University Type

CHF 15,800

Average Living Expenses

HEAD – Genève, founded in 2006 as a result of the amalgamation of two prominent schools, the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts and the Haute École d'Arts Appliqués, focuses on a strong intellectual and artistic tradition to cultivate emerging artistic vision both in Switzerland and around the world. It has already positioned itself as one of Europe's leading visual arts institutions, with bachelor's and post-graduate degrees in Visual Arts, Cinematography, Interior Design, Space and Media, Visual Communication, and Fashion & Accessory Designing.

Top Reasons to Study in the Haute Ecole D’art Et De Design de Geneve (HEAD)

HEAD – Genève has developed strong ties with the regional artistic society and industry as an artistic and professional organization. The school's dedication to building a hub for visual art in Geneva is exemplified by its project to build a site inside the area's core. This great innovative center has also enlarged its Institute for Research in Art and Design, promoting global interactions and integrative cooperation. You should study at Haute Ecole D'art Et De Design de Genève (HEAD) for the given reasons.

  • The institution's professional identity encourages liberty and individual and national obligation, and it hosts notable lecturers and educators. 
  • The teaching delivered at HEAD is centered on the conversation between educators and pupils, enabling the individuals to develop their artistic trajectory while fostering uniqueness. 
  • Training programs, as well as engagement with retail and commercial industry collaborators, help students build projects.
  • HEAD – Genève is affiliated with the HES-SO Geneva (University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Geneva), which comprises six institutions offering globally renowned academic courses with a concentration on practical conduct.


Cost of Studying at Haute Ecole D’art Et De Design de Geneve (HEAD)

Average tuition fee


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Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)

CHF 13,200

Average living expenses (Masters)

CHF 15,800

Average on-campus living expenses

CHF 10,200

Admissions at The Haute Ecole D’art Et De Design de Geneve (HEAD)

How to Apply at Haute Ecole D’art Et De Design de Geneve (HEAD)

An enrollment payment of EUR 145 (INR 12000) approx is charged. Candidates can pay online or send evidence of receipt with their registration application. This is a non-refundable payment. There is a limit of two courses per applicant. Applicants who apply for two programs will be examined independently for each program. Admittance to a single field of study enables participants to begin that degree course only.

  • The private details of each applicant are assessed and analyzed by a panel of academicians as the first stage of the application process.
  •  The second stage of the registration procedure is an interview wherein the candidates approved after this review are invited via mail.
  •  The final results of the first phase of the registration process are emailed to candidates by the end of March. The questionnaire results are sent to them through email at the end of April. Candidates who are granted admission to HEAD – Genève have till May to acknowledge the position. The attainment of relevant requirements is essential for ultimate entrance to HEAD – Genève.

Documents Required to Apply to Haute Ecole D’art Et De Design de Geneve (HEAD)

  • A well-formatted résumé in either English or French.
  • A five-question biography in English or French – in the five-question profile, do use a format.
  • A maximum of 90-second demonstration short clip
  • Since the resume necessary for this course generally involves making a short movie, no innovative activity is required of candidates for the Bachelor in Cinema. 
  • If the candidate believes it is appropriate, a collection of work comprising remote work and/or additional projects.

Exams Accepted By Haute Ecole D’art Et De Design de Geneve (HEAD)

Following are the Haute Ecole D'art Et De Design de Geneve (HEAD) requirements for admission.

Upper Secondary Level Diploma




English Proficiency Requirements

To get through the Haute Ecole D'art Et De Design de Genève (HEAD) admissions, students Should be proficient in English and French.

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Rankings for The Haute Ecole D’art Et De Design de Geneve (HEAD)

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Students Haute Ecole D’art Et De Design de Geneve (HEAD)

International Students

Total International Students in the university


Alumni at Haute Ecole D’art Et De Design de Geneve (HEAD)

Alumni and degree holders from the Cinema / Cinema du réel Department attend numerous film festivals worldwide. The institution's connection doesn't end with completing one's journey at HEAD – Genève. Students are the finest representatives of the school! The school wants to keep in touch with the alumni. One should enroll here to stay current on societal and artistic occurrences, as well as details about dwellings, grants and loans, contests, traineeships, and job prospects.

  • Maria Marshall -a Visual Artist in Britain
  • Max Le Verrier -a French Sculptor
  • Katja Loher -A Swiss Artist
  • Armande Oswald -A Swiss Painter

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college stamp also required on LOR even though it is printed on college letter head??
LOR, masters
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Nipun Khivansara

a year ago

Is it ok if we submit an LOR without a letter head and from recommemdar's personal email id
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Reviews for Haute Ecole D’art Et De Design de Geneve (HEAD)

Campus life

Campus locations

View on Google Earth

Transportation in the city

  • Pupil Advantages for Transportation Car Hire
  • CFF (Swiss Federal Railways)

Rs 4000 standard discount for 25-year-olds, irrespective of occupational or social status.

The incentive is applicable until the learners' 26th birthday.

Services offered by the university

  • Emilie Parendeau, Academic Advisor, is accessible by request for instructional issues.
  • On the Student Services page of the HES-SO Geneva portal, comprehensive data is accessible for all topics associated with student lifestyle (expense of residing in Geneva, housing, healthcare, passport, student visa, employment, recommendations, and so on).
  • HEAD learners are exposed to the University of Geneva's Welfare and Economy (grants and loans, bursaries, societal guidance) and Medical and Psychological facilities.
  • All pupils at Haute école de santé have access to a Dietary Advisor. Counseling would cost users EUR 9.7 (INR 800) approx.-. Consultations can be made via email or phone +41 (0) 22 388 34 47.
  • Students with special requirements (such as a disability or a degenerative illness) should notify Emilie Parendeau. Exceptional coursework opportunities can be devised in certain circumstances.
  • HEAD is expected to focus on promoting a considerate and embracing organizational culture. When faced with marginalization (of any kind) or intimidation (psychical, sexual, virtual...), it is critical to speak up and seek guidance and help in fixing the dispute. The Geneva HES-SO offers an unrestricted and encrypted hearing & assistance program. No data is transmitted to a foreign entity, whoever they might well be, without one's prior permission.
  • The library system has over 40'000 customized books and 170 routine memberships to advanced journals, evaluations, and research papers. As a representative of the Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP), the library system provides direct exposure to the assets of 490 educational Swiss library services via Swisscovery HES-SO. Users can consider placing book requests using the SLSP-Courier and InterLibrary Loan (ILL) facilities.

The Library's employees render his\her expertise to scholars. Employees also encourage any acquisition recommendations.

The library is on the 2nd floor of Building E, Avenue de Chatelaine 5, on the HEAD - Genève premises.

Student life at Haute Ecole D’art Et De Design de Geneve (HEAD)

  • Campus Life - By its renovated global campus, HEAD – Genève is located in the center of the city amid three historic industrial structures, as well as the vintage original residence of the École des Arts Industriels. By consolidating the majority of instruction on one campus in 2017, HEAD – Genève demonstrated the school's approach to improving an institute of distinction for visual art in Geneva. Wireless networks are accessible in all HEAD constructions. We suggest using the Eduroam network. Instructions can be found in the campus buildings. Self-service canteens (vending machines) are available within every school building. Pupils are in charge of maintaining these dining facilities hygienic and operational.
  • Student Life - HEAD - Genève, established in 2006/2007, has established a regional and global stellar reputation. While it is a youthful school committed to designing the future, it also is part of a larger Geneva legacy, inevitably connected to the region's economy and liberal values. From its inception till 2017, HEAD - Genève offered classes in six different facilities throughout the metropolis. Students are provided with various recreational activities and entertainment resources to stabilize the hectic schedule of the institution. Grocery stores offer a 10% price reduction by demonstrating a student card for the shipment of regional or biogenic commodities in sustainable packaging.
  • Sports Activities - Various camps, weekend programs, and competitions are conducted throughout the academic year. Students interested in participating are requested to follow the institution's official website and register their names for specific events. Authority encourages the learners to stay fit and healthy, and students with excellent sports or athletics backgrounds are offered employment facilities and bursaries.

On campus accomodation at Haute Ecole D’art Et De Design de Geneve (HEAD)

Lodging opportunities for pupils can be found on the Students Affairs pages of the HES-SO.Genève website.

HES-SO Genève learners have entry to student housing operated by GELOGE, a HES-SO Genève student accommodation organization:

  • Champel's residence
  • Dassier residence

They can also visit the Cité Universitaire de Genève.

They could also pertain to the freshly constructed Grand Morillon residence hall, which houses learners registered at Swiss universities in the canton of Geneva, starting in January 2021.

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Faculty Information

Jobs and Opportunities


1. What is the cost of living on the campus of the institution? 
Living in Switzerland is a bit more costly. However, students get an advantage as organizations near the campuses operate housing and lodgings. The exact valuation must be inferred from trusted sources or the student service of the institution. You can expect the average cost of living at the university to be around EUR 1700 (INR 1.39 Lakh) per year. 

2. How can we get a study permit or student visa? 
Entrants could get detailed information on this through the Student Affairs page of HES-SO Geneva website. 

3. Is there any special provision for handicapped or impaired students? 
Students with special needs ( disability or chronic disease)can contact Emilie Parendeau and incur detailed information about changes in Haute Ecole D'art Et De Design de Geneve (HEAD) course and degree programs. 

4. What is the cost of tuition?
The tuition expense is EUR 558 (INR Rs46000) per semester, irrespective of the national origin. 

5. Is it possible to follow a part-time job while pursuing a Master's degree? 
Postgraduate educational programs at HEAD- Geneva are full-time. However, student jobs can be applied for.