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A Guide to the Best Universities in Preston for the International Students

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Preston, a famous city of Northwest England, has a vibrant and peaceful ambience for the dwellers. Recently, the place has been found to be an excellent destination for international students. Preston came in 16th place overall in the 2021 Good Growth for Cities ranking, which evaluates 42 UK cities across ten categories, including jobs, income, work-life balance, transportation, skills, the environment, and the housing price to wages ratio.


Preston has also been praised for its resilience in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with a smaller proportion of employees furloughed under the UK Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CRJS) than other cities in the region.


Considering the stability and growth opportunities the city has to offer, colleges in Preston attract a lot of international students. So let’s find out which are the best universities in Preston, international students should look for.


Table of Content:

    1. Why Should You Study in Preston?
    2. The Top Universities in Preston
    3. How Is the Life of International Students in Preston?
    4. Frequently Asked Questions about Universities in Preston


Why Should You Study in Preston?


Preston is a small city with top-notch infrastructure to render an excellent living standard to the citizens. Find some more reasons to study in the universities in Preston.


  • Convenient Transport Facility: The seamless transportation network of the city makes it a perfect destination for overseas students. From Preston, one can easily access the big cities of the Lake District. For example, you can reach Manchester and Liverpool in less than an hour from Preston, and it takes around two hours to reach London from this city.


  • Affordable Cost of Living: A small city like Preston offers an affordable cost of living, though it has similar facilities to the big cities. From a cup of coffee to a mug of beer, everything is pocket-friendly in this city. For example, a pint of lager costs only £2.3.


  • A Healthy Weather Condition: Both extreme hot and cold make the weather conditions difficult for humans. The weather in Preston is mild and soothing. In winter, it gets a little cold. Coastal geographic location is the reason why the place experiences comfortable weather throughout the year.


  • A City without Cacophonies: A peaceful ambience is what every student wants. Living in big cities like Manchester or London becomes disturbing at times due to the cacophonies. Preston offers a calm atmosphere, and thus it creates a perfect living atmosphere for the students. With a small population, the city offers fresh air and zero noise pollution.


  • Good Infrastructure for Sports: Preston offers an excellent infrastructure for sporting activities. The city has a deep-rooted love for football and many other sports, and the Deepdale Stadium is the pride of the city.


Top Universities in Preston


Preston has only one university, known as the University of Central Lancashire. However, the city has an excellent transportation system for accessing neighbouring cities like Manchester, Liverpool, London, etc. Instead of studying in a university in Preston UK, you can study in the universities near Preston of the neighbouring cities while living in Preston.


Let us now know about the popular university located at Preston in detail.


University of Central Lancashire


University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is a government-run institution that offers terrific scope for higher education. Formerly known as Harris Art College, this university was established in 1828. In 1992, the institution received university status. and has been officially known as the University of Central Lancashire.


At present, the university offers around 400 undergraduate and 200 postgraduate programs. Some of the notable career-oriented courses available in this university are psychology, social science, fashion designing, journalism, engineering, applied science, community service, and many more.

Type of University


QS World University Ranking 2022

#801 – 1000

Average annual tuition fee

Undergraduate: £14,250
Postgraduate:  £14,500
MBBS: £46,000

Popular courses

Graduation and post-graduation in psychology, social science, fashion designing, journalism, engineering, applied science, etc.

Study Benefits

Top-class infrastructure with 400 undergraduate and 200 postgraduate courses.


How Is the Life of International Students in Preston?


Since students come to this city in a high number, they dominate a major portion of the population. The city has a calm and safe atmosphere, and most people living in this city love peaceful aura, sporting activities, etc. Nevertheless, the city has an excellent cultural background. For all these reasons, Preston is a perfect place for living for the students.


The cost of living in Preston is cheaper than in big cities, like London, Leeds, Manchester, etc. For a single person, the average cost of living in Preston is around £599 per month. In addition, you need to calculate the monthly rental for your accommodation.


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Preston offers many amusing activities too. The city is known for its beautiful and safe nightlife. You will find small cafes and restaurants at the nooks and corners of the city. Most of those places are filled with young students who love having chitchats after eventful days at colleges in Preston. So if you are planning to study at universities near Preston, seek expert guidance and get in touch with Yocket counsellors today!


Frequently Asked Questions about University in Preston


  1. How many universities are available in Preston?

Ans. Though one-third of the population of Preston consists of students from different countries, Preston has only one university. If you search for Preston based university, you will find the University of Central Lancashire is the only university in this city.


  1. What is the cost of living for students in Preston?

Ans. The cost of living for students in Preston is around 599-650 GBP per month, excluding the monthly accommodation cost. A meal in an inexpensive local restaurant costs around 11 GBP, while a meal in London costs around 16 GBP.


  1. Can students find part-time jobs in Preston?

Ans. Students have many options for part-time jobs in Preston, and many students work at local cafeterias and restaurants. Some other popular jobs among students in this city are online tutor, freelance writer, resume writer, technical content writer, etc.


  1. Can international students obtain scholarship programs at the colleges in Preston?

Ans. International students can find scholarship programs at the University of Central Lancashire. However, eligibility depends on various criteria. You can apply for the scholarship if your profile matches those criteria.

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