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Ireland Intake 2022-2023: Admission Intakes & Process to Study in Ireland

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For all students looking to study abroad, especially in a European country, Ireland is one of the popular destinations. One of the concerns for those who are planning to study in Ireland is what are the admission intakes and how to get admission to a university in Ireland. Well, there are predefined admission intakes in Ireland and a standard admission process.

This article will help you learn all you need to know about the Ireland intake 2022-2023 for admissions, the process & requirements to study in Ireland, etc. Let’s begin!

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Admission Intakes in Ireland

How many intakes in Ireland are offered by the universities? There are two primary admission intakes in Ireland viz. Autumn and Spring intakes. The autumn Ireland intake 2022-2023 session begins in September, while the spring session begins in February. These two key intakes in Ireland might often confuse many international students interested to study at universities in Ireland. The following table outlines the key differences between the two intakes, Autumn and Spring.

Key Differences Between Intakes in Ireland

Let’s explore this table below:

Autumn Intake/Semester 1

Spring Intake/Semester 2

Autumn Intake/Semester 1 in Ireland begins in September.

Spring Intake/Semester 2 commences in January or February.

Autumn intake application deadline - June/July

Spring intake application deadline - September / October

The majority of the Irish universities start with their courses in Autumn Intake.

The courses offered at the Irish Universities during the Spring intake is fewer as compared to the Autumn Intake.


The intake commencement and application deadline is subject to change. Hence, students are advised to check university-specific intake for hassle-free admission.

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Admission Intakes in Ireland for Indian/International Students

Following are the Ireland intake requirements:

  • Ireland Intake 2023 for Indian Students

Unlike the Indian universities with a single intake throughout the year, there are two major intakes in Ireland for admission to the different courses. The Indian students can apply for the Autumn intake, which begins in September and ends in December or the Spring intake, which begins in late January/February and ends in May.

  • Ireland Intake 2023 for International Students

International students planning to seek admission to the courses in Irish universities can select from any of the two intakes, including Autumn (semester 1) and Spring (semester 2).

Further, let’s take a quick glance at the timeline for admission in Ireland universities and colleges.



Autumn intake or Ireland September intake application deadline


Commencing of Autumn Session (Semester 1)


Spring intake or Ireland January intake application deadline


Commencing of Spring Session (Semester 2)


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Which Intake in Ireland to Opt for?

For many students, it becomes a bit confusing to choose the best intake for getting admission in Ireland. Students must consider various factors like the availability of their preferred program, academic records, entrance score requirements, acceptance rates, etc, while choosing the best intake. Though many international students prefer the September intake, the January intake in Ireland is also a good opportunity.

Key factors to consider while deciding the admission intake to study in Ireland:

  • Check Availability: The availability of your chosen course of study because the university you shortlist for admission may or may not have the opted course in multiple intakes.
  • Prepare Documents: Each intake requires document preparation and admission procedure to be initiated in advance. If you expect your academic result late, choosing the intake on the basis of your documentation is essential.
  • Check Capacity: Some universities have higher intake capacity for the varied terms. Therefore, choosing an intake with a higher capacity can increase your admission chances.

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How to Seek Admission to Universities in Ireland?

The process for admission to the different undergraduate, postgraduate, and other degrees or courses in Ireland is predefined. It may vary subtly across universities in Ireland, but the overall procedure remains the same. Also, keep a check on the Ireland universities January intake 2023 and September intake 2023.

  • Applications Process for UG Courses in Ireland

Students interested in doing UG programs may apply through the Central Applications Office (CAO), while non-EU applicants must apply directly through the university’s website. However, while applying for some programs, all the students are supposed to apply through CAO.

  • Applications Process for PG Courses in Ireland

To get admission to PG programs, students can directly apply by referring to the official website of the university. International students are supposed to pay the application fee, which differs based on the program. Some universities ask students to apply through the Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC) website.

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Next, let’s explore the Ireland universities application deadline. 

Ireland University Application Deadlines

Following are the application deadline for Ireland universities:


Application Deadline

Trinity College Dublin

15 November (UG)

30 June (PG)

University College Dublin

Differ as per the program (PG)

15 July (UG)

National University of Ireland, Galway

July/September; based on the program

University College Cork

1 July

Dublin City University

1 July (UG)

Varies for (PG)

Note: These Spring intake in Ireland and Autumn intake in Ireland deadlines for various universities keep on changing.

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Admission Requirements in Ireland Universities

Following are the basic admission requirement for Ireland Intake 2023 and others for different universities:

1.   Language Requirements

The IELTS and TOEFL are the standardized language tests that are considered while offering admission to qualified students. The average minimum cutoffs score required for Ireland university admission for international students is provided below:

English Test

Minimum Required Score






36 (UG) , 63 (PG)

Cambridge ESOL

C1 or C2

2. Other Exams

Apart from the language exams, students aspiring to study medicine, nursing and other healthcare courses there are required to take the Health Professions Admission Test (HPAT) and Graduate Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT) to secure admission to study medicine in Ireland. GMAT score is also required to pursue MBA in Ireland-based educational institutions.

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Admission Process in Ireland

The admission process in Ireland may differ to some extent from one university to another, but the standard process remains the same. Predefined steps need to be followed to seek admission to the chosen course of study in Ireland.

Following are the common steps for Admission in Ireland:

  • Choose the course for study in Ireland
  • List the educational institutions for the admission
  • Shortlist the top universities or colleges
  • Explore the official university or college website for information
  • Contact the educational institution for admission intake and other details
  • Crack the English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL
  • Prepare your Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Register your candidature at the Central Applications Office
  • Start applying to the college that fits you the most
  • Get ready for the university, or college interview
  • Rush to seek for Ireland student visa after your admission application gets accepted

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Documents Requirements for Admission at Ireland Universities

Proper documentation is an essential part of the admission process, and hence students are advised to ensure the documents are in order well in advance to avoid last minute hassle. Below you will find information about the type of documents required for admission in Ireland: 

  • Scanned copy of passport
  • Accurate academic transcripts including High school leaving certificate (for UG course)
  • Proof of holding a Bachelor’s degree or similar (for PG course)
  • Any other certificates showing academic merit
  • English language proficiency test result
  • Other aptitude test scores, if required
  • Statement of Purpose for Irish Universities
  • Financial statements, which may include
  • Bank balance statement
  • Proof of loan sanction
  • Income Tax return papers
  • Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Passport-size photographs

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Ireland offers a warm and welcoming environment to international students coming in from different parts of the world. The entire process of seeking admission in Ireland is quite simple and straightforward, so apply with accurate documents to secure admission for your chosen intake at Irish university. Before applying, ensure that you meet the minimum eligibility requirement and apply as per the deadlines of intakes in Ireland. 

In the process, if at any step you need end-to-end expert guidance, connect with our team of incredible counsellors by choosing Yocket premium services. We will guide you through scholarships, visa applications, university admissions, loans, and more.

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