Murdoch University, Perth

Murdoch University, Perth

Western Australia, Australia | Public


Set up in 1973, Murdoch University – the second public university in Perth started accepting students from 1975. Murdoch University is one of the institutions which is included in the group of Innovative Research Universities and it also enjoys the reputation of being a verdant university. Currently, it is ranked in the top 500 universities of the world. Murdoch’s student populace is extremely diverse – it has around 3000 international students from more than 100 countries. As an Indian student, you will not have a hard time fitting in here.



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MU is located in the capital of Australia, Perth. Apart from MU, you will find three more public universities, includingthe University of Western Australia. Tourism is predominant in this area and if you are into travelling then it is a great opportunity for you to explore your wanderlust.


Murdoch University houses nine schools and consists of three campuses – Peel Campus, Rockingham Campus and South Street Campus. You will not find any enormous clock tower like the one in University of Western Australia. MU’s buildings give you a homely vibe and you can often escape the rest of the world by escaping in the library in the South Street Campus. This campus not only has renewable energy facilities but it also is the home of meadows and farm animals. It is the only school in Western Australia, which has included the veterinary school and the animal stocks.

Residing Options

The on-campus accommodation is a bit frustrating for the students sometimes because you have to pay at one go for the entire duration of your stay. Not only is that expensive but at times ,students get no reply from the University regarding their on-campus stay. And, due to the economic boom, living in Perth has become extremely costly and it is only natural that you would have to share your apartment with multiple people to curtail costs.


Although the professors are helpful and approachable, the burden to study or not to study is ultimately on your shoulders. In certain departments such as law, you will find intellectually stimulating professors who will constantly encourage and motivate you to do exceptionally well in academic and take the world by storm. But, then again you will find a few bad eggs irrespective of the department and the subject that you choose to study.

Jobs and placements

Once you are in Murdoch, if you use your social and networking skills, you will definitely be able to make it at least to the interview rounds of your preferred companies. But, you need to take the initiative first and approach the careers office in the university.

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