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Top 5 Cheap Universities in Spain for International Students in 2024


Without question, Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Spain is a beautiful country with a long history and diverse culture, known for its architecture, cuisine, and pleasant temperature. It is situated on the Iberian Peninsula, between France and Portugal.

The country is separated into numerous semi-autonomous regions, each with its own culture and language in some cases. Spain has everything from beaches to high mountains and the weather to match. There are old and modern universities in every corner of the country, in large and small settlements, from which to choose. Studying in Spain is relatively inexpensive, and some cheap universities in Spain offer the best quality education for international students.

Spain has always placed a strong emphasis on offering a well-rounded education, and it meets norms that ensure academics are comparable to other European countries (the EHEA countries). Studying in Spain is relatively inexpensive. Compared to other nations, the cost of studying in Spain is inexpensive, and Spain has some of the lowest tuition prices in Europe. You can find some affordable universities in Spain for international students. 

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List Of Cheap Universities In Spain For International Students:

  1. University Of Navarra
  2. University Of Granada
  3. University Of Valencia
  4. Universitat Internacional De Catalunya
  5. Complutense University Madrid

Check out the brief information on each cheap university in Spain for international students: 

1. University of Navarra

The University of Navarra, founded in 1952 and located in Pamplona, is a private, non-profit university. Although Spain does not have many private educational institutions, the University of Navarra is one of the best. Over 12,000 students attend this low-cost university in Spain, with 1500 coming from outside the country.

The university's 14 primary faculties provide a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses and programs. In addition, there are approximately 35 undergraduate programs and 38 master's degrees available.

The university is also divided into six main campuses (including two international campuses in Munich and New York). Despite its small population, it has an excellent reputation for worldwide research. Navarra also has worldwide collaborations with prestigious universities such as the University of Edinburgh and Hong Kong.

University Of Navarra World Ranking 2024


Average Tuition Fees

16200 Euro/ Rs 13,53,753 pa

Top Programs offered

Bachelors Degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Law, Audiovisual communication, and others

Masters in Banking, Economics, Global Executive MBA, Pharma-Biotech and Technological Innovation

Doctoral programs in Chemistry, Bio pharmacy, Biology and Design Synthesis & Biological Evaluation

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2. University of Granada

The University of Granada is a public university in Granada, Spain. Its beginnings trace back to the early 16th century, and it has since grown into one of Spain's most prestigious institutions. The institution currently has approximately 80,000 students enrolled, making it the country's fourth-largest university by student enrollment.

Furthermore, the university boasts a high foreign student ratio and is one of Europe's most famous student exchange destinations; it recently welcomed over 2000 international students through the Erasmus exchange program. Currently, being one of the cheap universities in Spain for Masters, the University of Granada is the best on the list. This low-cost university in Spain offers education through more than 20 schools and academic faculties and more than 100 academic departments, all of which give a full learning experience in a variety of subjects.

The university is one of Spain's top ten universities, and it is well-known for its excellent Computer Engineering programs.

QS World University Ranking 2024


Average Tuition Fees

Approx 750 Euro/ Rs 62,673 pa

Top Programs offered

Degree Programs- Arts and Humanities, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Law, and others

Masters Programs- Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, Experimental Sciences, Health Sciences, and Technology

Doctoral Programs- Doctoral School in Health Sciences (EDCS), Doctoral School in Humanities, Social Sciences and Law (EDHCSJ), Doctoral School in Science, Technology, and Engineering (EDCTI), and others

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3. University of Valencia

The University of Valencia is one of Spain's oldest surviving universities, located in Valencia. You will be a part of a diverse and inclusive environment at this university that fosters research, culture, and society's democratic principles in general. Valencia, the country's third-largest city, is home to not just magnificent coastline landscapes but also this prestigious institution. More than 50,000 students are now enrolled at the university, including some international students.

Here, the majority of courses are taught in Spanish or Valencian, but this does not mean the institution does not consider the needs of international students; in fact, the university's international office provides a variety of English-medium courses. Students interested in participating in the Erasmus exchange program with other European universities should be aware that this venerable institution is ranked among the top ten universities for Erasmus.

University of Valencia World Ranking 2024


Average Tuition Fees

2600 Euro/ Rs 2,17,269 pa

Program Offered

Bachelor Program- Business Management, Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Education & Training, and others

Master’s Program- Health Science, Architecture, Legal Science, Engineering, and others.

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4. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (International University of Catalonia) is a private higher education institution in Barcelona created in 1997. It falls under the low tuition fee universities in Spain for international students.

The primary purpose was to provide a comprehensive educational experience with an international orientation and accumulate international students in the Spanish environment. The university now has about 6000 undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled. In addition to the conventional degrees, short-term education courses and diplomas are offered case-by-case. The institution also includes cutting-edge facilities, such as advanced simulation centres and digital media studios, designed to give students a unique experience.

According to the Times education rankings, the university is among the top 5 higher education institutions in Spain and the top 200 universities worldwide.

Universitat Internacional De Catalunya World Ranking 2024


Average Tuition Fees

10100 Euro/ Rs 8,44,006/- pa

Programs Offered

Bachelors Program- Humanities and Cultural Studies, Medicine & Health, Law, Arts, Design & Architecture

Master’s Program- Architecture, Arts & Culture Management, Bio digital Architecture, Urban Design for Healthy Cities

5. Complutense University Madrid

The Complutense University of Madrid is one of the world's oldest higher education institutions, with a history extending back to the 13th century. It is also one of the country's largest institutions, having a total student enrollment of about 86,000.

Furthermore, the university is regarded as one of the greatest in the country and throughout Europe. Since its founding, it has consistently played a key role in the country's political growth and is also regarded as a research powerhouse. This low-cost university in Spain provides a variety of academic faculties that cover a wide range of subjects. It presently has over 80 undergraduate majors and over 200 distinct degrees to choose from.

Complutense University of Madrid World Ranking 2024


Average Tuition Fees

13571 Euro/ Rs 11,32,269 pa

Programs Offered

Bachelors Program- Business Management, Economy, Informatics Engineering and others

Master’s Program- Inter-University Master in Formal Methods in Computer Science and Engineering, Animal Production and Health, Behavioural and Health Sciences Methods, and others.

So, we have covered the majority of top cheap universities in Spain for international students, you have options to choose among the best that fits your program needs and also your budget. You can also make studying in Spain affordable by applying to various scholarships for international students in Spain.


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