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The University of Bremen is a public institution located in Bremen, Germany. The university was established in the year 1971 which means it is among the young universities in Germany. They offer 12 faculties in total including; Physics/Electrical Engineering, Biology/Chemistry, Mathematics/Computer Science, Production Engineering/mechanical Engineering &process Engineering, Geoscience, law, Business Studies, Social Science, Languages and Literary studies, Human Health and finally Pedagogy and Educational Sciences. The University of Bremen has been ranked position 368 in the world, this is an indication of how the university has managed to provide students with quality services.



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The University of Bremen is located in Bremen, Germany. This is a city that carries beauty with it every time any changes take place due to technological changes. It is the second most popular place all through the north of Germany. The city of Bremen is known as a major economic and cultural hub. This is a perfect place for a student to settle for studies. There are dozens of museums and historical arts. The city has several beautiful buildings with nice landscape giving a special display from a glance.


The university has a number of highly advanced infrastructure, for example, the lab infrastructure. The Mass Spectrometry is a facility that is equipped with “Neptune multi-collector plasm source mass spectrometer” MC-ICP-MS and “triton thermal ionization mass spectrometer. Both types of equipment are made by Thermo-Fisher Scientific. This laboratory is fully equipped with the required infrastructure. On the other hand, the computer science lab also constitutes of facilities that enhance practical learning for the students. The library is also fully equipped with research materials for all the faculties. The university has enough and large lecture halls where students meet, the lecturers are skilled, learned and experienced.

Residing Options

Searching for a house in Bremen is challenging and students are advised to start their search earlier. Many students want a furnished room or apartment, increasing the demand in the market. There are private furnished rooms near the university whose price is high due to the close proximity with the campus and the features of being furnished. There are also unfurnished rooms and apartments which are at a lower price. One can access the websites that provide you with recommended housing options and make your decision from what you like.


The university has a faculty to staff ratio of 1:8. The total number of students in the university is 19,173 with over 2,500 as international students. It has a faculty strength of 2,330 from which 550 are international staff. The quality of education in this university is a true reflection of a well-established relationship between the students and teachers.

Jobs and placements

Studying in Bremen is a big advantage for students, with the advanced facilities, the University of Bremen produces professionals who are skilled enough for the jobs in the market. The alumni from the University of Bremen are able to make to the top best jobs worldwide.

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