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Colleges Accepting 20 to 25 ACT Scores: List of Colleges and their ACT Scores

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Many colleges and institutions in the United States use the ACT exam, to assess applicants' eligibility for admission to undergraduate programs. Any student who plans to enrol in a university in the USA must pass the ACT or SAT. Although the ACT and SATs are very different, atleast one of them is required to be admitted to top colleges in USA.

While a better score enhances your chances of getting into a prestigious university of your choice, it is equally important to be aware of the colleges that accept your ACT score range.

In this blog, we will look at the colleges that offer admission within the ACT score range of 20-25 and related aspects.

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  1. ACT Score of 20-25 Scope
  2. Colleges that Accept 20-25 ACT Scores

ACT Score of 20-25 Scope

The ACT exam is not the only criterion used to determine admission. Colleges also take into account high school GPA, extracurriculars, voluntary work, recommendation letters from instructors, and the classes you took there in addition to your ACT scores. Higher ACT scores, however, enhance the chance of acceptance to even more universities.

Having the ACT score of 20 means that the candidate lies in the 49th percentile. With this, the candidates can apply for around 300 colleges nationwide but do miss out on 1196 institutes of higher learning. Increasing the score by 4 points will increase your percentile to 75, and that enhances your chances of getting into better colleges. If you want to get into your dream college, aim higher!

What are ACT Exam Pattern & Syllabus?

Colleges that Accept 20-25 ACT Score

Most colleges and universities in USA have set a minimum score that applicants must achieve to be accepted. Colleges evaluate applicants depending on their ACT scores. But there are other variables as well that the colleges look at when giving admission. These specifications vary from one state and one school to another. If you have an average ACT score between 20 and 25, you can apply to the colleges and universities on the following list:


ACT Score Range

San Francisco State University


Clark Atlanta University


Portland State University


La Salle University


Western Michigan University


California State University, Fullerton


California State University, Northridge


North Carolina A&T State University


Stockton University


Florida A&M University


California Baptist University


Old Dominion University


California State University, Long Beach


High Point University


Liberty University


James Madison University


Temple University


Arizona State University


University of Delaware


San Diego State University


University of San Francisco


University of Alabama


Michigan State University


University of California, Irvine


University of Central Florida


ACT Test Dates and Centers 2022

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are more universities that accept ACT scores between 20 and 25. Your likelihood of being accepted into the college of your choice will increase with a good ACT score. So you should aim for a score of at least 30 to crack the top colleges in USA. For gather more insights about studying abroad, do get in touch with our counselors at Yocket.


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