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The Australian Institute of Music was founded by Dr. Peter Calvo in the year 1968, but then it was known as Sydney guitar school, the school till today has continually been reformed growing every step of the way even changing its location from its first campus to its present location at Melbourne which is bigger and more suitable for musical studies.

This institute is a nonprofit created solely for the development of music, a backbone on which many great music careers have begun, the school most importantly provides a platform for those with the inborn passion of music to express themselves and be all they can be. It does all of this with the key to innovation, which has earned it the leading position in comparison to similar other institutions.

The institute offers a great variety of courses but all fall within the category of music. All of its courses are accredited some of the well-known courses are Theatre Performance, Acting and composition, and finally music production. These courses are offered in different degree levels undergraduate, graduate and the like.

The institute is registered and accredited by a number of reputable authorities including The Australian Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency.



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AIM Melbourne is centrally located in the CBD, one block from Southern Cross Station and close to trams and Flinders Street Station. The campus features music production studios, ensemble rehearsal rooms, individual private lesson studios, and a brand new world-class performance venue.

The campus which features music production studios, ensemble rehearsal rooms, individual private lesson studios, and a brand new world-class performance venue is right in the middle of Melbournes Central business district, right next to the trams and flinders street station, if you are coming from the Southern Cross station the school is just a few minutes walks.

Close to the institute are some of the best eateries and relaxation spots like Ze Pickle which serve mainly burgers of which they have many flavors for customers to choose from, in addition to this they also serve beer, Ze Pickle is a block or two from the central station. There's another great spot close to the school, The Reformatory Caffeine Lab which offers a great variety of coffee and other snacks, its environment is very colorful and refreshing to spend the afternoon in.


The institute has its campus at two different locations, one at Sydney and one at Melbourne. The major campus being Melbourne, both of these campuses provide a great array of facilities for the effectual impartation of knowledge. Facilities like state of the art recording studios, quality mixing consoles, and modern tech microphones, the school own a mixture of traditional and modern equipment.

 For student performances, lectures and competitions the school also owns infrastructure like a 276 capacity premiere concert hall, 2 contemporary high-class theatres, the biggest containing an audience of 100 people, and the smaller one an audience of 70, apart from these there are other spaces for performance and ensemble rooms all fully and appropriately equipped with the needed tools and amenities.

The school provides a platform for the development of a strong artist society, producing a very healthy combination of school work, social life, and learning.

Residing Options

The institute does not have residence of its own on any of its campuses, students will have to find their own accommodations with private rental bodies, the school has a unit that helps the students with acquiring accommodation and they provide guidance, support, and counsel.

There are different types of accommodations available for the students in Sydney, Australia

  • Hostels: The room is most times a private one or it could be shared by colleagues, some of the room are catered rooms others are self-catered.
  • Apartments: For students who don't do well with groups and prefer privacy, this is a preferable type of accommodation; the most common type of private accommodation is the Studio apartment which is student-friendly in terms of price.
  • Homestays: This type of accommodation to is common to Australia, it is the type of accommodation where a student stays with a family which is the host, and that family provides them with everything they needed in return the student appreciates the family with a specific wage. 
  • Shared accommodations: This is one of the economical accommodations students can acquire because the cost is shared.


The institutions teaching and learning system is built on community work and support; which means that students get to learn in a team like an environment, with teachers and staff who are experts from the different musical field. The Students also have the privilege of associating with experienced musical scholars and learn with students from other musical backgrounds and specialties from different fields which has in turn been a great boost to their own creativity and productivity.

The institute offers degrees in several course areas like in the Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Entertainment jury Management and it also offers courses for postgraduate musical studies. The staffs at the institute are all music professionals who work both nationally and internationally, because of this engagement most of them teach part-time so they can also have time to participate in their own different musical practices.

Jobs and placements

The Australian Institute of Music is one of the well-known educational employers in Sydney providing jobs to a great number of musicians and support staff. The work environment is a nourishing one as staffs are allowed to express creativity in handling their duties as far as their targets are being met. The institution is one of those few in Sydney that is known to never lack vacancies or work opportunities. This means that students who seek to work have an opening most of the time and in addition to this the school helps the students connect with employers outside.

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