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Universities with Late Application Deadlines: List of Colleges that Accept Late Applications for 2022

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Being a study abroad aspirant is one tedious task, it is often said that you need to start preparing your application documents at least 2 years before the deadlines when applying to American universities, and at least a year before applying to European universities. And so, sometimes there are chances of you missing the deadlines. But, to your luck, there are numerous late application universities available in abundance, all across the globe! Most universities with late application deadlines have their deadlines till late February, and there are even colleges that have rolling deadlines. 

Come with us as we make you explore top colleges with late application deadlines, along with tips to get into these colleges!

Table of Contents:

  1. Ideal Deadlines for Colleges
  2. Who would benefit from Late Application Deadlines?
  3. Points to remember when applying late to universities
  4. List of Universities with Late Application Deadlines
  5. Tips for Successful Late Applications
  6. Frequently Asked Questions about Universities with Late Application Deadlines


Ideal Deadlines for Universities and Colleges

Universities and colleges across the globe have highly variable application deadlines, depending on the number of students applying to a particular course, type of course, availability of seats, etc.

The Early Deadlines for top colleges and universities usually start in the month of November and December, and most Regular Decision deadlines fall in the month of January. After successful admissions, the first year usually starts in the month of March-April.

Major Graduate schools have their deadlines starting from the months of September to January, for programs commencing from September next year.

Most colleges and universities recommend students to apply for programs much earlier than the application deadline and to pursue that you need to have documents related to your standardized test scores (SAT/ ACT/ GRE/ GMAT), English proficiency scores (IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE), Essays, Letters of Recommendation, SOPs etc.

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Who Would Benefit from Late Application Deadlines?

There might be an umpteenth number of reasons for students to look for late application universities, let us know some:

  • Missed the Application Date: Because of numerous documents and test scores to get hold of, students are usually found missing their application deadlines. In such cases you can look out for late application colleges.
  • Achieving the required scores: If you’re someone who is not satisfied with your GMAT/ GRE/ ACT/ SAT test scores, and want to appear for these exams in order to achieve your target scores, universities with late deadlines can be a boon for you.
  • Looking for more universities and colleges: Many study abroad aspirants tend to fill in applications for numerous universities and colleges at the same time, to have options available. Students also tend to look for universities with late deadlines upon getting rejections from universities and colleges they have already applied to.

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Points to Remember When Applying Late to Universities

Whether you have missed your deadline, or are applying to be safe enough to keep options, there are things you need to remember when applying to colleges with late application deadlines:

  • Choose your program wisely: Due to a great influx of applications, only certain programs might be available for you to choose from when applying to late application colleges. Therefore, it is essential that you choose your university and program wisely.
  • Late Deadlines for domestic students: There are times when late application decisions are accepted within one month, and for these applications, only students that do not require a visa are considered eligible. For instance, only EU students are allowed to apply late for certain programs at an EU destination university.
  • Apply through UCAS: If you’re willing to apply to universities with late deadlines in the UK, you can apply through the UCAS, in order to save more time.
  • Stay optimistic: Applying at top colleges with late application deadlines does not necessarily mean you’ll get admission, as the decision is usually based on your qualifications and achievements. It is, on the other hand, very much required to be patient and optimistic throughout the process.

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List of Universities with Late Application Deadlines

Let us now make you acquainted with some of the best universities with late application deadlines:



Late Application Deadline for 2022

McGill University


January 15

Colorado State University


February 1

City University of New York 


February 1

Massachusetts College of Art and Design


February 1

Ohio State University


February 1

University of North Carolina


February 15

Uppsala University


February 1

California State University


March 1

Lewis and Clark College


March 1

University of Dallas


March 1

University of Waterloo


March 28

University of Toronto


March 1

Simon Fraser University


April 30

Singapore Management University


April 4

University of Houston


April 4

Bard College at Simon’s Rock


May 1

Yonsei University

South Korea

May 15

Prairie View A & M University


June 1

Swansea University


June 30

Louisiana State University


July 31

University of Wyoming


August 10

Indiana University


August 6

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Tips for a Successful Late Application to Study Abroad

In order to achieve the maximum from universities with late deadlines, let us help you with some tips below:

  • Plan for your application beforehand: Even though you may get hold of late application universities, planning your application at least 6 months before the deadline can do wonders for you. You should be prepared to submit all your standardized test scores including GMAT/ GRE/ ACT/ SAT, English Proficiency scores like TOEFL/ IELTS, SOPs, LORs, etc.
  • Adjust your Motivation Essay: Now that you’ve missed your regular admission deadline, and found colleges that accept late applications, it is pivotal to adjust your motivation essay accordingly, making it unique, and suitable for the present date.
  • Utilize the time in your hands: Applying to late application colleges can give you an added advantage in terms of extra time that can be utilized to study an additional course or increase your work experience, thereby making your profile stronger.
  • Keep up with your finances: Though applying at late application universities, you ought to have an understanding of your budget, tuition fee and the cost of living.
  • Pay attention to details: When applying to universities with late deadlines, it is essential to look for dates through an eagle eye. Some universities may make use of terms other than-” late registration or late application”.

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Most universities late application dates for 2022 lie in the months of February to August. It is of utmost importance for you as a study abroad aspirant to monitor the university website closely, and keep up to date with your documents so as to make submissions timely. You can also look for colleges and universities with rolling applications throughout the year. Connect with Yocket Professionals and seek expert guidance on how to move ahead with your late application!


Frequently Asked Questions about Universities with Late Deadlines

  1. List some colleges with late application deadlines

Ans. Some colleges that accept late applications are:

  • University of Toronto
  • City University of New York
  • Uppsala University
  1. List some universities with rolling application deadlines

Ans. Some universities with rolling application deadlines are:

  • University of Alabama
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Texas A & M University
  • Michigan State University
  • Penn State University
  1. Which months do universities with late deadlines start their applications?

Ans. Most universities late application dates for 2022 lie in the months of February to August.