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Founded in 1888 as Utah's agricultural college, the Utah State University (USU) is a public research university in Logan. With a total of 29,000 students the university now offers programs in liberal arts, engineering, business, economics, natural resource sciences, as well as nationally ranked elementary & secondary education programs. The university has eight colleges and offers a total of 176 bachelor's degrees, 97 master's degrees, and 38 doctoral degrees. The university’s name is as good as its digit around United States.



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Without a glorious past and nothing much to boast out about, Logan is kind of a sad place to spend your life at if you want some kind of experience and thrill from life. A population around 48,000 prefers staying within home and nothing great happens apart from a weekend party within the woods. Logan is a beautiful place in terms of the floral coverage and sometimes teenagers love to spend their weekends at tree houses in the bush, but doing that every weekend might get boring for you eventually. Handful of bars and restaurants with their names on your fingertips is the only kind of fun you can have at Logan, but if you analyze the locality in terms of education then you might get a whole new different view.


The Logan campus is built on 2sq Km of area and the suburban is built over 500 acres of land, both the campuses are pretty big as compared to their locality. As the campus was built more than a century back, it does have a heritage feel to itself. The surroundings are beautiful and green; all you will hear is sounds of bird’s chirpings. Full of parks and libraries, the campus is better known for its heritage value and has beautiful buildings of the 17th and 18th century.

Residing Options

None the less the campus has one the best housing options for all kind of students and the cost for it may go up till 12,000 US$ including extra expenses and meals. Living on campus is fun and the better part is that the housing is managed so well that you will never have to live with someone too old or too elder than you. The administration for housing is well managed and they keep everything placed properly from breakfast timings to sleeping hours. There is a different kind of fun living on campus and every student would suggest you to do so if you have a chance. The life outside the campus is expensive and boring, even though you will have to face limitations and rules of living within campus, you’d never get bored of it.


Faculty at USU is well educated and experiences. The students have always been happy with few professors who have gone above and beyond a student’s problems or doubts. The only problem lies are with the administration, they keep an eye on what teachers teach and they limit a teacher’s point of view. This is a sad situation where the university itself is not letting teachers teach the way they want to. If a class is found enjoying a lot then they are asked to calm down their fun and turn back to their books, even if the fun was an initiative by the teacher. Else the teaching staff is amazing and would help you the way they want to, but it’s a universal law that ‘to every force, there is equal and opposite reaction force.

Jobs and placements

The university has a good name in every industry. Having one of the best agricultural colleges, the university has made quite a name in that specific industry. The average annual income of a USU pass out is 72,000 US$ which by far is good as compared to other universities in the same range of education and fee structure. Students from USU are satisfied with their jobs and as per the census 75% of them agree that USU was the reason behind their career success.

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