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University of Rochester is a private university founded in 1850. Although the University is most famous for its school of music, the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences with its Biomedical Sciences and Engineering course being the most preferred is part of the campus of around 700 acres.




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The University is a 10-15 minute drive from the city of Rochester. The immediate surroundings are not very happening but surely everybody loves it for it is peaceful and quiet. Most of the area always has students around and there are a number of calm places to hang out like the parks or the riverside. Niagara falls are a couple of hours from the campus and Toronto too is a few hours’ drive from the campus. Students can complain about the quietness of the small city, but if that’s what you like, nothing like Rochester!


The Rochester campus is small but facilities are decent. Both the libraries are liked by the students and the gymnasium is one of the favourite of the students in UR.

Residing Options

Well, on campus residing options are limited and not really in your control. Dorms are allotted in groups of two and sometimes (rare) in groups of three. Other than being really close the schools, on campus residing options expose you to a lot of different people which you ultimately start liking, unless you are anti social and need privacy, on campus stay works fine. All kinds of basic facilities are available and provided by the campus. A lot many students actually prefer staying on campus even though it is marginally expensive.
Very few students opt for Off Campus stay even when it is relatively less expensive than On Campus stay. This is mainly because of the social remoteness students might experience Off Campus. Generally students move out of campus (If at all) after a year’s study when they have a group to move out with.


Faculty at UR are considered to be very good and in fact is a strong point for the university. Professors are accessible and friendly; moreover most students find their area of interest and then attach themselves to the concerned professor early on. 4 out of 5 classes will have a faculty member per 25 students which makes the classes very interactive.
The pedagogy is very much flexible. Students can enrol themselves at multiples classes if they can keep up with the challenging course structure. Teaching is top notch and highly appreciated by students. UR is what it is for the quality of professors and students. The University is ranked consistently within the top 50 Universities with respect to quality of teaching and faculty in the US.

Jobs and placements

The alumni network in UR is pretty strong and if one makes an extra effort to communicate ones credentials, great prospects are bound to be open. The College assists students from time to time but individual attention is not really provided. Most students end up being content with their eventual placements.

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