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Yokohama National University

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Yokohama National University is also known as Yokokoku, established in 1949. It is located in Yokohama, Japan. It is a leading university in Japan. It is included in National Seven Universities of Japan. Its roots founded back in 1876 as a Yokohoma school of Commerce. It offers master degree programs in economics, education, business administration, and engineering. It also offers courses in nursing, Nano bioscience, international management, medicine, and science. 7471 undergraduate and 2561 postgraduate students had sought education from Yokohoma University. In the year 2013, the university offered two facilities with 4850 students. The university stands at 46th position (2018) in Japan university ranking and at the 173rd position in Asia university ranking and ranked 460th in Global World Ranking.



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Yokohama University is located in Yokohama Kanagawa, Japan. It comprises four campuses. Kanazawa-Hakkei Campus is located in Kanazawa-ku. The other campus is in Yokohama, which is also known as the university symbol. The medical school is a part of Fukuura Campus. Yokohoma is an urban city. The city is big and features lots of exciting facilities. There are a good number of cafes and restaurants which provide good foods at affordable prices. Shopping is apparently easy to do due to the proliferation of several shopping malls. The city has an excellent network of roads and provides several reliable means of transportation.


Yokohama University has a whole lot of buildings and other infrastructures on campus. The lecture rooms are fantastic. They are large and fitted with several teaching aids in other to make lectures more effective. Also, the university has several laboratories and research centers. The library is great. It houses a collection of published books and journals.

Residing Options

Yokohoma University offers a good housing unit for students studying at the university. This comprises of 4 main residences for students including Ooka International Residence, Minesawa, and international student house, Hazawa International Residence, as well as Tokiwadai International Residence. Each room is fitted with the basic facilities that are required for comfort. Here Japanese and international students live together in a friendly environment.


Yokohama City University has an established faculty to student ratio of 1:7. The student ratio of females to males is 56:44. The academic staff consists of highly skilled professionals in the career and they include a good number of professors, associate professors, senior lecturers, and other lecturers. Percentage of an international student is 2%. It offers 4 faculties and consists of 5 graduate schools.

Jobs and placements

Yokohama career support room manages several lectures for the career counseling of students. They also organize seminars which demonstrate human resource representatives from different corporations. Students can also browse announcements concerning internships with the goal of gaining firsthand work experience. The university also offers vacancies for professors and associate professors.

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