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The University was founded in 1949 by merging colleges Maebashi College of Medical Science, Kiryu Technical College Gunma Normal School, and Gunma Youth Normal School. Gunma University has around 6000 to 7000 students. Within the University there are Faculty of Education (in Aramaki Campus), Faculty of Social and Information Studies (in Aramaki Campus), Faculty of Medicine (in Showa Campus), Faculty of Engineering (in Kiryu Campus).



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The University is located in the area of the Japanese Alps. Its main campus is located in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture. Gunma is situated around 100km from Tokio. In the vicinity of the University is a train station which connects Gunma with other cities in Japan. The Gunma area is surrounded by three characteristic mountains, Mt. Akagi, Mt. Haruna and Mt. Miogi. The city prospered during the modernization of Japan by being the center of the silk industry which brought the city wealth.


The University contains the Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation, Library and Information Technology Center, Organization for Heavy Ion Medicine and the University Hospital. The hospital provides medical training for students and clinical research, also advanced medical care is available for the community, which is not provided in other general hospitals. Gunma University has 4 campuses Aramaki, Showa, Ota, and Kiryu.

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Gunma University has three large urban campuses located in the Gunma Prefecture. The two campuses are in Maebashi, the capital of the prefecture of Gunma which has 320,000 inhabitants. The main administration is at Aramaki campus, and the Faculty of Medicine is in Shova campus, both located in Maebashi.

A regular bus line between the campus and the JR Maebashi station is available to students. The School of Science and Technology is located at the Kiryu campus, 30 km from Maebashi. Kiryu has an express train for Asakus in Tokyo and the Japanese rail network.


Gunma is a national University and the president of the University is Mamoru Suzuki. The Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation and the Graduate School of Medicine are at the moment undergoing a cooperative management program with Akita University called the Global COE Program.

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From The School of Medicine is turning out around 10% of the nation’s radiotherapists, also the faculty is trying to encourage students as they confront an increasingly wider perspective on this society by providing personnel capable of achieving the ability to realize solutions within a wide range of activities. The University contains the Faculty of Education which provides new and high-level teachers every year.

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