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Study Accounting In UK: Know About Top Universities, Requirements, Cost & Career Prospects of Accounting Course in UK


A career in accounting is a promising option for your future that offers an array of opportunities to the graduates. It needs analytical, interpreting, and adaptation abilities to provide correct financial data and promote business expansion. Even if you possess the necessary qualities to become an accountant, you still need to choose the area of accounting that best suits you and research the preferred credentials for that specialization. The first step to gaining the required skills is seeking an accounting course in UK.

The UK is the leading nation where international students pursue an accounting degree. Students enrolled for an accounting degree in UK are prepared for accounting, finance, and business positions. Corporate finance, financial risk, and auditing are some of the crucial topics covered in the courses, along with more basic business topics like operations and people management.

In this blog, we will dwell at length about accounting in UK along with its best courses, the application process, fee structure and available scholarships.

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Accounting Course in UK Highlight

Let us begin by looking at the important specifications of accounting in UK:

Course Durarion

4 years for Bachelors

1-2 years for Masters

Average Annual Fees

Bachelor’s- 9,250 GBP (89,1883.46 INR) Annual

Master’s- 32,151.06 GBP (31,00,000 INR)  annually


Admission Eligibility

Bachelor's degree: 12th class passing certificate from accounting background

Master's degree: Bachelor's degree certificate in the related program and 7-8.5/10or Above

Highest paying jobs



Chartered Accountant, Chartered Certified Accountant, Company Secretary, Forensic accountant, etc.

Average Salary

Around 30,076.80 GBP (29,00,000 INR) annually

Why Study Accounting Degree in UK?

Studying accounting in UK gives a good understanding of money management and building analytical skills. You also have a great social experience while studying in the UK. On campus, you can join all types of clubs and organizations and travel off campus. You'll develop your language comprehension and analytical abilities everywhere you walk, inside and outside the classroom. Some other reasons to study accounting in UK universities are:

  • An accounting degree in UK allows you to exercise your mathematical muscles while applying technical knowledge to real-world business problems. Once you complete your course, you will multiple options of positions to work, including a chartered accountant, company secretary, external auditor, or stockbroker.
  • The London financial sector is one of the best and biggest industries in the world, and a bachelor’s or master's in accounting in UK can advance careers in this industry.
  • The starting compensation for accountants is around 35,000 GBP (33,74,694.17 INR), which is a great way to start your career.

Top Universities to Study Accounting in UK

There are multiple universities in the UK offering accounting courses. These universities offer different levels of accounting courses in UK for international students. Some of these are-

  1. Imperial College London 
  2. University of Edinburgh
  3. University of Manchester
  4. University of Leeds
  5. University of Warwick
  6. University of Birmingham

Let us discuss each university in details below:

Imperial College London

Imperial College London’s master's program in accounting and finance is theoretically sound and draws from some of the world's best corporate finance studies. Additionally, it is very relevant, allowing you to answer genuine business and value challenges in real estate transactions and mergers and acquisitions.



QS WUR 2023


Program Offered

MSc in Accounting and Finance- 2 years

Program Fees (Annual)

MSc- 39410.98 GBP (38,00,000 INR)

University of Edinburgh

If you have a quantitative background, the Accounting and Finance course closely aligns with professional practice and is a good fit for you. This curriculum will push you academically and prepare you for future careers in accounting and finance through case studies and practical applications.



QS WUR 2023


Program Offered

MSc in Accounting and Finance- 2 years

Program Fees (Annual)

MSc- 35262.45 GBP (38,00,000 INR)

University of Manchester

University of Manchester offers quality education in the accounting course. With the help of course units in accounting, finance, and social sciences, gain a comprehensive understanding of societal concerns. Gain from the School of Social Sciences Economics courses and the Alliance Manchester Business School's Accounting and Finance courses.



QS WUR 2023


Program Offered

BSc in Accounting and Finance 4years


MSc in Accounting and Finance- 2 years

Program Fees (Annual)

Bachelor’s- 9250 GBP (891883.46 INR)

Master’s- 32151.06 GBP (31,00,000 INR)

University of Leeds

You have the chance to graduate with significant exemptions from the major accountancy professional bodies under the Accounting and Finance degree at the University of Leeds. You'll have a variety of possibilities to gain practical job experience while studying in one of England's largest city districts for financial and commercial services.



QS WUR 2023


Program Offered

BSc in Banking and Finance 4 years


MSc in Accounting and Finance- 2 years

Program Fees (Annual)

Bachelor’s- 9250 GBP (891883.46 INR)

MSc- 28821.87GBP (27,79,000 INR)

University of Warwick

University of Warwick is one of the best universities offering accounting course in UK. The program offers options for students to customize their studies to fit their particular interests or career goals. Students can also choose modules from specific fields and continue with them through their final year.



QS WUR 2023


Program Offered

BSc in Banking and Finance 4years


MSc in Accounting and Finance- 2 years

Program Fees (Annual)

Bachelor’s- 9250 GBP (89,18,83.46 INR)

MSc- 35718.79 GBP (34,44,000INR)

University of Birmingham

The goal of the University of Birmingham under the accounting and finance course is to increase your knowledge so that you can function at a degree level. You must pass it to move on, but it doesn't contribute toward your ultimate degree classification. This program's financial track is associated with the CISI, CFA, and IMC.



QS WUR 2023


Program Offered

MSc International Accounting and Finance;- 2 years

Program Fees (Annual)


Master’s – 28,002.54 GBP (27,00,000 INR)

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Program Overview and Curriculum for Accounting in UK

The accounting degree in UK is intended for students willing to be a part of finance or banking job in the UK. The program covers different areas of accounting subjects.

Courses Offered under Accounting Course in UK

  • BSc in Banking and Finance
  • MSc International Accounting and Finance

Important Subjects Covered in the course are-

  • The Economics of Money, Banking and Finance
  • Business Finance
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Global Financial Markets
  • Business Readiness

Eligibility Criteria for Accounting Course UK

To study accounting course in UK, you need to have the right eligibility criteria that can help in seeking admission. Some of these are mentioned below-

  • Educational Qualification
  • English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  • GRE or GMAT Test Scores
  • Work Experience
  • USA Student Visa.

Let us check all criteria in detail below:

Educational Qualification

For Bachelors

  • Students should carry a qualifying certificate of class 12th or high school from a registered educational institution with an accounting or finance background having a score of 60-70%
  • Should have the subjects of accountancy/ business/ mathematics.

For Masters

  • Upper second class honors degree (2:1) or equivalent in accounting and finance or a related subject in the bachelor’s degree course. Also, the GPA should be around 7-8.5/10.
  • Students may ask to provide their medical history or medical documents.

English Language Proficiency Test Scores

International students need to submit their TOEFL, IELTS score, or equivalent English proficiency test scores while seeking admission for an accounting course in the UK. The minimum test score requirements for the English language to study in the UK is-


Another important requirement for international students to pursue accounting courses in UK is the GMAT or GRE qualification. Average scores as per the tests are:

Work Experience

For a master in accounting in UK, universities may ask for work experience. Having 3-4 years of work experience is best. Although it might not be a compulsory requirement, having enough professional experience will definitely help to enhance your chances of admission.

UK Student Visa

Obtaining a student visa for the nation you desire to study in is one of the key requirements for studying abroad, in addition to meeting the admission requirements. The average processing time for a UK student visa is three weeks, though it may take longer during busy periods.

Documents Required for Accounting in UK

So, a complete list of documents to study accounting in UK include:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Updated Resume
  • TOEFL/IELTS/GMAT/GRE scorecards
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Valid Passport
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Proof of relevant job experience (if applicable)
  • Proof of Funding for living and study expenses

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Admission Process for Accounting Course in UK

Students looking forward to studying accounting in UK need to follow the following admission process-

  1. Search for the universities offering the respective course in the UK and visit the official website to gather information.
  2. Once selected, fill out the application form available on the website and pay the fee.
  3. Check all the needed documents for the admission process and upload them online before the deadline date.
  4. If your application is accepted, you’ll receive an email from the applied universities.
  5. Prepare for the interview rounds with the university.
  6. If selected, you'll get an acceptance letter from the applied university, and you need to give the confirmation letter within the allocated time.
  7. After the final confirmation, pay the tuition fee of the applied program and also apply for the UK student visa.

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Cost of Studying Accounting in UK

Most expenses incurred while pursuing accounting in the UK are related to tuition and living expenses. Below are tuition fees and living costs.

Tuition Fees

On average, the annual tuition fees for Accounting courses in the UK are around-

Bachelor’s- 9250 GBP (89, 1883.46 INR) Annual

Master’s- 32151.06 GBP (31, 00,000 INR) Annual

Cost of Living

The average cost of living for international students in the UK is around 2,500 GBP (INR 2, 39,163) annually. The cost of living is calculated keeping various factors in mind like the location, transportation, and other expenses.


Cost Per Month


1,500 GBP  (1,43,473 INR )


200 GBP (19,129 INR)


 45 GBP (4,302 INR)

Study Materials

2,000 GBP (1,91,117 INR) Annually

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Scholarship for Accounting Courses in UK for International Students

Students pursuing accounting course in UK will need scholarships to cover the cost of study. Some of the popular grants offered are-



Women in Finance Scholarship;

Trendhim Scholarship

Awarded to female applicants

Amount- 2000 GBP (192,839 INR)

Graduate Support Scheme by London School of Economics

Awarded to Graduate students in accounting

Amount- 5,000 GBP (482,099.17 INR)

International MSc Scholarships by University of Edinburgh

Awarded to students pursuing Master’s program

Amount-  4,000 GBP (385,679.33 INR)

Master Scholarship for Indian residents

Awarded to Indian students

Amount- 7500 GBP (723,148.75 INR)

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Career Scope After Completing Accounting Course in UK

An overseas student can apply for multiple positions and receive a generous income after completing an accounting course in the UK. The following table lists the basic salary and senior-level salary for certain accounting positions available in the UK:

Job Role

Annual Average Salary

Chartered Accountant

30076.80 GBP (29,00,000 INR)

Chartered Certified Accountant

24891.14 GBP (24,00,000 INR)

Forensic accountant

23854.01 GBP (23,00,000 INR)


24891.14 GBP (24,00,000 INR)

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Accounting course in UK is a good fit for a student who is analytical, literate in numbers, and well-organized. You will be able to seek employment abroad and earn better incomes if you pursue the program in the UK. If you want to get admission to top universities in the UK for accounting courses or have any study abroad-related queries, Yocket professionals will help you in every step.


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