In the areas of counselling, education, ministry, performing arts, mission, youth studies, and humanities, Tabor College is an Australian Christian postsecondary institution that offers a variety of liberal arts courses from certificate to post-graduate study. The institution has campuses in Perth and Adelaide, South Australia. The Millswood site, which originally held the national headquarters and included the Goodwood Orphanage, is contained in structures that are on the national register of historic places. Tabor was founded by the Pentecostal organisation known as the Christian Revival Crusade, which is today known as CRC Churches International. It has maintained its charismatic culture and made a name for itself as a liberal arts college with a sizable population of staff and students from mainline churches.

Top Reasons to Study in the Tabor College Australia

Tabor acknowledges and strives to abide by the Confession of Faith of the General Conference of Mennonite Brethren, which was established in 1975 and its following amendments, as a college that is owned and run by the Mennonite Brethren Church.

  • In 1988, Melbourne received a new campus; in 1992, Sydney and Perth received new campuses. In January 2008, Tabor Victoria and Kingsley College merged their higher education programmes. 
  • Tabor College now offers a range of bachelor's degrees in education as well as bachelor's degrees in theology, ministry, and intercultural studies. It also offers bachelor's degrees in the humanities and social sciences, such as those in counselling or youthwork. Additionally, Tabor grants master's degrees in each of its faculties and a PhD in theology.
  • The South Pacific Association of Bible Colleges, the Association of Pentecostal and Charismatic Bible Colleges of Australasia, the Australian and New Zealand Theological Library Association, Unilincand Missions Interlink are just a few of the allied organisations that Tabor has formal connections with.

Cost of Studying at Tabor College Australia

Average tuition fee


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Interest rates as low as 7.99%
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Living expenses

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Admissions at The Tabor College Australia

How to Apply at Tabor College Australia

  • To submit an admissions application, go to their website.
  • Fill out the upload form with all of your personal details.
  • Describe academic background 
  • Choose your academic path.
  • A request will be sent.
  • In advance, pay the application cost.

Note: Tabor College Australia’s application fee is 50 AUD(2,754 INR).

Documents Required to Apply to Tabor College Australia

  • Official high school transcript, which new students should have access to.
  • Evidence of financial assistance.
  • Passport photocopy and official transcripts from the last college or university you attended.
  • Each and every document must be officially accepted and translated into English.

Exams Accepted By the University

For Tabor College Australia, students need to meet the following scores: 


Minimum Requirements





English Proficiency Requirements

Check out the accurate Tabor College Australia international students requirements:


Minimum Requirements

Duo lingo




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Campus locations
South Australia

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Transportation in the city

The Millswood campus of Tabor is only five minutes from the city, has sufficient parking, and is accessible by public transportation. However, a large portion of their pupils study with us online and are dispersed throughout Australia. In 1985, Max Winkless, a Volvo Trucks dealer from Perth, connected Across Australia Coachlines with Briscoe's Coachlines, Quest Tours of Adelaide, and Perth-based Parlorcars Group to form Bus Australia, an interstate coach company in Australia.a Ghan. The Ghan might be Australia's most well-known landmark. Darwin to Adelaide is a famous Australian train excursion that runs from the north to the south.

Services offered by the university

  • For its patrons, Tabor Library offers a variety of areas and services. In addition to our outdoor Tabor Cloister and a quiet study area with private booths, there are collaborative spaces to congregate, network, and socialise. Computers with wireless internet access, photocopiers for printing, copying, and scanning, chargers for a variety of mobile devices, and a self-check loans system are additional crucial library services. kiosk
  • There are constantly volunteer options available for Tabor students. You will take part in a service day during new student orientation, helping out in Hillsboro, Newton, and Wichita with other volunteers. Groups collaborate with low-income housing developments, clothing banks, women's shelters, and other organisations.
  • The Tabor Mental Health Strategy recognises that an individual's mental health is influenced by a variety of factors, including their personal characteristics and behaviours as well as larger social, economic, cultural, geographical, and political settings.
  • The ability of people and groups to engage with one another and their environment in ways that foster subjective wellbeing, optimal growth, and the use of cognitive, affective, and relational talents is a sign of good mental health, which is more than just the absence of mental disease (DoHA & AIHW, 1999).

Student life

Educating and forming community professionals including teachers, counsellors, youth workers, pastors, musicians, creative communicators, and intercultural workers is Tabor's area of expertise. Tabor is a private higher education provider that was founded 40 years ago. This indicates that they provide a wide range of educational levels, from post-graduate degrees to certificate IIs. They are great at fostering student engagement, receiving a 94% favourable rating in the national graduate satisfaction survey* for their medium-sized college with small class sizes. At Tabor, students participate in group learning, and our lecturing style is relational, interactive, and personal. They aspire to be individualised, user-friendly, and flourishing in our engagement with students and stakeholders while being unapologetically Christian.


On campus accomodation

The Student Life office organises new student and parent orientation. The purpose of orientation is to acclimate new students to life at Tabor College. It includes meeting other new students and student leaders, participating in activities sponsored by the Student Activities Board, registering for classes, attending information sessions, attending worship services, and other activities. Prior to the start of classes, orientation is held over the weekend.

  • First-come, first-served policy applies to the selection of rooms. Once you've been accepted, you'll need to submit a housing form and deposit to make things official and get settled in your temporary residence.
  • Males's and women's quads are available for all students, as are Harms and Dakota halls for men in their sophomore, junior, and senior years, and themed houses and townhouses for juniors and seniors.
  • At Tabor College, community is more than just a buzzword; it's a way of life. Every day in the dorms, it takes the form of late-night conversations, movie marathons, fitful laughing, and new friendships.
  • The living options at Tabor College are designed to foster community and create priceless memories, regardless of your age.


University Faculty Stats

At Tabor College, the student-to-faculty ratio is 15:1, and 56.4% of the classes have fewer than 20 students. The faculty has a 60:40 male to female ratio.


Research opportunities at university

A well-known college or institute with its headquarters in Forrestfield, Western Australia, Australia, Tabor College was formed in 1979 and is a cutting-edge educational facility. Private Tabor College in Forrestfield focuses its instruction mostly on the arts, sciences, engineering, law, and other related fields. The institute's major goal is to deliver high-quality education through creative training programmes in a range of disciplines, research, and extension initiatives in order to improve individual performance and elevate professional standards. In the fields of the arts, sciences, engineering, law, and other fields, Tabor College, Forrestfield has made a name for itself.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

To aid in their preparation for the Internship block and the subsequent transition to a "Beginning Teacher," all Pre-Service Teachers are required by the Bachelor of Education and Master of Teaching programmes to attend the one-day Tabor Internship Seminar on June 22, 2017. In School Weeks 2 through 9, Term 3, the Internship Block will last 40 days (eight weeks) (24 July - 15 September, 2017). Under the guidance of a Mentor Teacher, each Pre-Service Teacher will complete an internship in a school where they will take on progressively more responsibility for a class, culminating in at least three (3) consecutive full weeks of teaching as specified in the Internship Timetable.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

The crucial task of supporting the College's preservice teachers before and during their professional experience assignments in schools is carried out by Tabor liaisons. Tabor liaisons facilitate connections between preservice teachers, their mentor teachers, school coordinators, and Tabor personnel in addition to working directly with our preservice teachers and Professional Experience Office staff to achieve this. The crucial task of supporting the College's preservice teachers before and during their professional experience assignments in schools is carried out by Tabor liaisons. Tabor liaisons facilitate connections between preservice teachers, their mentor teachers, school coordinators, and Tabor personnel in addition to working directly with our preservice teachers and Professional Experience Office staff to achieve this. The average package is 61,354 AUD( 3,379.816INR)





181 Goodwood Rd, Millswood SA 5034, Australia

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