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Business Schools in Spain: Know About Best MBA Colleges in Spain

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When it comes to studying abroad in Spain, you have a lot of possibilities. Whatever you study, you'll love settling into your new location and immersing yourself in Spanish culture. This beautiful country's food, culture, and nightlife will inspire students studying abroad in Spain. These are also major reasons why students prefer to join business schools in Spain.

It's easy to see why studying in Spain is so popular! Spain has been a part of some of the most dramatic events in human history, from the Inquisition through the Spanish "Golden Age" to the War of Spanish Independence. You will be able to see and feel the history woven into every structure and street throughout your time studying abroad in Spain. After Castilian King Fernando III seized the city from its former rulers, he built the world's greatest Gothic cathedral atop the city's mosque. For example, the Prado in Madrid served as a think tank, a barracks for Napoleon's army, a palace, and now a museum.

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A Brief Overview of MBA Colleges in Spain

Business schools in Spain are on top of the list of every international student, and there are some best MBA schools in Spain offering quality education to students. According to the Financial Times' "Global MBA Rankings," Spain is home to not one, not two, but three of the continent's top-ranked global MBA programs. Spain also performed well in The Economist's rating of full-time MBA programs, taking two spots amongst top 20 business schools in the world. Meanwhile, both BusinessWeek and Forbes have lists of the best MBA colleges in Spain that include Spanish business schools.

How to Select Top B-Schools in Spain?

There are multiple things to consider when it comes to selecting top MBA colleges in Spain with good reputations. Here are a few things to consider-

  • Check the Geographic Location

One of the crucial parts is to decide where you want to study in Spain. You've already considered a specific location where you'd like to relocate and study. Even if you're unsure where to begin, do some research to find colleges and places that offer the most or all of the needed characteristics, whether it's the sort of study program, the facilities, the transportation, the cost of living in Spain, or the weather. This will allow you to select top business universities in Spain.

If geography is one of your critical criteria, you should strive to narrow it down by considering other relevant elements such as professional chances, financial options, and application requirements.

  • Check the Rankings

Best business schools in Spain for International students fall under a specific ranking that defines the infrastructure and study ratio. There are a variety of ranking systems developed by a variety of organisations that employ various metrics to compile their top university lists.

  • Choose the Program

Under MBA courses, there are different programs offered, which you can choose as per your skills and interest. From finance to HR and business analytics, you have a choice to select and seek admission.

List of Top MBA Colleges & Universities in Spain

  1. IE Business School
  2. ESADE Business School
  3. IESE Business School
  4. Universitat de Barcelona (The University of Barcelona)
  5. Universidad Europea – UE

Here is the Complete Brief of Each top MBA College in Spain:

1. IE Business School

IE, founded in 1973, is a highly diversified graduate business school whose principal value is internationalisation, with over 130 nationalities (the student population is 70% international students) and more than 1,500 networking events globally. They have around 101 MBA and other master's degree programmes in business and management. Students can select from the option and go ahead with the admission process. 

The business school offers a selection of general management, marketing & communication, business technology & analytics, talent & leadership development, and finance programmes at IE Business School so that you may get the most out of your time with us. 

QS Subject Ranking 2022

5th in MBA

Tuition fees

72,200 Euro/ Rs 6070340/-

Subject Offered

International MBA, Global Online MBA, Tech MBA, Dual Degrees with MBAs, and others.


IE Foundation scholarship is based on economic need, merit, distinctive competencies, and academic/professional excellence. It covers your tuition fees.

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2. ESADE Business School

ESADE's main aim has always been to build enterprises and conduct research in order to bring about positive social change. With 109 different nationalities on campus, you will find yourself in an open-minded, global community. It is one of the best universities in Spain for  MBA.

The institution spent 4.9 million euros in innovative enterprises between 2017 and 2018, demonstrating their commitment to our future big-picture thinkers! ESADE is regarded for being a progressive, modern, and tech-savvy place of study; to highlight a vision for positive social change, the Financial Times has named them as having the top MBA for women in Europe.

QS Subject Ranking 2022

#6th in MBA


73800 Euro/ Rs 62, 04863/-annually

Subjects Offered

Full-Time MBA

Executive MBA

3. IESE Business School

IESE Business School is a part of the University of Navarra and was founded in 1958 in Barcelona. The IESE MBA programme begins in September and lasts 15 to 19 months. The Economist ranked it first in Europe in 2018. More than 50 nationalities are represented. More than 85% of students are from outside the United States, and up to 94% of students land top positions within three months of graduation. Students in the IESE MBA programme have an average of 5 years of work experience and are 29 years old.

QS Subject Ranking 2022

10th in MBA

Tuition Fees

46,350 Euro/ Rs 3883348/- annually

Subject offered

Executive MBA / Global MBA

4. Universitat de Barcelona (The University of Barcelona)

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is one of the best MBA schools in Spain and is noted for its brilliance in research and teaching. The University of Alabama at Birmingham caters to all facets of university life. With about 50,000 students, lecturers, researchers, and administrative personnel, the campus is a true city of knowledge. It is equipped with all of the university's essential services, including residence halls, specialised libraries, a language study centre, recreation facilities, etc.

QS Ranking 2021


QS Subject Ranking 2021

#121 in MBA

Tuition Fees 

12000 Euro/ Rs 1004695 annually

Subject offered

MBA in Event management, International Business, Public Policy, and Hotel & Restaurant Management.

5. Universidad Europea – UE

Established in 1995, Universidad Europea follows an internationally recognized educational paradigm that is both professional and of high academic quality. UE is also known for its cutting-edge teaching resources and sophisticated facilities, like those at its Villaviciosa de Odón campus in Madrid. Universidad Europea currently has over 17,000 students from five continents studying on its four campuses in Villaviciosa de Odón, Alcobendas, Valencia, and Tenerife.

QS Ranking 2021

4 Stars

QS Subject Ranking 2021


Tuition Fees

2,000 Euro/ Rs 10, 08930/- annually

Subject offered

Masters in Automotive Engineering, Big Data Analytics, Communication and Digital Entrepreneurship, and others.

These were the best colleges to pursue MBA in Spain. Once you have clarity on which college to apply to, begin with your application process to study in Spain.   



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