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American University in Switzerland

Vaud, Switzerland


Private University


Established in 1991


The American University in Switzerland (AUS) was founded in 1991 and has prepared international students with practical business knowledge so that they may become able contributors to any organization. The tools and training prepare the students to be at par with students from other institutions. It imparts higher education in a fun and exciting way so that its students are better equipped to take on the challenges of this new century and yet thrive through the ever-changing environment around them. It is located at La Tour-de-Peilz in Switzerland.

Top Reasons to Study in the American University in Switzerland

Let us look briefly at the top reasons to study at the American University in Switzerland: 

  • The American University in Switzerland is located in one of the safest countries in the world.
  • The Swiss penchant for efficiency can also be felt in a student's time at the university.
  • When you study at the American University in Switzerland, you have assured yourself of an international network that will help you immensely in your future.
  • Switzerland is home to some of the most beautiful, sophisticated, and high-class cities. This alone makes it a beautiful adventure for students studying at the American University in Switzerland.
  • If you don’t love sports, living in Switzerland might make you love them. And if you already are a sports lover, be prepared to love your sports even more.
  • Talking of sports, Switzerland offers many adventure sports to try your hand at.
  • The beautiful Alps that span eight different countries are a beautiful sight. When you study at the American University in Switzerland, you’re bound to take a trip to the Swiss Alps.
  • There are 26 federal states in Switzerland and four national languages. No wonder Switzerland is amongst the most diverse countries in Europe. You will enjoy your time amongst these diverse people just like you’ll enjoy the country's diverse geography.

Cost of Studying at American University in Switzerland

Average tuition fee



Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)

CHF 13,500

Average living expenses (Masters)

CHF 13,500

Rankings for The American University in Switzerland

More rankings for this university

Given below is a list of the American University in Switzerland World Rankings.

  • #251-300 Graduate employability ranking
  • #651-700 is the American University in Switzerland QS Ranking.

Admissions at The American University in Switzerland

How to Apply at American University in Switzerland

  • Visit the admission requirements page of the university
  • Download the application form and fill it up
  • Go to the admissions tab and follow all instructions
  • Submit your application form
  • Submit all the requisite documents as mentioned on the website
  • Make your payments as instructed
  • Submit your visa and passport along with six passport size photographs

Note: Application portal: Online Application Portal

American University in Switzerland Cost/Fee: None

Documents Required to Apply to American University in Switzerland

  • The completed and signed application form.
  • A copy of the Swiss residence permit, if required
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Fix passport size photographs
  • Official, sealed records or study (certificates, diplomas, transcripts, and this is closed from all institutions attended since secondary school
  • A curriculum vitae – to be written in brief
  • Evidence of work experience, if applicable
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means
  • Motivation letter
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Proof of English proficiency test scores
  • Appropriate test scores and records of other aptitude tests

Exams Accepted By the University

The American University in Switzerland requirements for different courses are different. Some of the requirements are mentioned below:

Type of Aptitude Test

Minimum Requirements




450 or higher (course dependent)



English Proficiency Requirements

The required English proficiency test scores required for American University in Switzerland admission.


Minimum Test Requirements 


6.0  or higher 




80 or higher 



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With students from more than 40 countries studying at the American University in Switzerland, the alumni are equally diverse and located in various countries. The university encourages its alumni to stay connected and perhaps even visit the university to impart their knowledge and encourage the students at the university. Some of the notable alumni of the university are:

  • Sylvester Stallone -American Actor
  • WInthrop Paul Rockefeller -American politician

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Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

View on Google Earth University-Brochure

Transportation in the city

Some of the main sources of transportation at the university are:

  • Train -The campus is at a walking distance from the La Tour de Peilz train station.
  • Bus: The nearest bus stops are La Tour-de-Peilz and Bel Air. 
  • Shuttle Bus: The students at the university are offered the shuttle bus service living in & around Montreux, La Tour-de-Peilz, and Vevey.

Services offered by the university

  • The university has state-of-the-art classrooms and facilities that provide students with interactive and innovative learning.
  • The campus library is accessible to all national and international students of the American University in Switzerland. It is well equipped with all the relevant study and reading material required by the students and research. The online databases at the library are repositories par excellence. There is also this computer room with a high-speed connection for students to use.
  • There is a snack bar (metropolis snack bar) where you can get refreshments, snacks, and hot meals all through the day, and their competitive prices are meant only for students. It is also an informal meeting place for students. There are several cafes and restaurants within walking distance of the university campus.
  • Students' safety, health, and well-being are top priorities at the American University in Switzerland. There is a medical cell ready at all times to take care of any medical or health emergency or urgency.

Student life

  • Student life at the American University in Switzerland is packed with many activities apart from academics alone. 
  • There are great cultural trips and activities to participate in where students can visit various nearby attractions. 
  • The multicultural environment of the campus is open and inclusive for students. 
  • There are students from over 40 countries studying at the American University in Switzerland, which allows you to have access and build a network in a truly international community.
  • The university is practically an international environment where cultures from around the globe come together and are developed together.
  • The snack bar within the campus is a great place for food and dining and for students to connect and learn from the various cultures at the university.
  • The student committee is a student government body that represents the student's voice and works on various projects assigned to them while also organizing several activities and fundraisers.
  • Actively participating in the student committee will help you refine your organizational skills, communication, and teamwork skills even outside your classroom setting.
  • Student clubs are examples of the energetic and creative atmosphere of the American University in Switzerland. There are various sporting activities, cultural activities, get-togethers, club nights, barbecues, skiing, hiking trips, networking events, quiz nights, cinema evenings, and many more. On cultural days, students get ample opportunities to attend art shows, cultural shows, and musical shows and are also encouraged to participate in these events.

On campus accomodation

  • The rent of your recommendation will depend totally on your choice and availability of rooms. All charges are included in the university's accommodations.
  • Students don't need to stay in the AUS accommodations. They may search for alternative residence around the local area. There are plenty of options available around the campus.
  • On-campus accommodation costs at the university are between CHF 750 (INR 60,219) and CHF 1500 (INR 1.20 Lakh) per month


University Faculty Stats

The faculty at the American University in Switzerland is qualified professionally, where even some of the faculty are not only doctorates but also in postdoctoral research. With many years of academic experience and corporate experience, they do not only act as the faculty here but are still regular practitioners in their respective disciplines. Every American University in Switzerland course has great faculties that will help students grow. Student-to-faculty ratio is 7:1.


Research opportunities at university

The American University in Switzerland has a lot of opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate research. In their master's level courses, research is one of the most important subject areas.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

There are a lot of internship opportunities offered by the American University in Switzerland. The placement cell of the university actively coordinates with students to help them locate and join internships and professional work.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

The placement cell of the American University in Switzerland is well connected with the industry world within Switzerland and Europe. It actively connects with different employers to locate the various vacancies and help students find the best possible jobs. On an average, the graduates can expect to receive a salary of around CHF 15,000 (12.04 Lakh) per month. 




Chemin du Levant 5 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz Switzerland

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1. Which language is mostly spoken around the campus of the AUS?
The AUS campus is located in a French-speaking region.

2. Is the American University in Switzerland accredited?
The American University in Switzerland is accredited by the IACBE, USA, and the ECBE.

3. Which are the most popular courses at AUS?
Some of the most popular courses at the AUS are MIBA in Aviation Management, BSBA in International Business, BSBA in Marketing, etc.

4. What is the tuition fee at American University in Switzerland?
Depending on your course, the tuition fee will cost around CHF 15,000 (INR 12.04 Lakh) to CHF 20,000 (INR 16.05 Lakh).