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University of Washington, Tacoma

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The University of Washington Tacoma or UW Tacoma as it popularly referred to is one of the two branch campus of the University of Washington with the main campus located at Seattle and the other one in Bothell. The UW Tacoma premises were acquired on lease in the year 1990.
The university has more than 4,500 students and has awarded more than 17,000 degrees and certificates since the year 1990. The university offers its students with more than 50 courses which span various fields such as business, health care, technology, science and humanities.
The UW Tacoma offers four years undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses in the areas of Education, Business, Nursing, Computer Science, Social Work, Urban Studies, Criminal Justice, and Information Technology and so on. This urban- serving university aims to provide its students education in such a way that it completely transforms not just them but also the communities surrounding them.



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Tacoma is a mid-sized city in which the University of Washington, Tacoma campus is located. The campus overlooks the Port of Tacoma and mount Rainer. The university offers some of the best courses in the undergraduate programs where students are encouraged to learn and develop their skills through projects and real work. The housing charges can be around $10,833 (2014-2015).


The 46 acre campus, which is located in has buildings which are decades old and have received numerous architectural awards. The current campus came into being in the year 1997. Since then this university has only been growing and getting revamped.
Like for instance, before the library was established, that place contained Snoqualmie Falls Power Company’s transformer house. This place though is still known by the same name that is Snoqualmie; it now consists of a library as well as a Teaching and Learning Center.
The university has humungous collection of books which are made available to the students at any time. Students have to create an account with the library and use that account to get access to any book, document or paper they wish to study from. An online search for books is also available. Students can gain access to this service and find exactly where the preferred book can be obtained from.
Besides this library, the campus also contains a Tioga Library which is an old building built in the year 1890. As far as research is concerned, this university contains the Clean Water Invention Laboratory, Don McLane Laboratory, GIS Software and Laboratory. Apart from these key research centres and laboratories, the university also consists of Technology Labs etc where students belonging to computer discipline can conduct their research related assignments.

Residing Options

The university offers the students an opportunity to live in community based programs on campus. The apartments at Court 17 of the university are where the students are lodged. The advantage of living on campus is that the classes are in the vicinity therefore transportation cost is saved and it becomes convenient for the students to access any facility made available by the university. Everything else for leisure and entertainment activities such as parks, cafés and restaurants are also within walking range. The apartments provided by the university are well maintained. They include different rooms, kitchen and are fully furnished. The apartments also have a community room and gated parking for the students. The 24 hour fitness center can also be accessed by the students.
The Residence life and Housing department of UW Tacoma provides all the landlords who own properties and are desirous of leasing it out to students to post their apartments on the university dashboard so that interested students can get in touch with them. There are apartments ranging from $450 onwards up to almost $750 depending upon your budget and the facilities you may be looking for. Many of such off campus accommodations involve common bathrooms and kitchen. However, you can also opt for an apartment with separate bathroom and kitchen as well depending upon your personal preferences. If you are seeking for longer time duration of lease contract, then you may even negotiate on the amount of rent with the landlord.


One of the strengths of the University of Tacoma is its knowledgeable team of professors and teaching assistants. The class sizes are small, making it easier for the students to interact and form bonds. The university has employed qualified and experienced advisors who work to help students pick the appropriate courses for themselves. They help to assess the students’ profiles and design a course for them which is beneficial in all ways. Students and freshmen who have not selected their courses should consult the academic advising center for counseling.
Some of the faculty members of the University of Washington Tacoma have achieved remarkable feats professionally. Like for instance, Professors Ellen Moore and Peter Horak received the Distinguished Teaching and Research awards, Professor Katie Haerling was awarded the Robert Wood Johnson Nurse Faculty Scholar.

Jobs and placements

The college promotes internships and lists several opportunities on its websites. Some of the companies that offer internship opportunities include the likes of Moss Adams, Russell Investments, Weyerhaeuser, Deloitte, PEMCO, and Boeing. The university promotes networking events to enable its students to find suitable placements. Many are already hired by the university. The campus also helps students deveop their ability to seek the right jobs through workshops on salary negotiation etc.

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