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Although the roots of this University go back to 1891, the federal University of Western Sydney came into effect first in 1989 and the other colleges banded together to form the University we know now in 1995. The University started acting as a single entity rather than a federation by 2001 and was formed with six campuses to educate a large and diverse population.
Known for their art and humanities degrees, the University of Western Sydney changed its name to western Sydney University last year and hold the #279 rank for their arts courses, worldwide.
UWS is known for 200 years of quality education through the previous institutions and is one of the largest campuses in Australia. They offer courses that range from arts and humanities to medicine, IT and business for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.




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Since the UWS is located in the South Western Sydney, most of the campuses are quite close to the coastline as well as located in metropolitan areas. For those who are planning to stay outside the campus, transportation is available around the clock thanks to the buses that run frequently to the different campuses.
Along with this, you get to experience the good weather and the amazing vibe that the city has to offer.


The infrastructure of UWS is a dream for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of scientific research and medicine. With top of the line labs and research facilities spread throughout all the six campuses, you are sure to find the right place to pursue your interests.
For those who are willing to take up art and humanities, you will have to make do with the libraries however. Although arts and humanities has an extremely good course, the weight age given to science and medicine is a lot more.
Robotic Assemble Laboratory, Confocal Bio-Imaging Labs, nursing labs and moot courts form the different parts of the University where you find and make your niche. Apart from these, you have various facilities for recreational purposes such as tennis courts, gym, sporting grounds, libraries, computer labs, cafes and more. Each campus has a unique setting to it which ranges from ultra urban to peaceful and serene grounds so you can find the one you like best.
For international students, this maybe a completely new experience as most of them are co ed and for those who are uncomfortable with that situation it will be a little difficult to adjust to, at least in the beginning semester.

Residing Options

The system in UWS for accommodation is in the forms of University villages. With single rooms and shared rooms, the university villages also allow for apartment style living if needed. All the rooms are equipped with basic amenities such as beds, tables, chairs, dressers, a wardrobe, bathroom, wifi, fridge and more. Along with these, you get to share common recreational areas as well the kitchens.
It also swimming pools, a barbecue area, student lounge, tv lounge, pool and tennis tables and more.


The faculty of UWS is known for their world class standards and the top quality of teaching. With their mentoring and guidance, UWS has received many research grants and scholarships, making it the 11st best university from the top 40 colleges that were shortlisted.
With a innovative approach and quality teaching methods, the students are able to grasp the subjects easily and can approach the faculty in case of any queries and for guidance as well.

Jobs and placements

The students and the staff follow the InPlace options at UWS. It allocates and administrates the work and placements of students by uploading their data on the server and the placement agencies can view the same and shortlist those they think will fit in well. This has been known to make the work easier and is highly effective with a large number of students being placed into good companies every year.

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