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Yamaguchi University, founded in 1949 is the third oldest national comprehensive university in Japan and is formed by integrating six public schools in the Yamaguchi Prefecture – the Yamaguchi Higher School, the Yamaguchi College of Economics, the Ube Technical College, the Yamaguchi Normal School, the Yamaguchi Youth Normal School and the Yamaguchi College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry. Its wide range of courses is organized in the faculties of humanities, education, economics, science, and agriculture, in the campus of Yamaguchi, and medicine and engineering in Ube.

The university has been ranked by different organizations. In the year 2018, according to Best Global University Ranking, it was ranked 1106th in the world and according to Top Universities; its rank is 701st worldwide in the year 2019. More so, the Times Higher Education ranked the university in different classes as 1001+ according to World University Rankings in 2019, 251-300th according to Asia University Rankings in 2018, and 39th according to Japan University Rankings in 2018.



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Yamaguchi University is located in Yamaguchi Prefecture, a prefecture of Japan in the Chugoku region of the main island of Honshu. The capital is the city of Yamaguchi, in the center of the prefecture. The largest city, however, is, Shimonoseki. Thirteen cities are located in Yamaguchi Prefecture - Hagi, Hikari, Hofu, Iwakuni, Kudamastu, Mine, Nagato, Shimonoseki, Shunan, Ube, Yamaguchi (capital), Yanai, and sanyo-onoda. Hagi city is in the north of Yamaguchi. It is a very traditional city. There is a very beautiful museum called Hagi Museum which is modeled after a traditional samurai residence. Hagi also contains a reverberatory furnace which has been designated as World Heritage Site.Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park, which includes Japan’s longest cave, the Akiyoshidai is another popular destination. There are three districts which have an alliance with the Yamaguchi Prefecture namely - Shandong Province, China (since 1982), South Gyeongseng Province, South Korea (since 1987), and Navarre, Spain (since November 2003).


Yamaguchi University has a number of buildings for different faculties and other infrastructures on campus. It has four libraries including Ube City Library, Yamaguchi University’s General Library, Medical Library, and Engineering Library. Dorms rooms are available for international students and researchers at the international houses on both Yamaguchi Yoshida Campus and Ube Tokiwa (Faculty of Engineering) Campus. It has several on-campus dormitories for international students in Yoshida Campus and Tokiwa Campus. Yamaguchi University Share House was newly established for exchange students of the Faculty of Global and Science Studies.

Residing Options

The University provides various housing units for the students. The University has a number of dormitories available not only for Japanese but also for International students and researchers. The new Yamaguchi University Share House was added to further increase the accommodation capacity for international students. The Yamaguchi University Share House has 31 air-conditioned flats each shared by three students and the common area in each flat is well equipped with home appliances.


Yamaguchi University has a faculty to student ratio of 1:9. University has a total academic faculty staff of 1,164 from which 56 are international and 1,108 are domestic. The total number of students in University is 10,419 from which 376 are international students. From 10,013 domestic students, 15.3 % are PG students and 84.7% are UG students and from 376 international students, 26.6% are UG students and 73.4% are PG students.

Jobs and placements

Students graduated from Yamaguchi University have a lot of opportunities for getting jobs and placements. Liu Chergchong belonged to Faculty of Economics, Tourism, and Travel Industry Policy has got a job in “Kyushu Railway Company”. There are many alumni who got jobs like her. Many international students prefer to do a job in their own country after getting graduated from the University.

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