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Top 5 Colleges & Universities in Seattle for 2024

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A lesser-known knowledge is that Seattle, Washington DC happens to be the ideal location to pursue a degree in politics or US history. Did you know that? Bet you didn’t.

Seattle, a federal district is home to some of the most significant colleges in the US and is crammed with opulent monuments, lively political discussions, and a fantastic cultural scene. Seattle is among the ten best college cities in the United States. There are 8 c universities in Seattle, each with highly-ranked programs.

There are no additional fees for international students at Seattle universities. For undergraduate students, the average annual tuition costs USD 48,510 (or INR 36.90 lakhs), and for PG students, the cost is USD 13,770 (or INR 10.47 lakhs). But how, as an international student, will you figure out which Seattle universities are the best for you? Easy, Yocket counselors will tell you!

With over 13+ years of experience, Yocket experts will not only help you with university selection but will help you get admission into your dream university. From admission process to visa application, Yocket experts will help you at each step of your journey. 

Let’s get started with this list of colleges in Seattle covering their features, fee structure, QS ranking 2024, admission requirements, etc. This information will surely help a student make a wise decision.

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Benefits of Studying in Seattle, USA

Selecting a university to pursue education is a crucial decision, as your career and plans will depend on it directly. So if you want to pursue your education at Seattle colleges, let’s check their benefits.

  • The universities in Seattle offer the world's most innovative biotech, medical, and high-tech businesses up close and personal. That means you'll get unrivaled access to global health initiatives, cutting-edge technology, and groundbreaking research.
  • Seattle is also home to top corporations, such as Amgen, NanoString Technologies, Seattle Genetics, ZymoGenetics, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Expedia, Google, Tableau, and Uber. Therefore, procuring a job is within reach.
  • The top universities in Seattle also offer numerous advantages like learning in a diverse environment and opportunities to gain new perspectives through interactions with people from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and orientations.

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With the benefits in mind, let’s explore the top 5 Seattle universities to choose from.

Top 5 Universities in Seattle

This is a list of universities in Seattle that every student should look into if they are going to pursue their studies in the beautiful city. Here are top 5 universities in Seattle, USA:

  • University of Washington
  • Northwest University
  • Seattle Pacific University
  • The University of Puget Sound
  • Seattle University

Let's explore them in detail.

1. University of Washington

University of Washington

One of the biggest and most renowned colleges and universities in the US is the University of Washington. It is known for its academia, placements, and warm culture for international students. Because of these USPs, it is placed on top of this list of colleges in Seattle.

University Type


Establishment Year


QS World University Rankings 2024


Popular Courses

BSc, BBA, MBA/PGDM, M.A, M.arch, MS

Estimated Fees (Yearly)


M.Arch: 23Lakhs

BBA: 28-29Lakhs

MA: 14-30Lakhs

Admission Requirements

GPA: 3.72 - 4.0


GMAT: 702

SAT: 600 - 700

ACT: 27-33

Letter of Recommendation


Summer, Fall, and Spring

2. Northwest University

Northwest University

Regional Universities West's rankings place Northwest University at number 55. Under this, the schools are rated based on how well they perform against a set of generally recognized quality measures. Northwest University is considered one of the good universities in Seattle; therefore, you can choose it to pursue your undergrad or postgraduate studies.

University type


Establishment Year


QS World University Rankings 2024


Popular courses

MBA, M.ED, Business administration

Fee structure (Yearly)

MBA: 21 lakhs

M.ED: 11.9 lakhs

Business administration: 26.1 lakhs

Admission requirements

IELTS: 6.5

SAT: 500

GPA: 2.5 or more


Summer, Fall, and Spring

3. Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University

This top College in America, Seattle Pacific University, was selected as a national College of Distinction for its commitment to innovation, student growth, and professional readiness. Therefore, it can help students get a quality education and build a strong career.

University type


Establishment year


Best National Universities 2024


Popular courses

Business administration, Bachelor in comp. Science, Bachelor in Electrical Engineering

Fee structure (Yearly)

BA: 21.96 lakhs

Comp science: 28.66lakhs

Electrical Engineering: 28.66lakhs

Admission requirements

A minimum of two referral letters

A 3.0 GPA or above

A bachelor's degree


Summer, Fall, and Spring

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4. University of Puget Sound

University of Puget Sound

In the list of National Liberal Arts Colleges, the University of Puget Sound is placed at 85. It is on top of Seattle universities and colleges list due to its world-class faculty and teaching pedagogy.

University type


Establishment year


Best Value Schools 2024


Popular courses

Political Economy, Psychology, Biological, and Physical Sciences

Fees Structure

Political economy: 20 lakhs

Psychology: 35 lakhs

Biological and physical sciences: 26 lakhs

Admission Requirements

SAT: 1110–1330

ACT: 25-30

GPA: 3.5


Fall, Spring

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5. Seattle University

Seattle University

Seattle University is listed among the top National Universities by U.S. News & World Report. A number of its programs gained honorable mentions in the publication's rankings of the finest colleges for 2022. It is also included in the list of Seattle's best colleges.

university type


Establishment year


QS World University Rankings 2024


Popular courses

MS, MBA, BTECH, MIM, MS in finance

Fee structure


MS: 24.45lakhs

MBA: 23.97lakhs

Btech: 36.09lakhs

MIM: 29.96lakhs

Admission Requirements

SAT: 1180

ACT: 28

GPA: 3.7


Summer, Fall, and Spring

If you are wondering which university in Seattle may be the best for you - based on your profile, academic interests, and budget, you can connect with Yocket’s counselors, as mentioned in the beginning of this blog. Meanwhile, check out Yocket’s super tool - College Finder to find thousands of universities across the world. Go ahead, find your fit.

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Universities in Seattle have a high placement rate, which means they help their students find good jobs after graduation. This can be a big boost for your future career. However, the study abroad process in Seattle involves more than just choosing a university. You also need to pick a course, fill out admission and visa applications, and take English proficiency tests, which can all be a bit overwhelming.

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Check out our video on the monthly living expenses as a student in the USA!

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