, you’re guaranteed to be benefited from a top-notch education in engineering from one of the top-notch institutes of the world.
  • It is a grand opportunity to discover Paris, France, and Europe when you join PIP.
  • Truly high-level researchers will teach every module. The academic environment of the institute is not only inspiring but also equally dynamic.
  • When you graduate from PIP, you’re assured to hold a recognized degree worldwide.

Cost of Studying at Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Average tuition fee


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Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)


Average living expenses (Masters)


Average on-campus living expenses


Rankings for The Institut Polytechnique de Paris

The World University Rankings


The World University Rankings

QS World University Rankings


QS World University Rankings

More rankings for this university

  • According to the Institut Polytechnique de Paris QS rankings, it ranks at the 61st position among top global universities.
  • As per Institut Polytechnique de Paris world rankings, Times Higher Education ranks it in the 87th position among the world's top universities.

Admissions at The Institut Polytechnique de Paris

How to Apply at Institut Polytechnique de Paris

The requirements for undergraduate and graduate courses vary. To apply, you have to follow the steps given below –

  • Visit the official website of the institution
  • Click on the Register here button
  • Fill in all the details required, including your education history and every qualification that you have gone through
  • Fill in your employment history wherever applicable
  • Provide a personal statement, if applicable
  • Submit the application form
  • Pay the application fees as mentioned on the website

Note: Application portal: Online Application Portal

Institut Polytechnique de Paris Cost/Fee for application: 100 US dollars (about 7800 INR)

Documents Required to Apply to Institut Polytechnique de Paris

  • All official academic transcripts, including your secondary school, high school, and graduation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letter of recommendations
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • An updated CV or resume 
  • Passport photocopy
  • Copy of visa
  • Passport size photographs
  • Health insurance
  • A financial statement, including your bank statement

Exams Accepted By the University

The following Institut Polytechnique de Paris requirements are necessary to get admission to the university:

Type of Aptitude Test

Minimum Requirements




85% or higher (course dependent)


3.0 or higher

English Proficiency Requirements

The following English language proficiency test scores will help you get through the Institut Polytechnique de Paris admission:


Minimum Test Requirements 


6.5  or higher 




90 or higher 

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Application deadline

Fall, 18/04/2023




12 Months

Tuition fee



Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

The campus is just about 20 kilometers South of Paris. Little trains, taxis, and bus routes connect the institute Polytechnic de Paris to the city. Locally, it is prudent for students to bicycle whenever they wish to reach.

Services offered by the university

  • Health and safety are given ample importance at PIP. You'll find pharmacies, medical services, counseling services, and preventive medicine services, among other health and well-being services offered by PIP's health and well-being cell.
  • The member libraries of Institut Polytechnique de Paris have a huge repository of books, reference material, publications, journals, thesis papers, research papers, scholarly articles, and a lot more reference and reading material. Students and staff can freely gain unrestricted access to libraries, publications, reading spaces, and workspaces.
  • There are several dining options within the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. There are several places to eat across the entire campus. From restaurants, two cafes to cafeterias, and even canteens and food trucks can be found at various spots across the campus.

Student life

Life for students at the more than 200-hectare campus of the institute Polytechnique de Paris is not only vibrant but also plentiful.

  • Campus Life – students benefit from various services, activities, facilities, amenities, and infrastructure. The entire system at PIP has been put together so that students will feel at home within the institute. 
  • Student Life – many student bodies, associations, clubs, societies, etc., are available for students to join and participate in. Several public events also enrich life on campus, along with various competitions, ceremonies, exhibitions, symposiums, conferences, etc. 
  • Sports Activities – sports and games are an integral part of the institute Polytechnique de Paris. There are several sporting competitions and many sporting clubs and societies as well. A student can not only pursue his passion for sports but can also take up a sport in which they might want to learn and train in.

On campus accomodation

Most postgraduate, master's, and doctoral students can avail one of several accommodation options that the Institut Polytechnique de Paris offers.

  • There are residence halls on campus that provide single rooms and shared apartments both within the campus and in partner areas.
  • Immediately after you are admitted to the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, you should visit the registration area to book your accommodation. Alternatively, you can also register for accommodation which will be processed along with your registration and fee payment.
  • Accommodation is available on a priority basis, first to Ph.D. students; then to Institut Polytechnique de Paris scholarship holders; and finally, to students who are enrolling for the first time and entering the French territory for the first time. 
  • Private residences are also available at the home state accommodations available near the VIP campus. They are quite affordable, have the necessary amenities and facilities, and help students maintain their privacy.
  • Private housing is also available at Massy Palaiseau.


University Faculty Stats

  • There are more than 8000 students at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris
  • More than 950 faculty members can be found at the PIP
  • There are 14 fields of studies
  • The Institut Polytechnique De Paris has more than 30 laboratories for experiments and research
  • The Institut Polytechnique de Paris publishes more than 2500 publications annually
  • The institute has more than 40 industrial partners


Research opportunities at university

Research and innovation are two of the strongest points of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. The institute carries out training, research, and innovation projects in the field of science and technology mainly, and also in economics, management, and business.

The research activity of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris mainly covers the following domains –

  • Physics 
  • Mechanics and energetics 
  • Computer science, data, and AI 
  • Mathematics 
  • Economics 
  • Information, communications, and electronics 
  • Chemistry and processes 
  • Biology and much more 

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Students of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris are encouraged to take up internships during their course. This helps the students hone their skills professionally and allows them to understand exactly how the real world works. After all, the students need to put to practice in the real world what they've learned in the classroom.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

The placement opportunities provided by the Institut Polytechnique de Paris provide students with a great range of choices. Around 50% of the students choose to enter the corporate sector, while 30% pursue higher studies, and 15% choose the public sector. The remaining 5% generally choose to create a startup. The initial positions that students get in the corporate world usually are around GBP 4,943.70 (47,00,00 INR). More than 65% of graduates from the Institut Polytechnique de Paris find employment well before graduating. 100% get placed within six months after graduation. The primary sectors where students get placed are the energy sector, consulting, construction sector, and banking and insurance.



5 Av. Le Chatelier 2ème étage, 91764 Palaiseau, France

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